Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Furniture talk...

or... I've had a de-stressing weekend.

This last weekend was a workout. All the family was out of town, so we were on our own to get a little more done around the house. In the one storage unit we have left, we are working our way down to the boxes that I'd just as soon leave there indefinitely. You know, the boxes that have out of style shoes and clothes you know you'll never use again, and boxes that are labeled "non-current office", "garage sale pantry", ect. or my favorite... "miscellaneous". what the heck is in that?

Then, once we drag the boxes home, comes the real fun... where to put all the stuff. Going through boxes, sorting out what to keep  and what to return to the box and mark "Garage Sale".  so. much. fun. But I did get something marked off my "to-do" list, and that was painting this sweet little washstand that my mom had used for years.

Sorry these pics are crummy. The basement living area doesn't have a lot of natural lighting. This piece had several coats of paint, and I didn't want to do any sanding before painting.  I was worn out and wasn't thinking about the outcome. But then once I got my first coat of ASCP Old White on I realized that I wouldn't be able to distress it without the green showing, too. (I didn't want any of the green to show through)

So, I did another coat of a mix of grays in a wash, then another "dry-brush" coat of Old White on top. It's far from perfect, but it gave the illusion of distressing, without actually sanding down.

This had been in our basement at the old house, but not in a place that I wanted to blog about, so I don't think you all have seen it. We're still working on getting the lower level here decorated. My main issue is that I have an exercise bike and a treadmill sort of in the middle of it all. I had plans for making a cute little kitchen nook, but all that went out the window with the need to have some viable exercise equipment. But I'm trying to make it look as good as it can with those two little elephants sitting in plain sight.

Anyhoo, take a look at this amazing piece of marble. When we moved 12 years ago to the other house, the movers broke the original piece of marble that was on this. It made me ill, especially since I'd told them to please wrap it carefully, and be aware that it was fragile. um yeh, they broke it. But the company finally replaced it with this, and I do have to say it's beautiful.

I have shown this old sideboard before, but it's been ages ago. (It was hiding in the same area of the basement as little green washstand) I've debated on whether to paint it, but it's not been a priority, so it's stayed like this.

It was my great or great great grandmother's and when I got it, it was literally black with years of varnish build-up. I stripped it, (back in the 70's) and used a rubbed oil finish. (Remember Homer Formby?) It's just stayed this way all this time, but it's such an orange-y color. It may move up on my "priority list" after some other things are done. It's such a nice piece of furniture, I know it would be so pretty painted. I don't have any qualms about painting it, as this isn't the original finish. The original finish was just plain nasty.

Half of our total basement is storage space, which is really a life saver. That's one of the reasons we chose this house. tons of storage. These two pieces are on each side of a door that goes into that area. We still have the big entertainment center and bookcases to fill and decorate, so that's holding me up on sharing more pics. But here are a couple, so you can get the jest of things.

The fireplace is just like the one upstairs. huge. and hard to decorate. We have the same old sofa, loveseat and chair, but since we don't use this space often, I can't see spending the money right now for new furniture. When the kids (they're not little kids, and are all over 35, it's just that we act like "kids") are all down here and we're watching movies, it a lounge-fest with coffees, sodas, wine glasses, cigars, and french bulldogs all vying for a spot. Blankets, quilts, and pillows all over, so new furniture seems pointless. Maybe plastic slipcovers would be the best investment.

I don't know who this person is, 
but oh.my.gosh. don't you love it?
This could be an aunt of any of us. te he.

Here's the armoire from the Living Room at the old house.
It's full of quilts right now.
That's my antique horsey on top.
(immediately to the left are the exercise elephants)

OK, I've kept you long enough with ho-hum stuff.
I've been working on unpacking more old dishes and odds and ends.
I'll share some of those next time.

Thanks to everyone that joined in on the Patriotic Party
over the weekend.
I'll leave up the link for a bit 
if you missed seeing the fun.

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  1. You have such gorgeous antiques, Debra!

  2. What a great space and projects (not the sorting stuff) you have going on! Every time you work on more organization, I get this guilt complex, a very Catholic-like feeling. I need to get back to my basement and closet purgings, version 2.0. Ugh.

    1. oh Rita, so funny! I'll have to let you know in advance so you can avoid this type of post. this is a no-guilt, no-judge zone! ha ha!

  3. I just adore your living room - and your antique heirlooms are awesome.

    I wouldn't *paint* the sideboy - just strip and LIGHTLY stain a darker brown - the quality of wood in awesome in it, it's soooo pretty. Painted furniture will one day be out - and all these amazing pieces will be kinda ruined. I wouldn't do that to an heirloom like that. But that's me.

    Hugs. ♥

    1. that's a good idea, Michelle. I've often thought it would have been so much prettier with a walnut stain like the armoire, instead of that "natural" orange. I may give that a try.

  4. Hey Debra! I love the way the washstand turned out! The marble is perfect. Your basement is also lovely and very un-basement-like! Hope you get all your boxes cleaned out soon. That's never fun.

  5. OH I love that plastic covered sofa and the lady in the jacky o suit smoking. How fun is that. Love the washstand by the way.

  6. How fun to have all those pieces in storage to choose from! I got rid of all my odds and ends of old furniture, so when our piano is gone I'll have nothing to place in that empty spot. I guess I'll have to go shopping......maybe in your storage space. I LOVE the photo of the woman sitting on the plastic covered sofa! A high school friend's mom covered all their furniture and lamps with the same thick shiny plastic, and we could only walk on the plastic carpet runners. Too funny! Your lower level looks like a cozy place to hang out with your family. It's been over 10 years and I'm almost done sorting through stuff brought from our old house, so you're way ahead of the game, Debra!

    1. Hey Vickie, just tell me what you'd like and I'll get it in the mail! My husband would be more than happy to kiss a few of these lovelies goodbye!

  7. That plastic covered sofa, except mine was blue, was wrapped in that stuff. I remember when it was hot outside your bare legs would stick to it and hurt as the suction of it tried to keep you trapped in it :-{. Looking back I had some pretty bad taste but that was the rage. My Mom had our living room furniture done and I don't blame her with 10 very loud kids running around. OK I digress, your got some great pieces and I would stain that sideboard too, that wood is too pretty to cover. You downstairs does look very cozy...I'm sad to say our dungeon could never look this good, workout equipment ot not!

  8. I think it's great you have the storage, Debra, but the more you have...well it's easy to fill it up! I keep telling myself to have a yard sale but somehow I feel as if my privacy will be invaded by neighbors. Is that odd?

    I love your old pieces...I think stained wood is the way to go in some cases. So much is painted these days (and that's not to say that you haven't done a great job with your projects and you definitely are diligent), but I'm afraid we are wearing the process out. Anyway, I love your lower level and the furniture---it's perfect for those adult children, and I have a few! Messy for sure. You're good for awhile longer! :-D

    Jane x

  9. Oh my the plastic covered sofa we all remember those in someone's home!!!! Too funny. Love all your pretty antiques.
    Have a great week Debra.

  10. Debra, your basement area is beautiful, with or without the "elephants"! Your sideboard is lovely and I'm sure it will be even more so, however you decide to finish it. Do what suits you and your style!

  11. Your stuff is terrific! Love! The picture of the gal on the couch! Hilarious!

  12. Your little washstand is so beautiful....I love the color! Your family room is so pretty with all your "old" pieces in there. It's nice to be silly and let loose some times :o) Love that last pic too!

  13. Debra,
    I l o v e the painted wash stand, dear friend!!!
    That piece of marble is exquisite!!!
    I don't sand any of my painted pieces, if I can get away with it either. . .
    I l o v e using dry brushing technique, and yours turned out fabulously!!!
    Your home is shaping up , quite nicely!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. This is a great technique and so much easier than sanding lol

  15. I would paint the sideboard. I am not a huge fan of oak. Too much of it for too long. The living area down there is great. So much living space

  16. I love dry brushing furniture to give it a distressed look. It uses less paint too! It's nice that your new house has more storage. Your house is set up like my inlaws. They have a family room and fireplace just above another one in their basement. That certainly makes it easy to entertain!

  17. Debra, we are singing the same song! The Storage Unit Blues! Ha. We don't have living space in our basement...but it is quickly becoming another storage unit. Ha!

  18. Oh this was a fun post : ) The PLASTIC COVERS ON THE FURNITURE!!! My aunt and uncle had that on theirs! My grandparents as well and even in their CAR...!!

  19. Debra, I adore that little washstand! It looks fantastic with its new paint job! (And love the antique horse, too)

  20. Debra, the washstand is really cute and I think the washing and dry brushing looks great. I love that sideboard and it would be gorgeous painted! The plastic covered sofa made me laugh! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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