Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seed Box Graphics

I was sitting here looking at the calendar in my studio, when I was reminded of just how wonderful these old Seed Box Graphics really are. I buy the Smithsonian Seed Catalogue Calendar each year, and this is where my graphics are from when I've put together my own "make your own" seed boxes. Here are a few of my favorites on this year's calendar.

Love this one for Fall!

Here's where I buy mine. Seed Catalogues 

Here are the ones I put together a couple of years ago.

I've been working on the sitting area in the kitchen this week; time to put away the patriotic decor and find some fun vintage summer goodies. This is a vintage Seed Box that I decorated this week. Seeing all these wonderful brilliant Summer colors has inspired me. I even found a couple of my Majolica saucers to put in the mix.

I'll be sharing the rest soon.
If you'd like some inspiration, 
I have a new Pinterest Board, Seed Box Displays

As you can see I have lot's of help.
I can't even get the quilts on and pillows added,
 before the girls take over.

 For some reason, they think it's all about them.

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  1. Will have to pop over to see all your seed boxes, I also love putting those together!! Now, how unusual for cats to think its all about them........NOT !!!!

  2. Oh those graphics are so amazing! I cannot even pick a favorite - though the last one has "Springfield, Ohio" on it, so maybe that one - only about an hour and a half away from me. : - )

    Oh, your kitties, oh oh oh your first one looks a little like my beloved (RIP) Romeo, so of course I had to cry. Oh how I miss him and his love!

    Anyway, need to go get a tissue because as Jude Law says in the fabulous movie called "The Holiday": "Im a weeper!"
    But with his accent it's more like "weepah!"

    Hugs. ♥

    Have a fabo weekend.

  3. The catalog graphics are lovely indeed. I can see why and how they inspire all your lovelies!

    Happy kitties, indeed!


  4. Those are definitely some interesting graphics. It's like looking at something from another era. they go perfectly with your garden theme too.

  5. What a great idea to use those pretty vintage calendar pages for seed box displays! I always love the autumn calendar graphics best, too. Your majolica looks like it was made for the artwork decorating the box!

    I got some gray and white kitty love yesterday from our country daughter's 2 new kitties. I've never owned a cat myself, but I'm sure going to enjoy hers! meow

  6. Debra,
    Gorgeous Seed Boxes!!!
    I adore the re~use of calendar pages!!!
    I agree with "the girls". . .it's all about "them", dear friend!!!
    Pets enrich our lives in amazingly wonderful ways!!!
    Keep "cool" on your side of the Prairie!!!

  7. Debra, I love the retro look of the seed catalogues! Thanks for the tip. : ) !

  8. How I love those vintage calander pages, the graphics are outstanding. Your seed boxes are so great, love how you put them together. Maybe I'll have to save seeds from sun flowers I bought myself at grocery store the other day. Saw them and since they were a good price I treated myself. Can make seed box from something maybe I get from Graphics Fairy. I'd sure love to order that calander every year. Can you tell me where to order from please?
    Know would make good use of pages for art and seed box every year. You always do such interesting and incredible things for your home.
    And isn't it about your girls? Our dog and cat are both like that, they are such wonderful and loving animals, we feel so lucky to have them. Can remember when younger I thought older people that made silly gooses of themselves over their animals were silly. Not any more cause now we're the older people. Hubs will be 74 in Oct. and I was 75 in July.
    If you choose to reply please do so to my email address please: Thx


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