Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You know it's Fall when...

Well, you know it's officially Fall when Google has gone Squirrely for pumpkins and gourds. This has been the best way to start my day and the Fall Season. Enjoy your Google Art announcement for Autumn!

Speaking of Pumpkins and Gourds, my farm stand finally opened,
 so I came home with a few to get me started.
 I already know I'll be back this weekend!

OK, this is a chipmunk, but I love them too!

"so cute you could just eat them..."
now you can!

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If you missed my last post on the Kitchen Sitting Room for Fall

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sis!

Have a fun day...
see you tonight.



  1. Debra,
    Cute posts, dear friend!!!
    We have a "resident" squirrel affectionately named "Fred"!!!
    Cute, cute, cute!!! Fred has been at the feeders several times daily!!!
    A few days ago, we had a "stand~off" between Fred and the resident mourning dove, "Maude".
    Can you guess which one won???

    1. so funny, I bet Maude gave Fred a real run for his money!! Happy Autumn, Pat

  2. So cute.. happy first day of Autumn dear Debra, xoxo... Julie Marie PS Happy birthday to your sister...

    1. Hey Julie, glad to see you Sweetie! hope you can enjoy all the beauty of Fall in your place. xoxo!!

  3. The squirrel photos are cute, Debra. I love your Fall sitting room! The season looks good in there :)

  4. That squirrel is so adorable getting into the pumpkin. We had so many squirrels at our other house, but I never see them where we now live.

  5. I have to tell you we have some resident squirrels and chipmunks. I am ok until they dig in my flower pots and bury things there. Dirt all over the porches! Ha! Sheila

    1. haha, me too! I found a huge walnut in my planter when I put in the mums. I don't even know where a walnut tree is around here. now it's on the front porch next to the door. they're crazy! the chipmunks are digging holes under the front walk. we disturbed the poor babies when we landscaped last year. they were mad.

  6. I feed the neighhborhood squirrels and enjoy them immensely. So I got a kick out of Google today and I just LOVE YOUR POST! :)

  7. Thank heavens, I have never had a squirrel eat one of my pumpkins. They are too busy with all the acorns, I guess. Happy Fall. I'm so glad it is finally here.


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