Monday, July 11, 2016

Roses Revisited...

Hi Everyone, I thought I'd stop by for a quick update on this last week. I'm sharing some pretty and peaceful photos from a few years ago that were taken on my sunporch. That was my favorite spot for photos, since the room was north facing and the light was always perfect. I've never had regular rose bushes, but we did have this lovely Knock-Out bush in the front yard. It would bloom proficiently from Spring, all Summer, then into late Fall.

I'll share some prettiness before I bore you with my day-to-day fun...

This is a precious little floral teapot that I've had for years.



and one of my vintage rose prints by Redoute.



For a look at the post from 2013, 

I had my initial visit with my new Internist and I think she's going to be very thorough and knowledgeable. We talked for 45 minutes and I think we covered most everything I had issues with...let me tell you, it's sort of like taking the long winding road. I have to stop every few minutes to let the doctor catch up and for me to take a breath. I warned her that I researched things on the Mayo Clinic site and other reputable websites, so be prepared for lots of questions. She didn't run out the door, so I think she's open to them and my thoughts.

She ordered a starting batch of blood tests to do with anemia, and she had the results back the next day. The tests for anemia showed that my numbers were better, all but my Red Blood Count, which is consistently in the LOW catagory, and has been for over the last 13 years. On paper it looks like my anemia is resolved, but I'm still having symptoms and I want to know why my red blood cell count is low. On Friday I was fitted for a Holter Monitor, which is a portable EKG, and wore that all weekend. Lots of fun wearing all the wires and monitor; the kitties hated the smell and would hardly come near me. Guess it smelled like burning rubber to them. I could hardly get near them all weekend; only the treat bag worked, and that was iffy.

They were checking to see if I had arrythmia, which has all the same symptoms that I have...fatigue, dizziness, headache, etc. But I don't think that's the culprit. I have to wait for the results to come back on the monitor, then I hope to have another conversation with her about where to go next with blood tests. There are several reasons for a consistently low RBC, none of them look like anything I want to deal with. I'm staying with the anemia regime, B-12 and suppliments, hoping the continued supplementing will eventually aleviate the dizziness. Thanks for all the good thoughts, and I love your insights!

You all have a good week, I'll check back in soon.
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  1. God bless you Debra. I hope your new doctor can help. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Debra,
    The long and winding road has many curves, dear one.
    Prayers for patience as you await test results and begin to find answers.
    Those roses are exquisite!

  3. Your roses and the teapot they are in are really lovely. Sending love and prayers and hopes that all test turn out well for you. With love Janice

  4. What beautiful roses, Debra! Praying that all of your test results will give you the answers that you need.

  5. I love your teapot with the beautiful roses in it. Prayers that the Dr can get you on the road to feeling much better soon!!

  6. Debra, know that you have support from me, just one of your many readers, who is open to hearing any and all of your twists and turns while searching for answers and dealing with whatever comes your way. I wish we lived close enough for visits so you could vent whenever you felt like it. What a relief to find a Dr. who listened, and for what sounded like one of the best office visits I've heard of in a long, long time. That's a rarity these days! Thanks for the update, and I hope you feel a sense of calm and positivity while you wait.

  7. Beautiful photos. Praying your issues will be resolved.

  8. Your teapot filled with roses is gorgeous, Debra. So, So pretty! I can't imagine the challenging physical journey you've been on for so long, but thankful you've found an internist who is willing to listen and look for answers.
    Mary Alice

  9. Love your teapot and the roses are so beautiful together. Will be praying for you , that you can find the answers to your questions. Lots of Hugs and love.

  10. So glad you found a doctor who actually listens. Hopefully the path the two of you will take will lead to some answers and solutions. Poor kitties...there must have been something they didn't like about the monitor. The roses all fabulous...mine have become very raggedy lately. Take care...hugs...

  11. Beautiful tea pot! So glad you have a doctor you like and listens to you. I found with John's illness that the doctors who took the time to listen and explain things (even if it was not what we wanted to hear) were so comforting and reassuring. That means so much. Here's praying for good news and a solution.


  12. I hope they can help you with the anemia soon, I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. xoxo
    Your roses are all so romantic and lovely!

  13. Gorgeous photos. I always loved your sunporch posts. Thanks for the update. I hope they find an answer soon.

  14. Love the teapot and rose print so much! You are so lucky I don't live close to you because you would have so many pieces missing....LOL. We do need to be our own medical advocate as I've learned over the years. Each doctor can tell you something different AFTER they put a patient in to a category...and then stop listening. So happy the Vit B12 has given you results and hope it continue...

  15. Your tea pot and roses is very pretty.
    So glad that you found a Dr that will listen to you and ask questions. I think you are on the right track. Hopefully she will find out the problem and correct it.

    Praying that you will receive good news and thanks so much for the update.


  16. Such pretty photos, Debra. Yes, many doctors don't do the thorough blood test for anemia. In summary: it’s four iron labs we need: serum iron, % saturation, TIBC and Ferritin. Have you had your thyroid checked? If not optimal it can worsen other conditions. Here's a link on iron.

  17. I love how those pink roses look in that pretty dish! I am so sorry to hear of the all of the medical problems you've been enduring. I have my share myself and it's no fun to not feel good most of the time! However, mine has a name and I know you're still searching. That can be so frustrating. Hopefully, you will find the right treatment for your condition and then be able to look back at all of this as just a memory. It took a long time (several years) to find the proper diagnosis for my condition. Then it took even more years to find the best treatment! I'm wishing you the best as you go through this journey.


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