Saturday, June 13, 2015

I've missed your face...

...that's what I said to her when I found her again a few weeks ago.

This is my sweet little antique French plaster bust.
She lost her base long ago, and is now sitting in a vintage urn.

She has such delicate features.
...a few little cracks

...only give her character.
(I tell that to myself frequently)

She watched over the the Living Room at the old house,
but I think she'll stay in the Dining Room, here.

Maybe not on the table,
but I'll find a special spot for her.

Here's to keeping down the clutter...
some things I just really don't want to let go of.

for now I look at her each time I walk by,
and she makes me smile.

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  1. She will look precious wherever you put her!


  2. Debra,
    I totally, understand, dear friend!!!
    It has taken me 13 years to "let go" of some of the things I brought to this home!!!
    Certain accessories and treasures bring comfort to one's soul. . .isn't that what one's home should do, also???
    I do believe "she" is smiling back at you!!!

  3. I wouldn't want to let go of her either, she'll be special wherever you put her. fondly ~lynne~

  4. She's a sweet one, and has fine detail. I love figural statues, probably have too many, but they make me smile too.

  5. Oh, Debra, she's PERFECT! I love her perfect imperfections!

  6. Oh she would make me smile too!....Such a beautiful treasure and glad you found her so that she can always make your day even brighter! Have a great weekend!

  7. Debra, your dining room looks so elegant and the beautiful lady looks right at home there. She is gorgeous and I'm glad you found her again..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. Debra, love your dining room. I really like the "Lady" and I think the cracks give her that vintage look. So gld that you found her again.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. What a great piece she is, Debra! I love how you've put her in an urn. I think that works out great since she has no base. Love it on your dining room table, too.

  10. She really does add depth to the space. Such a beautiful piece. I love spaces that evolve like this.

  11. So glad that you found her! She looks great sitting in that urn. The cracks really just show her age (which is a good thing on her).

  12. I would of miss her face too! Reminds me of one I have in my garden, and now I will paint her white. She fell over and Mr. C glued her back together and it looks like she had brain surgery :-{ Painting her white might make her look healthy again! If she goes missing, don't look my way, just sayin!

  13. She is so lovely, looks sad, needing some love. She looks perfect in that gorgeous urn. You have such lovely things in your home. You have the right touch.
    Too bad some of us don't look so great when we age huh? lol. Not including you in that. About 5 yrs. ago oldest son came to visit, as he came around curve in entry from plane he said "Mom you've gotten old." Just saw him end of April, he flew up from San Diego to put our metal roof on our house for us. His brother whom I hadn't seen in over 3 yrs. came over to help. Who knows when we'll see him again. He lives in Grand Junction, we live few miles west of G.J. but we're not part of his life. His wife doesn't like me at all, never has. Anyway I was so glad for chance to see them both. Sons didn't comment on how old I looked this time except to say he's realizing how we're getting older and it's hard for him to think about. He's 52, his brother just turned 51. Our oldest will be 55 in July just before I turn 75. Enjoy your lovely home and have great weekj

  14. Oh what a sweet face...I see why she makes you smile.


  15. Beautifully made bust. Such expression!

  16. So pretty! She's a lovely addition and I'm glad that you "refound" her.

  17. She's lovely! Visiting you from Share Your Cup @ Mrs. Olsen

    1. PS....I thought I was the only one who lent personification to things about my house, your post made me smile! :)

  18. What a face!!!!!! I love her and her patina is perfect!!! :) Debra I shared this on my facebook today.

  19. Her aged patina adds grace to the dining room. Plus I just love heads!

  20. This is gorgeous, love your dining room. I would love if you could come by and join our OMHG Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Have a great day, Evija @Fromevijawithlove x

  21. Debra, she certainly is aged to perfection! I love her chippiness. I have a hard time letting go of some things as well. I really need to start simplifying though! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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