Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dogs, Teapots, and other Fall Randomness

Fall will be over before we know it. Let's face it, as soon as the carved jack-o-lanterns find their way to the curb we'll all be thinking Christmas. (OK, maybe not decorating, but definitely thinking) I'm always ready for whatever new season is coming up, but before I trade out all my orange for some evergreens and Holly berries I wanted to share some of the little things I love that are in my lower level sitting area. Just a few random dog figurines and some squirrel teapots.

When I was really little my grandmother had a three tiered corner shelf with animal figurines. Each time I visited, she would lift me up and we would admire and discuss each one. That is one of my earliest memories...she started my love for little things.

Tea for One with it's own cup.

...and an old Japanese Majolica teapot that I adore.

and here's a sneak peek at what I did yesterday...

can you guess?
it's one of my Fall traditions.

see you tomorrow,


  1. Dear Debra,

    I got tears in my eyes thinking about you and your grandmother. What a treasure.

    My grandmother had a "special" drawer at her house. Every time I visited (which wasn't all to often) there would be something new ~ paper dolls, and once or twice a teeny tiny china dog figurine.

    Thanks for a lovely memory.

  2. Debra,
    You have a wonderful collection of autumnal delight!
    I'm thinking about Christmas...will be spending several days this week decorating for a women's ministry workshop on it!

  3. This post brought back sweet memories for me! My grandmother was an avid collector of many things, including tiny porcelain objects. She had a shelf in her sitting room brimming with her collection. I loved to look through them and discuss her new finds. The objects were so delicate and sweet! ...Your little dogs are precious! And I love the teapots!

  4. I think you are getting ready to do your annual Fall outdoor tablescape!... and I can't wait to see it... I love all your little doggies and especially your teapots... you know how NUTS I am over squirrels!... and the very best of all... your precious memories of your sweet grandmother... she still lifts you up, you know... xoxo... Julie Marie

  5. Debra ~ your teapots are lovely. I love the teapot for one with the cup. I would use that all the time, especially on cold damp fall days. Can't wait for your tablescape.
    Also, just wanted to let you know that I received my candle and it's just heavenly ~ have a great day

  6. I do love small things and the tiniest details make all the difference.
    I love the story of your grandmother forming some of your admirations.
    Sadly I never knew my grandmothers.

  7. Too cute! My grandmother had a glass collection of small things (and medium, and large) lol, she called it her "glass menagerie".

  8. Wonderful! I love the teapots especially! My grandmother (Nana) would tell me stories of growing up in the Victorian and Edwardian era and began my love to collecting. Great post!

  9. I love little things, too, and have to smack my hand sometimes, because I can't do clutter! So if I buy one thing, something else usually goes!

    I adore that last pic! So perfectly styled and lovely!

    Thanks for sharing your pretties! Can't wait to hear what you're up to!!

    Love and hugs,

  10. Oooh, did you set up an outdoor tablescape, Debra? : ) It certainly looks pretty from the peek you are giving us.

    I'm already thinking Christmas! I think it's because I had to get ready for a holiday market, although sometimes if I'm making things for Christmas I try to get an early start anyway. There is always something I run out of time on!

  11. I am enjoying this beautiful FALL day:) I have already been Christmas shopping, can you believe that? Yes, I have! Not ready for Christmas, I like to do one Season at a time and this is Fall/Thanksgiving! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. Lovely vignette and I love the doggies..I have a collection and I have your very same bigger one! I see the stores with lots of C'mas decor and I'm getting a little nreveous about it, lol..Big hugs.

  13. Love your little dogs and your teapots! Isn't it something that we remember as small children leads us into a collection of our own?


  14. Visiting my grandmother's house is one of my most special memories. Her home definitely instilled a love for antiques in me. Love your little collection.

  15. My Nanny had a square mirrored shelf behind her sofa. She had some figurines too. 2 Colonial people that I called George and Martha Washington, and Boxer figurines. A mama boxer with 2 babies attached with a little chains. I have the boxers now and have added about a hundred more doggies. I just love them! Funny what we remember as children :)

  16. Very pretty vignettes, Debra! I like the doggie figurines on the old book...and I love the sweet little story of you and your grandmother, some moments just stay with us.

    You have a beautiful collection of tea pots and cups, all perfect for your fall displays.

    I am guessing that you are going to be setting a very pretty fall table! I just love the floral arrangement in the background!

    Have a wonderful and cozy Saturday evening!


  17. Hi Debra,

    I love your little dog figurines and the teapots. What a sweet, treasured memory of your grandmother.

  18. Hi Debra
    your collection of autumn beauties is great :)
    and do not miss....




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  19. I just love your sweet little dog figurines! I collected them for our youngest daughter for years, but she hasn't got room for any more. I may have to start a new collection for moi!

    I'm definitely thinking Christmas. It's snowing heavily and looks like a winter wonderland outside today. I'll be playing Christmas tunes while I shoot my Halloween post. Hehehe. I mean Ho! Ho! Ho!

  20. I have the same larger dog figurine! Love all your teapots. I've collected them in the past, but they'd be rather plain next to yours!

  21. I love your collection of figurines and sweet teapots. The vignettes are beautiful. I'm ready to put away the fall decor of rust and orange and bring out some neutral colours to fill in until the Christmas decor comes out. Blessings, Pamela


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