Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #41 My Latest Find

I'm still working outside trying to get things "presentable".

The Spring was so rainy and yucky
and now it's in the 90's and hasn't rained for 2 weeks.
When it's this hot my body just rebels against weeding
and anything relating to outside work,
 it just wants to float in the pool with a glass of lemonade.

I wanted to share a fun outside find for my flowers,
that I located a few weeks ago.
This perfect size, red antique wheelbarrow.

Even though I might not have painted it red myself,
I have to admit it really looks cute with red and white flowers in it.

I winter all my geraniums in the John Deere room
(the majority of them are coral red)

So I thought I'd try to do white ones here in the wheelbarrow.

For some reason I couldn't locate many white ones,
so I just planted a variety of flowers
along with the few white geraniums that I did find;
petunias, million bells, lantana, and some vinca vine.

This gets most of the day's sun
and the lantana seems to do well in the heat.
petunias, not so much...

If you're wondering about the brick barrier around the pool
it's our chipmunk deterrent.
With all the chasing and fun that a chipmunk has when it falls in love,
once in the pool, they can't get out.
This has helped tremendously!

Here are a few other planted wheelbarrows from Pinterest

I'm working on putting together a little potting bench under the deck.
Hopefully, I'll have that to show soon.

How are your outdoor spaces shaping up?

Now, some great posts from last weeks VIF:

 Pretties up a rustic box with her gorgeous peonies.
If you haven't met Lara you will fall in love
with her gorgeous photos.

Lemon Lane Cottage
sets a table with her family heirloom

Debbie, from Confessions of a Plate Addict
shows us how to make Frenchy Anduze Pots
without the trip to France!
(love this!!)

And my good friend Donna,
of D. R'eyne's Everyday Elegance
shares her wonderful Tinker House.
(magazine material for sure)

I'm linking up with these great weekend parties:

Hope you'll join in for the party,
anything vintage or vintage inspired.
And pretty please, link back to this post.
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It's a bummer coming to visit and there's no mention of
Vintage Inspiration Friday
anywhere... boo hoo!
it just takes a minute to let people know who you're linking to.

I'm trying my best to get to everyone who links up,
this blogger comment business is really slowing me down...

oh, and don't forget the
Summer Blog Party
the week of June 20-25.
I'll be showing some fun ways to enjoy summer
that have a vintage twist!

Have a great weekend everyone.
lots of love,


  1. I love your red wheel barrow! And, I love your back yard too! It's so nice and that pool looks so inviting. Your flowers are lovely and I'm sure you will enjoy them all summer. Have a great day and enjoy your pool! Pamela

  2. Thank you Debra for hosting always fun at your link party... I sure could use your pool today... love the wheelbarrow... to cute hope you have a great weekend


  3. Love your red painted wheelbarrow! Thanks for hosting :-)

  4. I love the red! Thanks for being a gracious hostess!

  5. Oh, I love the little, red barrow. It`s just beautiful.


  6. Fantastic shots of your beautiful yard! I love vintage wheelbarrows. Your red one provides a great pop of color. Nice find.

  7. Dear Debra- this place of yours looks gorgeus- and the wheelbarrows with beautiful flowers inside is a wonderful decorating find.All the green-red,and white together, are so lovely looking--If I had a place like that, I would sit there all day :)
    Big hug-Dorthe

  8. ...your relaxing space looks wonderful!
    adore your happy fluers in their wheelbarrel,
    and the red geraniums by the fence
    that pool looks mighty refreshing!!
    xo, Rosemary

  9. Hi Debra!
    Wow your whole backyard is just scrumptious girl! I would be in the pool EVERY day!!!! :) Looks like a resort back there! Love your little wheelbarrow!! soooo cute!

  10. I love that wheelbarrow! Of course I'd like it red. My petunias aren't faring well in the heat either, not many things are. But you're right: that lantana loves it.

  11. What a neat wheelbarrow, and I think your outside area already looks great! Oh, that pool beckons. It's 90 degrees here, too.
    Thanks for hosting VIF,

  12. your patio looks lovely and i adore the touch of red here and there...that wheelbarrow is a great find! all linked up again my friday friend.

  13. What a beautiful setting, I just love your new wheelbarrow!

    : )

    Julie M.

  14. Great wheelbarrow, Debra! Love the color and it fits in so well with your pool area {which is also lovely, by the way}. I got Lantana for the first time last year and by Fall it was the size of a bush! It apparently loved the heat and humidity we had on Long Island last year1

  15. Now I'm going to be wanting a red wheelbarrow! I like your little chipmunk barrier. Much better than fishing them out of the pool all the time.

  16. What a beautiful link up happy to have found you today. New follower!

  17. Looks like you have the funnest house on the block, Debra! Love your reds and that darling planter!xx

  18. I LOVE your red wheelbarrow, Debra! It's sooo charming filled with all the cheery flowers. And red is the perfect pop of color in that landscape. ;)

    I hope you'll link this lovely landscape to Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  19. What a pretty patio/pool area !!!! Really like the red and white theme going on.
    My outside activities are far and few between also - it is hot and looks like it is going to be that way for a while.
    Enjoy your evening.

  20. Debra, I love your little red wheelbarrow. What a great find. I also am jealous of that pretty pool. It is so hot here I would love to have that to jump in. I saw the Tinker feature you have and am hoping my hubby builds me a small version. We have all the old windows and door. Just need to get him motivated. Thanks for hosting.

  21. Oh, I just love your outdoor spaces Debra and your wheelbarrow is just perfect! We are finally getting just a hint of summer weather but definitely not enough of it. Great features and thanks so much for hosting!

  22. What a pretty backyard Debra! I love that wheelbarrow and oh, how I would love to have a pool, even one with a chipmunk barrier ;) That's so cute to think of the chipmunks running around like crazy. Hope you have a good weekend :)


  23. Your little red wheelbarrow is the perfect color and size....just adorable! Until those chipmunks learn to use the ladder, you just have to do what you have to do.

  24. I love your wheelbarrow full of flowers. And your pool area looks so nice! It is just too hot here for me to get out and work!

  25. Hi Debra~ What wonderful inspirations~ love your pool area- so beautiful!!! Thanks for hosting :)

  26. Love your wheelbarrow. Glad to know the chipmunks can't drown in your pool! Thanks for hosting.

    Susan and Bentley

  27. Hi Debra, Thanks for hosting each week. Love that wheelbarrow find. I like the yellow one too. Your pool looks great! Can we all have a pool party at your place? :)
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  28. Hi Debra,
    I am in love with your red wheelbarrow, it's absolutely perfect!
    And I am dying over your backyard, I would be out there all summer, it's fabulous!
    Have a great Friday.

  29. Your backyard is adorable and the flowers look perfect in that red wheelbarrow! This is my first time participating in your party. I just found you thru Savvy Southern Style and I'm happy I did!

  30. How pretty your wheelbarrow is. I love your pool are. I also love Pintrest. It has become a fun place to look around! Thanks for having us.

  31. Oh you lucky lady...finding that charming piece. I love the red! I found a homemade child's old wheel barrel yesterday while out treasure hunting with Sherrie. Not sure whether I will keep it or sell out. Maybe enjoy it for the summer and then let it go. :)

  32. Love the wheelbarrow! These are beautiful! You're so kind to protect those rascally chipmunks!
    Thanks for hosting this fun party,

  33. Your pool & outdoor sitting area look so warm & inviting! I could definitely float along with a lemonade in there, too! :) The red barrow is such a great idea to hold potted flowers! Thank you so much for the mention about my blog!! Very sweet of you!!


  34. Would I love to have your pool!!! I like the idea of planting in wheelbarrows, I'll have to keep my eyes open for one.
    Thanks for hosting!

  35. so cute! love it- it works great with all of your red pillows :)

  36. Thank you for the lovely shout out and for hosting such a fun party. I am on the lookout for a vintage wheelbarrow now and hopefully it will be as cute as yours!

  37. What a fabulous find! It looks so cute.

  38. That is about the CUTEST find! The whole thing looks so great and in that great YARD, too!!! We have to live in the water during the summer months!! TOO hot to even think about a weed without the cool water!! Lovely, Debra! Christie at Three PIxie Lane

  39. Hi Debra! My goodness your pool is beautiful and that little red wheelbarrel looks right at home poolside! Thank you for hosting today! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  40. Your wheelbarrow is adorable! What a great find!
    Have a great weekend!

  41. Debra, Debra - that wheelbarrow is the cutest thing...and, can you imagine it another color, really? It is so fantastic in that red - wow! It really makes a, love, love the flowers in it as well - PERFECT!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend beside the pool :)
    Karla & Karrie

  42. Love the wheel barrow - you can so decorate with it for each season!

  43. Good morning Debra,
    Your red wheelbarrow is adorable and it looks so pretty planted with your flowers. What a sweet additon to your pool area. Have a lovely weekend.


  44. Too cute! It's a perfect addition to an already beautiful spot.

    Happy Friday hope you and yours have a beautiful weekend.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  45. Debra, you little wheelbarrow planter is too, too cute. Thanks for posting the pinterest photos, too. They are inspiring! Great features!

  46. That wheelbarrow is just the thing to add a special touch by your pool...very nice! I think if we had a pool, I would have spent several days in it also while the temps were in the 90's... we're now back to the 60's and it's great working weather! Excellent post! Larry

  47. Hi Debra! What beautiful photos of your Backyard! I just love the Red Wheelbarrow, and the flowers inside are scrumptious. Lemonade sounds really good right now, may have to grab some for the kiddos! Happy Friday!

  48. Oh my, your backyard has that beautiful pool?! Lovely!!! Thanks for hosting again Debra!

  49. That sweet ol' wheelbarrow is the perfect vintage pop around your beautiful pool!

  50. Lovin all the Red ~ I think that wheelbarrow is Perfect as a planter.... Your Yard & Pool are Beautiful, so nice of you to think of the sweet little chipmunks, bet you get alot of Stubbed Toes!
    As always, Thanks for sharing~

  51. Well, my post
    today IS about
    a vintage friendship,
    but don't think
    that qualifies for
    your linky : ) !!
    Love your wheelbarrow.
    Our yard looks great
    due to the huge amount
    of rain we've had....
    Everything is so lush.
    103 on Tuesday; today's
    high is 60. My poor
    plants don't know what
    to think!
    xx Suzanne

  52. Debra everything looks BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE your red wheelbarrow, I am actually working on our pool area too , getting it ready for the "blog" party coming up! Have a great weekend, Martina

  53. Hi Debra, the red is fabulous in that old wheel barrow. Paired with the white and red flowers it is is perfect. I have been working with my flower garden for so long, in the terrible heat, I got dehydrated. So much for my nursing degree! We finally had a little rain last night and the temp dropped in the 60's during the night. I cannot keep everything watered. I would be in that pool with the chipmunks! Thanks bunches for hosting. hugs♥olive

  54. Visiting from F. Friday. Cool border to protect chipmunks:). Just recently SAW chipmunks up north, we don't have them in East Texas. Cute. What a pretty wheelbarrow. We had a friend trashing a deep metal one (with a rusted hole) which I snatched right up, makes me think of them and smile. Don't know what I love more, newly planted spots, or mature overflowing:).

  55. Love it! The red wheelbarrow is perfect! Your pool area is so inviting! I know why you wish to spend time there! Good idea to keep the little critters out of the water!!

  56. I was going to make nice comments about your beautiful flowers and the wonderful wheel barrow but now I have in my head images of chipmunks in love frollicking around the pool and THUNKING their heads on a brick. I see dazed and dropping chipmunks laying on the deck!

  57. I think your red wheelbarrow is a fabulous splash of colour. It looks great planted up with the red and white flowers and goes so well with the cushions on your patio set.

  58. Beautiful photos, flowers with pretty colors. Very nice.

  59. Hello Debra,
    those photos are so great. Love your garden. How nice to have such a pretty pool. Thank you for hosting this nice event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  60. What a lovely area with the pool and the flowers. I love your wheel barrow. The red really pops and the flowers are lovely. Funny you should ask, we are in a heat wave, hight temps and no rain so our flower beds are a mess.
    I'm so happy your watching out for the little critters.
    Happy Weekend and thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  61. Hi Debra, love your red wheel barrow with the beautiful flowers... and what a gorgeous back yard!!!
    Hugs~~ Daphne

  62. The red wheelbarrow is simply smashing!

  63. I smiled about your lantana - I have a pot with it and petunias together. The petunias are doing great and the lantana not so much. I'm in denial about what will grow here in Oregon ... :-)

  64. Oh my word... what a gorgeous place to hang out! The red wheelbarrow is such a wonderful compliment to the cool blue water. So pretty!


  65. Hello from #102 on your linky list!
    Drop in and have a peak.

    Ciao Bella!

  66. Love your wheelbarrow. Look great with all the flowers!

  67. I love the cheerful color of the wheelbarrow, Debra. Your pool area looks so inviting. Interesting about the brick barrier for the chipmunks. Very kind of you! Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  68. Absolutely adorable Debra! I like it red looks so pretty out by the pool.


  69. That wheelbarrow is SOOOOOO cute!

  70. Debra,
    Thanks for linking this up at HSH!

  71. Back again to look through all the entries. :)

    If you get a chance, please stop by and enter the giveaway I am hosting on my blog.

    Happy Monday!

  72. Love what you've done with your little red wheel barrow. The other examples are cute too. I've been to preoccupied to but have been wanting to spruce up my patio, hope to get too it so I have something to bring to your party next week.

  73. What a pretty wheel barrow!! the red makes it pop up! You made me fall in love with them all! Now, I'm gonna look for one too!


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