Sunday, September 29, 2013

Decorating with Fall Naturals

I think we're seeing a trend in decor more and more each season, and that's decorating with nature's elements. I've found "mixing" faux and naturals goes a long way in making my home more inviting and giving it a more uncomplicated and spontaneous feel. There are so many beautiful, well made silks and faux elements that I'll never give them up, but finding that balance of combining the two has become a place where I'm enjoying the creative challenge.

If you read my post earlier in the week, you know that we've been literally neck deep in having a new roof put on our home. This was a more involved fix than just a composition roof, as after a really bad hail storm in June, we've decided to follow what everyone else in our 25-30 year old neighborhood has been doing, and that's replacing wood shake shingles with new super nice top of the line composition shingles. So, I've been under "house arrest" this week, as I didn't want my car out on the street for over a week. I opted to just stay home and not risk a flat tire or worse yet, vandalism.

So, I've had to play in the house this week, when all I want to do is get outside and do some puttering with plants and pumpkins. "Hedge Apples" are pretty common around this area; also called "Osage Oranges", I've been looking at them through different "decorating eyes" these last few years. What used to be a nuisance in the middle of the road, and half eaten messes, now I'm finding their wonderful color and texture to be something worth celebrating.

I bought two of these wonderful antique pottery flowerpots a few years ago,
Anyone know the name for this type of flowerpot?
Somehow I got it in my head they were called "Vanilla" something or other?
You can see just part of Mel's great collection.
Sorry the photo is all blurry; that was 3 years and 3 cameras ago.

back to hedge apples...

I added some other natural elements on the coffeetable on the sunporch, so I at least could make a little vignette. Oh, and I added in a sunflower head that Julie sent me. love it!

Preserved leaves, hydrangeas, and bittersweet all join in.

And of course, anyplace you have sunflowers
 you will automatically have some birdies.

just a little nibble

Here's a really ugly photo of what I've been looking at all week.
30 years of tree debris, dirt, rotten shingles,
and torn off guttering looking out from the Living Room.
See the plywood against the house?
yep, that covered all the windows so it was like a cave downstairs.
I couldn't go down there it was so depressing.
what you can't tell is that this pile is at least 3 feet deep.
uh huh...

And this is what most of my prints and wall decor look like
after 5 days of pounding on the roof.
sort of like how my head feels...

But the good news is that most of the new roof is on and they're working today on the details, so the end is in sight. now for clean up... And making my hubby take me out for dinner!

Hope you're having a great weekend...
we're expecting rain, but I think we're covered.

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  1. Oh...I know exactly how you feel. I had my roof redone three years ago and I felt trapped in my own home. I could have left and missed all the excitement...but I would not leave the dogs alone. I thought it too traumatic for them. With me there and acting like all was normal...they made it through ok. I had four layers of shingles taken off my home...

    I imagined a terrible mess after they were done but they did a pretty good job of cleaning it all up. A few bushes got banged up but they tried not to ruin anything.

    They came in and swept up my attic too. What I didn't think of was that the garage would be full of debris that fell through. I opened my un attached garage one day about a month later to find a big mess. Lots of old shingles all over the garage. Ick.

    I pray I never have to get another roof!

    Love the Osage Oranges.

  2. Love your vignette with the Osage Oranges, Hedge Apples, whatever. Do you know what we called those when I was growing up? God Apples!! Don't know where or how the name came to be - but that's what we called them. I love their color. And do you know if you have a problem with crickets (which we did a few years ago in our fireplace) that placing those in the area will get rid of crickets. Hmmmmmm


  3. It's been raining here all morning. Thank goodness. Hopefully will pound down some of that yucky pollen. I love the hedge apples! I'd be out there bringing in natural elements, but this asthma thing keeps me from 1) going out and 2) bringing in things that might have allergy triggers on them. Your pots are beautiful!

  4. I saw some dealers had used these in their displays when I was at an Show last week and didn't know what they were. I love their texture.

    So glad you are covered. We are having a major wind and rain storm this weekend which is actually very early for us. I hope it isn't the end of some nicer weather since I still need to get out and work in my garden still.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. I love mixing real up with faux and I love using hedge your pretty display!

  6. Love all your pretty natural elements! Bittersweet is my favorite. I've been hoping to find some around here this year, but so far haven't had any luck. I once bought a few of those hedge balls at the grocery store, of all places. They were supposed to keep the spiders away so I thought I'd put some at the cabin. I didn't really notice much of a difference. They sure are pretty for decorating though :)

  7. Hi Debra... everything looks just gorgeous!... love how you use faux with Natures treasures... it's so much fun!... sometimes my allergies won't let me bring certain treasures from Nature inside so I go for the faux as well... and, I keep them always in a stash to use the following year... LOVE how your little Sunflower seedhead looks along with the little peatpots and such... and the birdie taking a nibble is too cute!... so happy "Missouri Sunshine" made her way to you safely clear from Utah... did the little "hitchhiker" go outside?... he must have always dreamed of living in Missouri!... I need to find some bittersweet!... yours always looks so pretty!... glad your roof is almost done... hope you get to go out for something delish for dinner and you are on parole from house arrest... our weather has gotten nice again... snow on our mountaintops just up from me, but sunny and crisp here today... Happy weekend to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Oh I love your neutrals, so pretty. That is what I am really liking this year too. Soft and neutral. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Debra....Your vignette looks so beautiful! I love all the natural elements mixed with the faux. It looks so pretty. Good luck with your roof. You can stay in and have fun decorating.


  10. I have to find some of those hedge apples here, Debra! I've wanted them since last year but need to actually go looking for them. Now that I live somewhere that has them you would think it would be easy enough.

  11. Ooh, I love that sunporch decor of natural beauties! Those hedge apples are texturally great - I haven't seen those around here. Hang in there on the roof job - I think you were smart to stick around, for the tires and your home safety.

  12. I want to go on a hedge apple hunt now. I used to see them all the time in Texas. I can't remember seeing them in Florida. Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration.

  13. I love the pop of bright green hedge apples! Unfortunately the only place they can be found here is at the grocery store.

    I hope the pounding is over soon and your outdoor plants and shrubs survive the construction mess. I laughed at your crooked picture, but I'm envious of your mannequin head. Oo la la!

  14. I like how you used the sunflower core on your display. I have been wondering what to do with some of ours and now I know!


  15. We call them Osage oranges. They are scarce here, but I have always heard about putting them in closets to keep away insects. Never thought of how textural they are. I despise any kind of hose repair - so disrupting. Hope your weekend is a quiet one.

  16. Pretty fall display!! Love the colors! :) Happy weekend! xx Holly

  17. I've always loved the natural look of nature in decorating! Yours is quite the lovely........Blessings~~~Roxie

  18. Love to mix natural with faux......make use of what's available I say!!! They started my roof and siding this week's the constant pounding and lack of privacy that makes me crazy.........had to laugh at your tipped picture, I had the same plus some items coming pretty close to the edge of the shelf!!! Will be so happy when all done and cleaned up.......

  19. You poor thing, that's a long time to be listening to that and stuck inside! I'm so glad it's almost over for you. One little tip that I picked up from when my roofer did ours....before they leave (during cleanup) make them take your garden hose and flush out your gutters for any stray nails or debris so the next time it rains, you don't get a nail in a tire:-)

  20. I agree, I mix faux with real too. You can't beat the real thing and you don't have to store it!!! I do the same thing for Christmas. Oh the dreaded rood business. Now when I have any kind of work done I have it written into the contract they have to CLEAN UP and leave it the way they found it. Can you tell we've had a few bad experiences? Years ago in the process of having a new roof put on a shelf full of Beatrix Potter, in my daughter's room, came crashing down. There were lots of tears that day. She was sad over her lovely figurines in ruin and I was even sadder I had to replace them! Good luck!!!

  21. I meant roof business not ROOD! This ipad changes things.

  22. The display you put together for Autumn is very sweet. Such a warm welcome for visitors to your porch.
    You really have an eye for pulling together beautiful vignettes, Debra.

  23. Adorable and oh so warm!
    I love all fall's colors and natural decorartions it gives!

  24. Love your fall vignette Debra! I had never heard of hedge apples but love the texture and color! Also, love your dried sunflower!!! I've been on the lookout for one of those too but no luck this year! Beautiful display!!~~Angela

  25. The Fall display of naturals looks great, Debra. The hedge apples are very unusual and a lovely shade too. I'm sure you will be super glad when the roof is done and all cleaned up. We are needing a new roof and have plans for it next summer. We live in a large subdivision (13-20 years old with shingles not outlasting 15) and every day there are 3 or 4 homes getting new roofs for the past few years so there so it is a pretty common sight (and sound lol.)

  26. Never fun putting a new roof on.But it will look beautiful ! Love those hedge apples I have seen those around but none close enough for me to take.They look perfect and add a beautiful splash of color!

  27. I love your display with the osage oranges! I have always used them to keep spiders away. I am a retired nursing college professor. One year all of the offices in the nursing department were infested with little jumping spiders. I brought in osage oranges for everybody and they did the trick! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find them the last few years.

  28. Beautiful arrangement, least you've been able to be creative during your time inside! Glad the work is coming to an end!

  29. Very striking display - love the natural look too although haven't gone in that direction too much lately. I feel for you with the roof replacement as we did that last summer and it is "painful". So worth it in the end though!


  30. In Oklahoma they are known as "hoss apples" or "headge appeles"....which every they are called I love the way you are displaying them. I know a few others have commented that they use them to keep the spiders away. We do that as well. They are a bit messy when they start to dry, so if you decide you want to try this, you might want to put a container or lid under them. They really do stain!!!
    I am so glad you are about finished with the roof. I don't know how you were able to stay in the house and stay sane, as we did that a few years ago, and it about drove me to drink :) Kidding! Enjoy your post as usual! Keep them coming.

  31. Love the vibrant green color of the hedge apples! I also like the dried sunflower! They go great together. I hope your roof replacement is completed soon! What a hassle for you to have to look at the mess!

  32. I don't think I've ever seen hedge apples, they look wonderful in your dish, and the color is amazing, do they stay that way? Great natural decor!

  33. I've never heard of hedge apples! They look so interesting and natural! I love it! I can only imagine how relieved you are now that the construction is almost done! Enjoy peace and tranquility! xo Jen

  34. I bet you will be so glad when that job is complete! I hate the loud noise of having a new roof put on. We had that done a few years ago due to hail damage too. But, it looks so much better than the old one so it was worth it. I love those hedge apples. I have some fake ones because I don't think they are native to my area. I really like the dried sunflower head too! It's so interesting looking.

  35. Hi Sweetie! Love those pots and all of your fabulous drieds, too! Just so lovely!! Shipping your box today!! Hope you love it!! And a big YAY for the roofers finishing up! I'm sure it's looking fantastic!!
    Have a wonderful week with your freedom back!!

  36. Love to decorate with natural elements too! I adore those hedge apples! Just saw them for the first time here at local market - they were $3 each! Obviously, not something that we have an abundance of in PA! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  37. A new roof-what a project! Your fall vignette with all the beautiful things from nature is wonderful. What a great dried sunflower.

  38. Debra if those green things have a really strong smell here in western pa we call them ( NO CLUE WHY! : ) Monkey Balls :)

  39. Hi Debra, we call them Osage oranges around here. Last year someone at the farmer's market told me that they keep the crickets away, so I put a few on either side of my front door where the crickets like to sneak in, and I wasn't bothered by them. And they looked so pretty next to my pumpkins. Very pretty.

  40. I love how you mix the real and faux...I like to do that too but now that I see YOU doing it, I know it's OK. I love the texture of the osage oranges...we have them here in Alabama too. Sometimes it is hard to find ones that aren't mushy on one side after falling off of the tree (but I just put the "bad side" down and nobody knows the difference). I saw your post over at "The Scoop" blog party.

  41. Debra,
    Love all your beautiful vignettes! The way you decorated with the Osage Oranges was just perfect! Your sunporch is so pretty, and the sunflower and little birdie are too cute! Happy Monday!!

  42. Luv the apples...gotta get the hubs up to the hunting I can have some to play with. Thanks Debra for sharing at my party this week.


  43. Love hedge apples - yours look so fresh and fall!

  44. Happy cleaning up! Oh,so sorry! Thank goodness you have something so pretty to look at. Your Fall Naturals vignette makes me want to run out and find sunflowers and great pots and those marvelous hedge apples! Thanks for sharing your creativity and stunning vignette at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  45. We recently had our roof redone and it was such a pain!!! Your vignette is so pretty! Just love your little bird and the white sunflower head. sister and her husband raise sunflowers and I asked her about a white one for you...but she said they don't raise that kind. I tried!!!

  46. Debra, your Fall Naturals decor is so pretty! You really know how to mix well! Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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