Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moss Covered Heart: How-To

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to make one of these. Working with moss can be messy to say the least, but I had found a paper mache form in the shape of a heart at Michael's, so I thought I might as well dive in. literally. I didn't want to run around town looking for supplies, so I hoped that I had everything that I needed in my stash. (I was a little short on moss since I'd used a bunch on another recent project). Yesterday I shared my inspiration for a Moss Covered Heart for Valentine's Day that will go into Spring and Summer.

This is what I started with: a large paper mache puffy heart form that's hollow on the back. I had wanted a fully formed, front and back, but couldn't find one, but this one worked out anyway. just don't look at the back!


If you've worked with loose moss before, you know how messy it can be. I had some sheets of moss, and some bits and pieces left over from a flower arrangement I'd done last week for the mantel. This unfortunately wasn't the kind of moss that comes with a webbed backing. It would have been much easier if that was what I was working with. Some tutorials said to use a hot glue gun, but since I was working with different sizes of clumps I thought some white glue would be a better adhesive. I just used some Tacky Glue watered down a bit.

google images

When I had the form covered with moss, I pressed it down and let it set for about 15 minutes to give it time to stay put. I had seen examples of hearts wrapped with thread and twine, giving the moss a little more containment. I love that organic look, and I definitely needed more "stay-put power". I had a section of olive green organza ribbon that I had used last Fall, and it added one more layer of security and texture. 

olive green organza ribbon


Then came the olive green sewing thread, wrapped around and around.
Don't do it in a circle, just cris-cross and work it around quite a few times.
Click on the image and then again for a BIG close up.

google images

Then gardener's twine.
I unraveled the twine and just used one section. 
google images

Then I rummaged through some of my loose florals and found a few rosebuds, hydrangeas, and ivy. I wanted it to look like Spring and Summer, but I also wanted to be able to change out the flowers with some Fall leaves and berries like my inspiration photo. I ended up just tucking the individual pieces into the ribbon and yarn wrapping. I think I'll be able to change them out without disturbing much of the moss.

a sweet yellow birdie was the extra touch.

Sorry I couldn't share my own pics of the process,
but I looked like the Abominable Moss Man.
I didn't want to get near my camera.

It's here in the Kitchen Sitting Room hanging on the old white door right now. I've realized this door makes the perfect photo backdrop...old, distressed, and banged up...just right.

Our weekend 70's were fleeting, back to the Brrrrr.
Happy Valentine's Week!

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  1. Debra, that is just so pretty. I might try to make a regular wreath shaped one inspired by yours since Valentine's is almost over. :)

  2. Debra - that mossy heart is just gorgeous! Love it.


  3. Oh my I do love it. I love anything with moss on it but a heart just seems to give a romantic feel. Love it! If you can't find a place for it later on think of me!

  4. It's just the cutest thing EVER!

  5. So pretty, but I can envision the mess too. However, it was worth it!

  6. Beautifull Debra...I love all things mossy!!! Looks wonderful on the door!!

  7. That turned out wonderful! Beautiful job! :)

  8. SO pretty! I just adore the colors and I think it looks like summer on a string!! :)

  9. Absolutely love this tutorial! The heart is wonderful..thanks for sharing!

  10. So cute. It is a unique and wonderful alternative to a wreath.

  11. How pretty, Debra! It's a lot larger than I realized it was, until I saw it hanging on the door.

  12. Debra, I absolutely ADORE your moss covered heart - oh my gosh, look how perfect it looks hanging on that door....and coordinates with your pillows perfectly. Love love love this, thanks for your tutorial. Yes, working with moss is an adventure to be sure. I haven't since last summer, but you have me rethinking some projects now. You are always a great inspiration to me. Hugs.

  13. That is so, so pretty. Now, run back to Michaels, buy two hearts, then glue them together. This way the next one you make will have a puffy little backside as well.

  14. That is so, so pretty. Now, run back to Michaels, buy two hearts, then glue them together. This way the next one you make will have a puffy little backside as well.

  15. Hi Debra! This is really gorgeous! I love your pretty heart! Visiting from Shabbilicious Friday Link Party! Thank you for sharing tutorial!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  16. Thanks for the tutorial Debra! Love your sweet moss heart and bird! Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day. ♥

  17. Very Pretty and nice to display all year too!


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