Saturday, October 20, 2012

The White Rabbit

While we were in St. Louis, my daughter and I had a couple of fun days of shopping. These pics are from my fave store,
The White Rabbit.  Hope you enjoy, and if you're in the area please stop by, it's really a wonderful store, with a great mix of vintage and new.

Here's their mascot, ready for Trick or Treat


Crazy skeleton pillow from another great store,

She had to have it for her front porch!

If you haven't joined in for Vintage Inspiration, it's still going strong,
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  1. What cute stores!! Love those ruffled curtains in that one vignette!! Thanks for taking us along on the tour with you.


  2. Wow - that looks like a wonderful shop! I love the "book letters" and the "framed deer in a frame". We don't seem to have stores like this in my area (Maryland) least not any I've found yet.
    Thank you for the peek!

  3. LOVE this place Debra!... why don't we have places like that here????... love your daughter's new porch pillow too, just adorable!... and I am wanting those precious white deer... well, actually I am wanting one of everything... aren't I a piggy?... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. How many times did you say, "Oh, look at this?!" Isn't it so much fun enjoying the sights in a shop like this with your grown up daughter? And may I add that the bench looks lovely with its new pillow and your pretty daughter. :@

  5. Debra,
    I've seen the advertisement for The White Rabbit in the back of several of my decor magazines and have been curious! What a pleasant surprise for you to invite us along!!! I adore the huge white (terracotta?) Turkey!!! I'm wanting to "flock" one of our Christmas Trees this year...these photos of Christmas sealed the deal for me! You have a lovely daughter...and I agree, that skeleton pillow is "BOOutiful" on her front porch!!!

  6. Wish I lived close enought to go shopping at that store. It's full of goodies that I like! Love that cute pillow for your daughters porch too. That is such a cute Halloween accent.

  7. whoa, the pumpkins in the fish tank!!! the letter shaped books!! what unique and creative things!

  8. Debra...looks like a fun time with your daughter! so much eye candy in that store, it would be hard to come home empty handed. Have a great weekend. xoxo, tracie

  9. we went there on Saturday after our stay in Springfield!! we hit all the shops along that street. white rabbit was a fabulous store! i fell in love with those ruffled curtains around the bed!

    have you been to the The Feathered Nest in Ozark? that was one of my favorite stores the whole trip! I also really liked The Vintage Suitcase!

  10. Oh, I wish I could go! I'm stuck at home too much...

  11. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip. What a cute store!

  12. Oh my goodness... i want to go to "The White Rabbit"! and... that skeleton pillow is epic!


  13. So much to see there! My favorite vignette is the aquarium with crows!

  14. What a beautiful shop with lots of eye candy, Debra! Something to catch your eye whichever way you turn. I'd have a good time in there!

  15. I would get lost in that shop! So many beautiful things... LOVED the way they styled it too!
    I am looking for a ladder like that!

  16. What a beautiful and fun shop! I could roam in that shop for hours and finds lots of goodies too!

  17. Isn't that bunny cute with a mask on? Love that skeleton pillow too!

  18. Debra, what a great store that looks like. I think I see an idea for my Thanksgiving buffet..Happy Weekend..Judy

  19. So much to look at, so much to love!
    Those book letters are such a cool idea!

  20. The statue of the white rabbit is amazing. I also love your Christmas tree. You most have amazing decorations on there. I wish I could see up close.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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