Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Entry

When we moved into the lease house, I realized that there were some decorating spaces that I wanted to reproduce from the other house. Case in point my Entry area. I tried other mirrors and lamps and trays, but always came back to this combination which were used in my previous Entry.

It felt comfortable and gave me a semblance of familiarity and "home". This small dresser isn't as big as the console from the other Entry area, but I was able to place most of my pieces there, and I can change things up just a little for the Holidays and Seasons.

...White clock, silver tray, old books and my lamp.
Still room for a small basket and one of my sheep prints decoupaged on canvas.

One of my little chalk lambs, probably from a vintage Nativity set.

metal sheep bank on old book stack...

The canvas I used for this print was too large, 
but I just did a little tromp l'oeil to make it work.

Just a subtle low key nod to Easter and Spring.
(I have some things to share soon that really do scream Spring)

One thing I did add to the lamp was this tassel cord.
Remember when we had to have tassels on every key and piece of furniture?
OK, maybe it was just me who did that.

Well, this old framed print that you can see in the mirror reflection looks totally wackadoodle, but I'm standing close and there's not much space. The frame looks all warped, but it's not. I looked for a signature but couldn't find one. If you know anything about either one of these prints I'd love to hear. 

Everytime I come back here from the house packing, I have a few decor things stashed in my bag. It's so hard to be packing bunnies and all things Spring in cardboard boxes, when all they want to do is come back here and be "vignetted". that's a new word I just made up for using things in a "vignette". I think all the work is getting to me,  or maybe I just have Spring Fever. probably both.

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  1. Debra, it looks lovely! I like all your cute sheep. I hope you're feeling more and more 'at home' in your lease house.
    love and blessings~

    1. D, right after commenting I went in the kitchen to talk to my husband and spotted a new catalog laying on the counter. I saw these in it and thought of you!

    2. just clicked over there, so cute!! would my neighbors think I was nuts?

    3. lol you can always put them in the BACK yard! ;) There's also a really cute sheep print on their site.

  2. I do love your Spring entry, and so happy you're able to bring new life to a vignette from your home to your new home. BTW, where ever do you get such beautiful prints, if I had seen both of these I would of snatched them up in a hurry! I can understand how the bunnies would much rather be vignetted instead of being packed away. We had two beautiful days here this weekend, and I was out in my garden, it was great to once again smell earth. Don't work to hard, hopefully you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. I've always loved your entry decor, and this is no exception. Love the print, and everything looks great together. Wonderful mirror!

  4. You put together a lovely vignette, Debra! I love that mirror and your sheep. Yes, I did the same with the tassels and still have a few hanging around {no pun intended}. : ) It's nice to bring that feeling of "home" into a new space, even if it is just temporary. I think it helps.

  5. I just adore that darling vignette, Debra. It's so spring-like and has such a sweet, earthy feel to it. That shepherd painting is just beautiful! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. I love your sheep decor. I'm glad you're getting to do things resembling your other house so it feels more like home.

  7. Oh Debra, I love the sheep, and I did "Lamb of God" Easter mantel display this year using a sheep theme too! I am hoping to get that post up for next week. You have created beautiful displays as always!

  8. Oh I love this, and it does look like your "home". That sheep print and your little sheep are favorites. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  9. Debra, your entrance looks lovely and I love all the sheep.

  10. Hi Debra,
    Your entry looks great. Those sheep are just adorable. I like all the neutrals and that mirror is killer. Love it.

  11. Oh Debra - I'm absolutely in love with your vignetting ( my word lol ) skills - just beautiful - and I WANT THAT MIRROR !!!

  12. Beautiful vignetting...great look and GREAT word!

  13. Your entryway looks so pretty, Debra. Vignetted- I like that! :) Always love seeing your darling sheep!



  15. Debbie, what a wonderful new - old and fabulous look! Love the vignetted look in entry, total charm!

  16. adore the lambs and the shabby book stack. love this spring vignette!

  17. Wow! I would have never known you added any paint to the picture, if you hadn't mentioned it…what a perfect match. Love your vignette! I don't envy you packing to move. I'm kind of doing that too, and it's not much fun when you're not an editor, but a maximalist. Will miss seeing your sunroom.

  18. I love the painting. Any idea for finding something like this?

  19. Debra, your entry is so pretty. I absolutely love the vignette on the table. I still like a tassel here and there too. :)

  20. Hi Debra,
    I have always loved your little sheep collection, and as for the canvas painting it is so very perfect in your vignette

  21. Oooop's it entered before I could comment on the chest of drawers, I happen to also love when a chest like yours is able to be used in varied places, it is a perfect piece to move around and use I. So many ways, I so wish it were mine.
    You have taken your look and pieces and have blended them into your new space wonderfully.

    A perfect spring to you.

  22. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for coming on my blog and leaving your sweet congrats on my two years in blog land. You helped me so much in the beginning and I am so grateful. You are sweet, kind and are always so nice to support my decor crazy LOL! Since you are a not reply blogger I just wanted to come here and leave you a message you are in the giveaway. Good Luck.

  23. I love your vignettes so I for one am happy you are stashing things in a bag to be vingetted. You were not the only one putting tassels on everything. I was just wondering if it was time to take them off or not. Do you think they are out?
    I can't wait to see more spring.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

    1. I guess I'm still stuck in the early 2000's. there are so many funny remarks we could make about tassels, but we all won't go there! LOL!!!

  24. Hi Debra - My computer won't let me e-mail you via your button, Have you sold your couch and chair yet?
    Thanks Much- Amy

  25. Love your sheep collection! The vignette is gorgeous.

  26. I want everything here that has been 'vignetted' :) The sheep are adorable -- love that picture!

  27. What a pretty vignette the sheep print. Reminds me of Ireland. Everything looks so perfect nice to have something familiar to you during this transition.
    Have a great evening!
    XO Barbara

  28. I love the sheep and lamb you've added to your vignette. So glad you can keep some things the same that you had before.
    Mary Alice

  29. So all comes together so nicely! :)

  30. It looks so pretty Debra. Very warm and Welcoming for Spring!

  31. Oh Debra it all looks great and I can so understand the packing!

  32. Debra,
    Your entry makes a welcoming staement as the similar decor accessories did in your home!
    I love using a chest of drawers in uncoomon spaces!
    I have an antique one, a gift from my son, in our upper level Living Room.
    The sheep are precious. During Easter, I really connect to the messages of the Lamb.
    Thank you for adding a new word to The Land of Blog. We all need a chuckle now and then!!!
    Hoping Spring is arriving to your side of the Prairie, dear friend!!!

  33. Well, it seems to be unanimous...your sheep are just great! And that mirror is gorgeous!

  34. Such a pretty vignette, Debra. Familiar is good :) I love the little lambs and how you have carried the subtle theme over with the canvas.

  35. I love this Debra! I love all the little lambs and your print is awesome! Did you say you decoupaged it to canvas?? I'm a big tassel girl too and love them on everything!~~Angela

  36. Very lovely Debra! Hope you enjoy all the beauty of Spring while I enjoy the much needed cooler temps of Autumn here in Australia! Please come and say g'day if you have a minute!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  37. Hi Debra, I adore the little sheep and your painting is beautiful! I hope the work on your home is going well and you have a quick sale.

  38. This is beautiful Debra. I love the sheep.

  39. Love it all! Especially your sheep bank :)

  40. Featured you at my link party Debra! Thanks for linking up!


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