Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out on the Deck for the Summer Block Party

Is "vintage" the same as old and worn out?
If so, I have tons of "vintage"
 just hanging around out on the deck, off the sunroom,
...which is also "vintage".

This old garden table has a furnace grate for a top,
married to a sewing machine bottom.
 It's setting in front of one of my white metal garden gates
and my kitchen window.

my favorite, "angel vine"

I found this little concrete lamb several years ago,
and he's developed the perfect patina.
Which is the same as,
"hasn't had a bath in a while".

Hope this Picnik "gritty effect"
is hiding the fact that my deck is in need of a paint job in the worst way.
But hey, it just wasn't happening this year.
So an indoor/outdoor rug from O.Com has helped to hide the neglect.

Yep, just buy another little rug...

Chippy white iron fencing, gate, and garden chair
and some of my many watering cans.

My husband asks me why I have so many flowers
that constantly need to be watered.
"Why do you set yourself up for so much work?"

and my answer is always the same.
I need to see beauty when I look out my window,
flowers just instantly lift my mood.

I have two vintage flower pots full of mint, I'm obsessed with it.
It's my favorite to flavor everything from orange juice to club soda.
Yummy... and don't forget the lime.

Below is a sweet topiary from Mother's Day last year.
I wintered it, but it wasn't very happy inside.
It needs lots of light so it rebelled by
having a near death experience.
Wish I knew what it was.
It needs to be "whipped into shape"!

I'll be linking to Savvy Southern Style
 for The Summer Deck and Porch Block Party.
for the rest of the links today.

and I'm also joining in on these parties:

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have a great day,
it's the first day of Summer!
lot's of love,


  1. Looks spectacular! I love all the chippiness and bits of rust!

  2. Hey Girl
    I love your deck paint or no paint! You have some awesome details there and the lamb he just might go missing the next time I breeze through town :)
    Bless you today!
    Loved talking to you today
    PS I had to run home for glasses...

  3. I love your deck with all the cute iron elements and lovely pots of flowers. You and I think alike with needing to see colour out the window. Our kitchen window looks out at a row of evergreen trees which is boring so I hung window boxes on the deck rail to pretty it up and the trees make a nice backdrop. Happy Summer, Debra! ~ Pamela

  4. This is all so charmingly sweet! i love everything you combined here & the way you enhanced your photo's. xoxo, tracie

  5. Love your deck! I wish I had as much talent as you to decorate everything, you have a great eye for vintage, lovely deck!
    XXX Ido

  6. Such a pretty flowers and items for you to enjoy out there. It is extra work to water the plants almost daily, but I am like you and want to look out at pretty.

  7. Debra, everything looks beautiful. I have 2 concrete urns like you have setting by your iron sewing table, but yours is much prettier considering that you have beautiful flowers in yours. I gave up on trying to have any plants... I just don't seem to have the time to take care of them right now, my son bought me some plants for mothers day, well needless to say their already gone! I did water them for several weeks and then forgot about them.... so for know it's best I don't have any! I'll just enjoy looking at yours!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. TOO much beauty! Deck is just chippy:) and chippy is REALLY "IN" right now! Thanks for showing your stuff to me! Love it all! Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  9. Hi Debra,
    I really love your outdoor decor. The sewing machine base is perfect to hold all your pretty vintage pieces.


  10. Hi Debra, I love your beautiful deck with all of your vintage treasures!... every year, I say I am not going to pot all the planters of flowers and every year I do... and then some... Jack asks me the same thing your hubby does, why do I do it? My answer is the same as yours!... I also love angel vine, my favorite!... and your lamb is just precious!... Happy First Day of Summer to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. I like all your old/vintage stuff....the gates are wonderful. And I agree...color in pots is the best!

  12. What an inviting deck! I love everything and don't you dare give that lamb a bath...he's perfect!!

  13. Debra, it's vintage loveliness at it's best. I never wash those garden thingies either. I love the grate married to the sewing machine bottom. I am sure there is a metaphor there I am just too hot to think of it! hugs♥O

  14. I have putting use pots more and more each year, myself, Debra! I find it easier to deal with them than getting down on the ground and dealing with the beds now. I'd rather take the time to water the pots everyday. Like you, I like to look out my kitchen window and see my pretty pots! Plus, you can try out something new or different in a pot and it doesn't become an epic fail if it doesn't take off.

  15. Oh, so beautiful pictures. Just love the photo with the table.

    Hugs from Bente

  16. Your vintage porch and yard is so appealing!

  17. I love your deck - it is so you. My husband is the same way - but I have to see my flowers and the beauty of our property. Just must!


  18. I love all your vintage outdoor goodies and all your flowers are so gorgeous! Gotta love Picnik, it does wonders sometimes for those not so pretty area's we all have:)

  19. I just love it Debra, in need of paint or not- it looks wonderful, with all your vintage and worn /old lovely things. The table is a dream- with the birdscage ,little house, and your wine.
    And all the flowers so beautiful--love mint,too, and am just having a cup of pure minttea while writing you, dear Debra.
    I hope you feel better?
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  20. Debra, the flowers are worth the extra attention! Love the vintage details on your deck. Thanks for sharing the photos. ~ sarah

  21. I adore all your warn and chippy white things on the porch. I think your well patina'd lamb is my favorite. It is all just beautiful and so "you".

  22. What a pretty space! I love that table. Yes, flowers make everything better. I love to water my stuff in the backyard. Not so much in the front yard. I don't like my neighbors seeing me out there in not my best...but it has to be done. I often do after everyone has gone to bed. I love to garden at night!

  23. I'm LOVING the garden gates and fencing!! You've def. given yourself a really pretty area to peek out to every day!

  24. How lovely everything is on your deck. The vignette under you kitchen window is delightful. I also love the white wicker chair that has a lyre back with the pic-a-nick basket on it.
    I should have used that painters technique on my courtyard photos!
    I guess I will go ahead and thank you early for coming to THT since I'm here!

  25. So pretty. I just love that lamb and all the rusty and chippy details. I find myself watering in the morning before work in my pjs to make sure I come home to beautiful flowers. We are off to the beach. Enjoy the party!

  26. Everything looks so pretty, Debra. As always, you have an eye for detail and beauty! Your flowers are beautiful and I have to give mint a go!


  27. Debra, Your deck is so cute and so many interesting things to look at. Love your little lamb and his "patina". Don't worry about your deck needing painting. NO one even noticed. Painting the deck didn't happen last year for me so I HAD to do it this year. Thank goodness we got it done before summer.
    Hope you're having a good week,

  28. Oh my Debra, your deck is gorgeous. You have such pretty things. I was drooling over all of your beautiful flowers and accessories. Love it all. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  29. Beautiful! I love all of your vintage accessories, especially the birdcage and birdhouse. Great job!


  30. may i sit a spell?? wow...lovely!

  31. Your deck is wonderful, Debra! I love all the vintage details you have added and I especially love the cute little lamb.

  32. Your deck is beautiful! I love your vintage style!

  33. Hi Debra,

    Wow, love your vintage collection...
    I think if you love it and use it, then what does it matter the age of a special collectible! This is when more is more...
    All the Best,

  34. What beauties! I love your deck decor, esp. the birdhouse and the birdcage. Gorgeous!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  35. Debra - you DO have a great eye for vintage goodness! I love it all! You have made your porch such a quaint, cozy place to enjoy! ♥

    xoox laurie

  36. Hi Debra! What a charming and inviting deck! It is so YOU! When I saw your thumbnail in the lineup at Faded Charm, I said to myself "that has got to be Debra!" Sure enough! I have a singer sewing table base sitting out in the garden awaiting the right top...and I thank you for the metal grate inspiration! It looks wonderful! I hope you are doing well!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  37. You have such a nice deck!! I LOVE LOVE the vintagy things :)

  38. Wow, Debra...just....wow.....your deck really should be in a magazine!

  39. Hi Debra~
    I loved seeing your wonderful deck.
    Except for your lamb, it looks like you stopped by my place to borrow a few things, even the little wood birdhouse/church. Mine is almost exactly the same. You just have very good taste :)
    It was just so much fun seeing how you used your treasures.

  40. I just love your deck! I would spend all afternoon out there! :)


  41. Just Lovely Debra! So Elegant and Fresh!Love it!
    Hope you are Doing Well! The People of the Midwest have been in my thoughts and Prayers. Your Weather has Been ...Wow is all I can Say.
    Have a Wonderful Week Friend!
    PS; I LOVE my Necklace! I wear it all of the Time and have received SO Many Compliments! Thank You again so Much for It!

  42. Love, love, love it Debra! It looks like it should be in the French countryside. :-) I'm thankful for Picnik too as I was editing my photos! LOL!

  43. "one" of your white metal garden gates?
    No fair! I've been looking for one forever. I need to come up and shop your hood.

    Having a cooler day today, didn't need to hose myself off again! ;-)

  44. You sure know how to jolly up a space! You have the best garden collections ever! I tend to either over think things, or trash things up and no in-between! Charming! xx

  45. Debra, love your vignettes ! Our deck needs some tlc too and I am with you on the flowers ... I love to look out and see them. When we first got this old house I removed a window and put in French doors so I could get some light in and see out.

  46. OK...we HAVE to do it...we are now singing "Glory, Glory Hallelujah!" repeated several times...gracious Debra...you never cease to blow us away...and by the way, we completely understand that plant thing....we always make sure, that anything we can see out of our kitchen windows looks "happy!"
    Enjoy your day!!
    Karla & Karrie

  47. Just so very lovely and just the right amount of chippy and timeworn... Love it... I can understand why it causes you happiness....

  48. Thank you Debra for your sweet comment. You think I could just come over and hang out on your deck till all this blows over. Maybe I could just hide under one of your pretty planters and make it go away! I appreciate you so much.

  49. Wow! What a lot of cool things you have on your deck. The treasures don't come as readily to me but it is always so exciting to find one to bring home. Loved yours.

  50. I'd love to come visit you Debra and enjoy a little R&R on your deck! Blogger will not allow me to upload photos today...hope it is all fixed before your party on Friday!

  51. So so pretty. Too many flowers. . Never! Yours are lovely.

  52. I love your vintage look. What time is tea served?

  53. Hi Debra, you can never have too many flowers, looks wonderful to me, love the furnace grate for the table, made me chuckle, Celeste, victoriantailor.com

  54. if "vintage" does mean "old and worn out" then consider me *V*I*N*T*A*G*E* I just did a post about moss--I love the lamb!

  55. I love your old worn out or vintage things! Love the singer sewing machine. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Your white rusty garden fencing is inspiring me. I have bits and pieces of left over kennel fencing that might look a lot better with a coat of spray paint and some random vines.
    Love how you married the sewing machine bottom and gave it new life.

  57. Debra, Your post pretty much knocked my socks off. So much to see and take in all at once...my heart was leaping!! You are so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. I wanted to tell you I just recently read your health posts and I too will be praying for you. I know you're faith is strong, as is mine and we know that the Lord holds every detail of our lives (large or small) in His very capable hands. How comforting to know that NOTHING is out of His control or beyond His grasp. You are forever safe with Him sweet lady. May He continue to be glorifed through your life and testimony.
    Blessings, Hugs, & Prayers,

  58. Love your outdoor space and your wit is killer. I laughed myself silly. I too have a TON of "vintage" items! LOL But I love yours.

  59. So beautiful!! I love your lil lion fountain!

  60. That little church birdhouse with the zinc roof is so sweet!! Love your deck!

  61. I just had to stop by again to thank you for linking up your beautiful deck this week.

  62. Love the rugs... just like you told me about not getting the barn painted... you can paint it next year! Love the lamb, and I planted some mint this year for the sole purpose of having some in my tea this summer! Now I need to see if I can find a rug big enough to cover my barn! xoxooxo

  63. Beautiful! Love all the white especially the white sewing machine bottom!

  64. Oh everything looks just lovely!! I love how you've taken "uncommon" things and grouped and arranged them into these vignettes! That little lamb is just too adorable!

  65. What a wonderful spot with all your beautiful decorations. Love that little lamb. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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