Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nature Inspired Autumn Urn

I've had this Nature Inspired Autumn Urn in my head since last Spring, when I picked up a Victoria Magazine Special Edition, called Victoria Classic French Cottage . I'm hoping it will become a yearly publication, because it was filled with wonderful features of French and French Inspired Cottages. There was one particular image that completely captured my imagination, from an article called Living With The Past.

Here's the cover,
 I'm sure many of you also found it 
and soaked up all the amazing inspiration.

You can find an entry on the feature
 at the Victoria Magazine Blog, here.

This amazing antique urn filled with a grouping of natural elements,
 plus a few birds nesting in the abundance of antlers.

 This is just an inspiration for me, 
I wanted more woodsy naturals along with just a few deer antlers.
This is very Old World and a tad bit "dark and creepy",
 but wonderful all the same.

After putting my interpretation together for the coffee table,
then photographing it on the Dining Room table,
I made a new spot for it here it the Entry.

Basically, it's two sets of deer antlers,
A few garland pieces,
some preserved leaves,
a few pine cones,
a nest or two,
and some of my fine feathered friends.

 Momma Cardinal is keeping watch over the territory,
so she needed to be on the highest perch.

Nature provides the most amazing inspiration!

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  1. Love it, Debra! Looks like you took a lovely walk in the woods and displayed the treasures you found there. Although the magazine inspriation is nice, I like yous so much better. They need to feature you in the next publication!

  2. The urn arrangement is gorgeous, Debra! I can see how you were inspired, and I like yours better, too! The birds are so charming...I'm inspired!

  3. I remember that magazine! That urn really was a great source of inspiration. I like your version too. I love anything filled with natural elements.

  4. I do like your urn better, something about all those dead deer antlers is disturbing...stabbing the woman in that picture---but it is a great inspiration point. One thing I learned as a display designer was to push it ---out get people to notice and sell product. Everything a bit over the top. But in real life, I like your urn better, LOL. Thanks for the share, Sandi

  5. Your urn is simply lovely with just the right amount of color. Perfect to carry you through until you tweak it for Christmas.

  6. Beautiful urn display!! Perfect in the foyer......a welcome to Autumn!!

  7. That is a very pretty urn, and I'm not just saying this but I like yours better! Gosh I don't have one deer antler and you have so many! I have't seen the magazine and actually look at very few myself. The birds add such a charming feel!

  8. I love your take on that urn Debra!! I like your better than theirs! Great look! Have a nice weekend!

  9. Have to agree with previous commentors that your urn is much preferred to theirs. Yours is pretty and interesting, theirs is kinda creepy, dark. Your birds are so sweet looking with other "stuff" you have in urn. How many times did you work on arranging it before you were happy? Have great weekend

  10. Your arrangement is exquisite. I always love when you do an arrangement in that gorgeous urn. I must say that I do prefer yours over the one featured in the magazine. It is perfection!

  11. Lovely addition to your entry table, Debra! I love all the natural elements you've brought together for your arrangement!

  12. Not dark and creepy at all! It's wonderful. I miss Victoria Magazine The new one just doesn't do it for me like the old one did.

  13. I think it is beautiful...Love the leave change and smell of fall

  14. Debra,
    Gorgeous nature inspired Autumnal Urn, dear friend!!!
    Looks elegantly suited to your dining table,
    but I absolutely adore this arrangement on your entry hall table!!!
    As family and friends enter it will show the warmth and style of your lovely home!!!

  15. It's very pretty and sings Autumn! I don't see creepy in this in the least. Have a happy weekend!


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