Monday, March 21, 2011

My ADD Weekend

Seems like there's a lot going on around here.
Painted and cleaned the laundry/kitty room.
Appliances that were finally delivered and installed last Friday,
Great new washer and dryer that sound like alien spacecraft are landing.
(the cats are spooked and peek around the corner)
and a new dishwasher that only made it through one cycle before it broke.

So I can't finish my painting in the laundry until the new dishwasher appears.
But hey, I'm sharing my Birthday pillow from my sweet sis.

She recently bought a Silhouette machine
and has been creating to her heart's content.
I was able to choose my design, so I went with my initials.
LOVE the burlap, and so do the kitties.

She also made the darling little fabric flower that's attached.

And then as part of the laundry room re-do,
 I wanted someplace to hide the multiple bags of cat food,
and other sundry cat supplies.

So we found this great box/trunk thingy with rope handles.
But the selling point was that it has bird decals on it.

It was super duper brown and homely,
so I gave it a little whitewash,
keeping the bird decals showing.
(not perfect, but better than it was)

(oh yes, you know I love me some birdies!)

I had wanted to do another bird window,
so this one is backed by vintage sheet music.

I did another one on vintage magazine paper,
but I forgot to snap a photo before I took it to Relics.

Lets see...I'm painting my Eastlake dresser in the entry hall white.
Putting up new curtains,
 and needing to make a run for some white faux wood shades
 for the laundy room.

Not to mention doing dishes...lots of dishes.

I'm linking up with these great parties:

catch ya on Thursday for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday!
love ya,


  1. You HAVE been busy, Debra! I love your pillow from your sister and those chairs are fabulous! I also love the window you did with the sheet music and birds ~ that is so perfect for Spring. My weekend went by in a blur, but I didn't do too much project wise.

  2. A girl's gotta have her birds! :)

  3. Debra I just love the pillow your sister made you, I love that whole little area with the chairs and basket so pretty!! Now on to that fabulous trunk LOVE IT!! I would of snatched that up to, love the weathered finish it has and the bird decals just finish it off!! Martina

  4. Love the chairs and the pillow. Everything is so nice and pretty. You do a great job decorating. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  5. Hi Debra, I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" this week over at Marty's.
    You've been busy I see!!! I have had a rather busy week at work, but lazy week around home. Still need to do my laundry. Your chairs are beatiful, and love the pillow. Great projects, have a wonderful week, xoxo tami

  6. Oh Debra, you have certainly been busy.... Love your photos, and what a great trunk! Now I am really lovin your window with the birds and sheet music, it's soooooo pretty! Hope you have wonderful week and hope you don't have to go very long without a dishwasher!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  7. Love your pillow Debra! So pretty. What a nice gift. I also love the wooden storage box. That's a great idea to hid those kitty bags of stuff.

    Don't forget to stop and take a break every now and then.


  8. Debra, love your trunk. But most of all I love your avian window!!!

  9. WOW! So pretty. You have been super busy. Love the bird trunk and bird window so much! Have a great week.

  10. hey busy lady! Sweet sweet pillow! and i am crushing on those two chairs!!!

    Bummer on the dishwasher.....that is so frustrating!! You're right, the new washers and dryers do sound like alien spacecraft!! LOL!!

    Happy week...


  11. Such beautiful things! I love the pillow. I had to google dao, because I knew I have seen that word before. So your initials spell Chinese Philosophy! Impressive!!

  12. I love A.D.D. posts!
    That's my normal state of being, so it all makes perfect sense to me.

    That pillow is too cute.
    I need something like that to hide all my kitty crap, too.

    Talk soon!

  13. My pc went wackado so you may have two comments. I think your pillow is very sweet and I know your sister is having a lot of fun. Do you need Ritlan yet? hugs♥olive

  14. I love the bird prints with the old sheet music.

  15. Debra,
    love the bird window backed in music paper!

    barbara jean

  16. Love getting new appliances! We too had to purchase new ones a little over a month ago....amazing how much catch up you have to do when they finally arrive. Love love love those birdie music framed pics. So sweet! xoxo

  17. Oh my that pillow is beautiful Simply Chic isn't it . Your sis did a spectacular job !

    and I love that box with the birds ..we're bird girls love em bunches ! And what a perfect way to hide the food. With our dogs I used an old corrugated galvenized trash can to hold their dog food.

    I bet your thrilled with those new appliances ..all except that dishwasher ..but i'm sure that will be taken care of ASAP.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ..

    Blessings Sara and Abbey

  18. Awesome idea on the birds with the sheet music! Living as I do now, in the heart of the city, I miss being awakened by the beautiful music of the birds.

  19. have a lot going on! It made me tired just to read it. But worth it...I love the stuff you and your Sis are doing. What a great idea with the sheet music, pictures and windows. Sounds like your laundry room is going to be nicer than my house! Have fun and take a rest!

  20. Looks like birds may be the theme right now! That cute window would be oh so cute with the bird chest that I just blogged about. Great minds.....don't ya know. HA :) Love your cute little pillow and I could use something similar to that trunk for all of my fur babies food. Great idea.

  21. Now that is an AWESOME place to store all the kitty what-nots!!! I love it!

    m ^..^

  22. Dear Debra- your two old chairs looks wonderfull there, with the new lovely pillow-and love the flower arrangement on the other chair.
    And the trunk is a wonderfull piece, for storage.
    Birds are beautifull!

  23. I love the first pic so much! And the burlap cushion is gorg!

  24. What a beautiful gift from your sister, Debra! Love your whole chair vignette!

    Enjoy your day,

  25. Love the pillow! I am a bird fanatic also. I am painting some right now on old boards! that trunk is wonderful! Two years ago I threw away old window frames. Yikes! Yes I did.. I could kick myself for it. Such a bummer.

  26. Love the kitty box Debra and love that you white washed it. Looks great. You really were a busy beaver this past weekend. Have a wonderful week. xo

  27. Aren't you full of energy... you must be getting a dose of sun your way! Love what you did and that pillow is great.
    Hope all is well with the washing machine problem
    Blessings today

  28. You are such a busy lady! What a unique windows frames with the music on them, so clever! Aww...the trunk is awesome and Miss Debra that pillow is just beautiful!

    Have a great week~


  29. So creative! Love this post...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


    I will link up friday:)

  30. Your ADD weekend sounds a lot like mine! Thanks for the comment on my blog today - am now following yours.

  31. Girl, you are one busy woman, but you know what they say, give a busy woman another job and it will get done! Love the bird window. How did you attach it to the glass?

  32. What a pretty pillow and the initials are a nice touch. I have to get one of those Silhouette machines.
    The window with the sheet music and birds is just perfect.

  33. Gosh, are you busy! I love your bird window...super cute. I have some old windows and never know what to do with them, now I have an idea. That trunk is pretty great too. I like the white washed look.


  34. I love how you mention your kitties! Everything looks great!

  35. Love the pillow! My dogs tear up burlap pillows if they're in my garden room. But not if they're in another room. Go figure. Maybe I need one of those machines. I don't know much about them. But I do know I love me some birdies! And I adore trunks of any variety. You've sure got a winner there! Sorry for the appliance woes. We're getting a new air conditioning system Friday. Oh boy.

  36. Debra,
    Great pillow and update on the box. Hoping to join in for VIF this week!

  37. I'm smitten with your trunk, what a find. I have 3 cats and their food takes up so much room in my cupboards. I'll have to keep my eyes open for something in that vein.

  38. Your energy is inspiring! What a cute set up with those pretty chairs and your pillow is beautiful. Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love on Wednesday party!

  39. Debra thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!! The stained glass piece in my window I found on ebay years ago. It's still a fav of mine. Martina

  40. Love it all but especially I am loving the birdies on the sheet music. Great idea!
    Thanks for inspiring me this evening.

  41. You have been very busy. I love the two old chairs and oh my the trunk, what a treasure. ~~Sherry~~

  42. I love, love, love the chairs, trunk, especially the window, very cool!!!!

  43. Debra,
    Your sis did a beautiful job on this it! Also love the "BIRDIE" window...thanks fo sharing with us at NTT!


  44. Oh my word, so many beautiful vignettes and projects. I love them all. You are really one super busy lady. Hugs, Marty

  45. The best ADD post ever!!! Love all of your style and creative goodness. xoxo

    much love & blessings

  46. Wow! You have had a lot going on! Love the wood chest, and that bird window? Darling!

  47. Just three words.......LOVE THE WINDOW!!!!


  48. Debra, my laundry room is my cat room, too. I still need to paint that room. Love your pillow and that whitewashed trunk looks great. Cute idea on the window. I have a stack of our old windows under the house just wasting away. Thanks for joining WUW again.

  49. And here I've been "planning" to paint one wall and some stairs for six weeks now.

    For shame!

    You are inspiring - and a little exhausting.

  50. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!!! Great entry:) Its all beautiful and got me drooling:)

    Hope to see you next Wednesday!


  51. Would love a tutorial on the window, Please, please share!!!!!!!!!

  52. Yes please, a tutorial on the window would be marvelous!!!!


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