Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Botanical Window Returns

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we started going through some of the many boxes we have in storage marked "PRINTS". We only made it through about half of the boxes before we called it an afternoon. We grabbed several prints that I thought I could use and brought the rest out of our storage space and into the main area of the lower level family room area. They're still wrapped in bubble and shrink wrap, waiting for me to figure out where they might go.

Poor Hubbs, he's the one that had the brunt of wrapping and boxing them all up. He did a great job, so good,  that it's hard to see through all that green cellophane to tell exactly what you're looking at. But one box that I knew I wanted to get into was extra long, and I was pretty sure this was inside!

My old window had been wrapped and padded, and just a little of the chippy white paint was more loose than before. Some of the individual botanicals had pulled away from the glass, but all in all, it was pretty well intact.

This pic is from my post from several years ago;
If you haven't read that post,
 be sure and click back to see how I found them.

So now it's in the Dining Room here at the new house. I'm not sure it will stay right here. Eventually I'd like to have some draperies on either side of this big window, but for now there's room.

I really love these high ceilings, but they make everything look so small!

I'm really glad to have this back.
 I've missed so many of my vintage things;
it just didn't seem like "home" without them.

Be sure and head back over here at 6 PM Central, Wednesday Evening
for the very first Share Your Style Party!

...and just when we've been teased by 70 degree weather,
we now have 6 inches of snow with more on the way,
and, with sub zero temps.
But I won't complain, we've had an easy winter. 
To all our friends in Boston and the NE.
I'm wishing you an early Spring!

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  1. I love your window Debra! I have a couple of those that my cousin gave me. They have eight panes of glass instead of 10 and I love them. I move them here and there. :)

  2. It looks so beautiful Debra!... I bet you are so happy to have it out again where you can enjoy it every single day... love your new home so much, I hope it truly is feeling like "home" to you now, xoxo... Julie Marie

  3. Your dining room is gorgeous! Love your old window with the botanicals. Looks great in that Corner!


  4. Oh it is simply fabulous, Debra! I am so glad you have it back! Just an exceptional piece that is full of vintage character and beauty!! Yum yum!!! Have a delightful week, my friend!

  5. LOVE that window Debra! That would look great in any room!

  6. Such a pretty window! I used to like tall ceilings. But I don't like the heating and cooling bill they bring!

  7. I love your botanical window, Debra! I'm so glad to see you have been able to enjoy it again. Maybe if you hang it up it will not seem lost, LOL. We have vaulted ceilings here that are high, too, and it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to hang things.

  8. I love those botanical prints! I saw some at the Country Living Fair and could kick myself for not buying them. If I ever some across some in the future, though, I will buy them. Yours look great behind the glass of that old window.

  9. I love love LOVE your botanial window! I remember it from your past post and now here in your new place it looks equally amazing!

  10. Your botanical print window is fabulous!! It looks great leaning against the wall.
    Mary Alice

  11. Glad to see that your gorgeous botanical window is back!...it is just magnificent!

  12. So gorgeous! I've been reading your blog for a while now, so I was with you when you were preparing to move in. I love the way everything is coming together so beautifully. You have the gift of blending comfort with panache -- so many houses look more like stage sets than real homes where people live and love.

  13. Love this!! They turned out just lovely!

  14. This looks great! It is a simple, yet elegant look... and I like the whole idea. :)

  15. Love that piece Debra! It looks just as wonderful in your new home. Thank you for stopping by THT!

  16. Debra I LOVE this piece! I can see why you were eager to get it back into your home, it looks just perfect in the dining room.
    XO Barbara

  17. I love that window. It looks wonderful in your new dining room!
    Stay warm, have a wonderful day.

  18. Hi Debra! This is one of my favorites of yours too. It looks just stunning in your new room. I confess that I love the white. And the botanical touch is always lovely.

  19. Looks great, Debra. I am excited to join you in Share Your Style.

  20. Wow Debra, I love this! Can't believe I missed it the first time. I love botanical art and have been looking for vintage books with some in. I have a window very similar. Would you mind if I did something on the same line some time? Looks lovely where you put it!


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