Monday, March 28, 2011

Laundry Room Reveal: Cleaning up a dirty little secret!

Hello world, it's time to "come clean" with one of my "dirty little secrets". I have a few others; at least this one is making it's debut. I have a great space in my laundry room; right off the kitchen and the entrance to the garage, but it's been a semi-mess since we've lived here. I hated the color (a blah dirty yellow) and since last November when I painted the kitchen walls and cabinets, well, it seemed worse than ever!

"Where is the before picture?",  you may be asking. I purposefully DIDN'T take one, because honestly, I didn't think I could get it "blogworthy". Think dirty yellow wall color, cat litter strewn floors, bulletin board (not cute), and mismatched attempt at wall a mental picture?

 This is a photo from last fall before I painted the kitchen, and it's the closest you would have seen of the mess. Below is another shot after the paint, but the doors on the right are hiding all the yuck.

I knew I wanted it brightened up since it has an east facing window which brings in a lot of the morning sun. And also since the wood floors extend into the laundry, it needed to be a continuation of the kitchen. Let's face it, the doors are always open since it's "kitty central" in there besides the laundry.

Ta Da!!

I'd thought about painting the doors and cabinets
 the same color as my kitchen cabinets,  but I've decided not to.
 I actually like the contrast out here with the wall color.
 The woodwork is white, so it all works for me.

LOVE my new washer and dryer.
 It has the same technology that the big front loaders have,
but at almost half the price.

I even added some vintage wall thingies to make it more fun to be out here.

All the decor in here was "shopped" from my garage stash,
of flea market and thrift finds.
Stuff that had been hanging around
just waiting for a spot.

I've had the piece of tin for several years,
No where to put it until now.
It DID get a good scrubbing and a coat of antique white paint,

And this was the fun part,
 coming up with a vintage feel for my "view" from the kitchen.

A small Eastlake shelf,
Nantucket basket with hydrangeas,
odds and ends sugars, creamers, and gravy boat,
and a favorite English Cottage print.

Then a couple of 40's bird prints
brought in the feel I was going for...
cozy cottage.

Last week I showed you my trunk find with bird decals
that I'm using for a kitty chow container.

And here are a couple of little cross stitch pieces I did in the early 90's.
They are reminders of God's faithful promises.

It's not a big room as you can see,
and not easy to get a good shot of the whole thing.
(I spared you the trash basket and kitty littler box)

I also found a great little brown floral Waverly valance
 and faux wood vinyl shades at Lowes.
They help finish it all off.

As you can see we "love" our new space.
So much easier to keep clean,
and now it's actually a place I can enjoy being in.

Miss Jenkins agrees!

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Have a great week!
love you all,


  1. That looks great!....pretty and functional...for the kitties too.

    GOOD choice on the washer\dryer....I paid $2000 plus for a front loader.....HATED it! I now own a used top loader and dryer from craigs list..$250 and I lOVE them!

  2. It all looks fabulous, Debra. I think the vintage touches have worked the magic in turning your laundry room into a place you want to go into! How does kitty like? I love it!


  3. Hi Debra! I love what you've done to your laundry room! Love the soft color and agree with you about leaving the doors and cabinets wood colored! I love love how you've decorated your walls and your little kitty is darling! I'm thinking your new chest is probably a favorite napping spot! :)
    Now I'm having a Heart of the Home Party - Show Us Your Favorite Cupboard on April 5th! I hope you'll come. I'd just love it if you would.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. A lick of paint can do wonders, the soft colour is lovely

  5. what a transformation in your kitchen! oh my...makes me want to get out my paintbrush right now. as for your laundry room makeover...when shall i come by and sit while my clothes are spinning and drying?? :)

  6. Really a great place for laundry... with personality....

  7. Debra, Your laundry room is great and the vintage touches give it so much character. I especialy like the basket with hydrangeas. It looks so nice with the shelf and cottage print. Your kitchen is so nice and bright with the new paint color and looks great with the wood floors extending into the laundry area. Have a great week.

  8. What a pretty laundry room! My laundry is small and is kitty central too and I'm always trying to find a way to hide the trunk! Now to hide the litterbox....ugly ugly ugly! :)

    great job!

  9. I am still stunned when I see your kitchen before and after, Debra! What a great transformation! It not only lightened it up but makes it look bigger. I love the view into your laundry room - you made it look very pretty as you catch that view into the laundry room. Love the color and the accessories you added, too. I'd say you have a laundry room to be proud of now! : )

  10. Congratulations! that space is beautiful! Love the kitty, looks so happy in the new space.

  11. Debra very pretty laundry room!! Miss Jenkins is such a cutie and looks very happy with the space! I know I said it before but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chest! Stop on by and ck out my giveaway. Martina

  12. Debra,
    It looks that basket hanging on the wall and I see that I'm not the only one with a new washer and dryer with all the goodies, but not the high price tag:)


  13. Oooh it looks fantastic, I love the basket with flowers on the wall :+)

  14. I love the transformation to both the kitchen and laundry room. I love your hanging pot rack in the kitchen, and I really love the basket you have on your washer/dryer. Love the other vintage finds too. I finally posted a pic of my laundry room last night. It is not a room that I think is worthy of posting about for sure, but I did it any way.

  15. Debra, Like what you have done!!!

  16. Debra, this looks Amazing! LOVE IT! I so need to do my laundry room is on the list!

    Your kitchen is stunning! Quite a transformation and I just love it!

    Lou Cinda

  17. Hi Debra,
    I just love your laundry room! It looks so pretty and well organized. I love all the vintage pieces that you have on display. I have a front loader Maytag and I do not like it.
    I think I'll be looking for a new set soon.


  18. Debra, I love this room with the brighter color. So funny because mine is the dirty ugly yellow now and is on my to do list. I used to have the front loading washer and it became very mildewy inside and made our clothes smell so we went back to the top loader.

  19. Wow Debra, the new look is just delightful! You must be loving it, I do!


  20. Looks great!
    I love that little shelf!!
    And the bird pictures!

  21. I think there must be something going around...maybe a bit contagious even!
    Showing our hidden spaces...or at least mentioning them!
    I love your fresh new look though! And all of the great storage ideas!

  22. Debra your laundry room looks so lovely. I love your view from the kitchen! I think Miss Jenkins must think the space it perfect for dining now.

    I have missed so much here of late, but was able to go back and read your last post about Leola's. You know how I love seeing that store through the lens of your camera!
    sending hugs from here...

  23. I LOVE your laundry room! Also glad to know I'm not the only one with cat litter scattered! We are auditioning another (yes, another) litter box in hope of improvement.

    Anyway, your laundry room would make me actually want to be there!

  24. Debra what a great laundry room make-over ! It's a hard place to keep spotless..seems the laundry is always streaming in. It all looks beautiful.

    And I must say the washer and dryer was a smart choice sis has the front loaders and say's never again.

    Have a Beautiful week ..

    Blessings ..Sara

  25. Everything is absolutely fabulous!! And this cat is so cute!!xx

  26. What a lovely laundry room ~ I could definitely do laundry in there. So bright and sunny ;-)

  27. a friend came to visit the other day and she said to me "so cute" so "cottagy" it made my heart sing because that was what i went for when i & I seem to love the same kind of "so cute" and So "cottagy" i love what you have done with the space ;)

  28. Debra, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love it all. I really like the vignette you see when the door is open and all of your wall displays are fabulous. Such a big beautiful space. I really like the bifold doors left natural also, the contrast is stunning. So pretty. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  29. having it that bright and airy I would want to do more laundry!!

  30. Looks wonderful. Very bright and cheery. Sweet kitty too!!

  31. Love your makeover! I know what you mean being so close to the kitchen you want it to look good too.. especially when the doors are open! I had that same problem too! Your cat is so cute.. I'm sure they're very happy with it too!! take care, Maryann

  32. Well done Debra! I know you and the kitties will enjoy it!


  33. Your laundry room looks great Debra! I love the vintage look you have created.

    Enjoy your evening,

  34. Debra what a lovely room. I especially love the Eastlake shelf and the basket with hydrangas! Three of my favourite things;o) Just finishing up my laundry room redo and will be posting soon...I hope!

  35. Painting the cabinets really brightened up the look in your kitchen! That little eastlake shelf is adorable, and I love everything you've done there!

  36. Wow, that is some makeover. It is picture perfect.

    Love the before and after pics of the kitchen. What a HUGE difference. I love white kitchens. Good job!!!

  37. Your transformation is wonderful! Such a fresh 'clean' look, a welcoming entrance to your laundry! Just love the piece of painted tin!yvette@twistedvines

  38. Very pretty Debra ! Almost makes me want to do something with mine. Almost, I'll have to think on that awhile. lol

  39. Your laundry room is awesome!! My laundry room is brand new and does not look this good!! I haven't even thought about decorating that room yet!

  40. Oh Debra, how lovely! Our laundry room is a work in progress but we are getting there.

    You aimed for cozy cottage and you nailed it. It's beautiful.

  41. Congrats on your new washer and dryer! Your laundry room is looking beautiful!!

  42. Very nice, Debra! I love your vintage wall thingys and your little treasures add so much to the space. Wish my laundry room looked like that! (Mine is in the basement.)

  43. Debra. I love your newly decorated laundry room. All those baskets, the tin, the wooden box.... It all melds together so well to create a sweet vintage themed room.
    I have a top loader with the same technology as a front loader. The only thing I don't like is that it is computerized and I can't change anything once the program is entered. Give me the old fashioned dials any old day!!!
    :-) Sue

  44. Hey Debra....I love love love this....all your vintage touches just make the how it looks from the kitchen which is gorgeous also! Love your furbaby...she is beautiful! Hope you have a great week...Picket

  45. Wow! Wow! You and Miss Jenkins did good!!!
    I hope she isn't getting frustrated with all of the birds around that she can't catch!
    I especially love the piece over the door and your view from the kitchen is spec-tac-ular!

    Love love love your header.

  46. Wow, Debra! I'm jealous! You did a great job. What a transformation. I love the English cottage print and the bird prints. The little shelf is darling. For a short season I had a first floor laundry but now, in my 1952 Cape Cod, it's back to the basement for me! Enjoy your lovely space. It's beautiful.

  47. Your laundry room looks great Debra! I love the basket with the hydrangeas...very cute. I see the kitty loves the new room too. I know how you feel having a laundry/kitty room I have the same thing going :(

  48. Beautiful - I bet it feels great to have a whole new fresh look. Did you paint your kitchen cabinets yourself? I want a white kitchen....but I'm afraid of tackling such a big project. Your redo is so inspiring!

  49. Your room looks wonderful, Debra! I would love doing laundry in a charming room like this!

  50. Wow...I agree with is very charming!! My laundry is down in the garage outside the man hopes for looking pretty!

  51. You must be so happy with your fabulous new laundry room, Debra. I love it! All of those vintage details you have added in there make it so wonderful. p.s. must find some cute little shutters for myself too!

  52. Debra, it's so inviting now! And not just for the kitties anymore! I wish I had more than a walk-through laundry area. Oh well, someday. I am over the moon for that trunk!

  53. Okay, swoon!

    That vintage (tin?) header over the door is gorgeous.

    Love the baskets for texture.

    Love that your cat stayed in the photo like "welcome to my domain, peasants." :)

    I love that big wooden trunk. Actually thought your cat box was inside that (and wish I had something like that for my litter-tracking marvel) but the cat food storage is great too! Granted, have to ask, how much does that cat EAT?

    My cat's little bag of Iams is starting to look like starvation rations in comparison!

  54. I love your darling designer space! Top notch! That view into it must still give you goose bumps! So,so pretty! Love all the cozy cottage elements. And kitty steals the show!

  55. What a nice transformation. It's really hard to have a nice looking laundry room, entry way, kitty potty and basic catch all, but you did a great job. Looks so nice.

  56. It is fab!!! I have the same issue...a yuk laundry room/kitty bathroom. Someday....
    Your makeover is awesome. I'm glad kitty is happy and so his her momma!
    Happy WW

  57. so glad I found your blog...I love your laundry home, wish it was mine..haha..also what an amazing job you did in that kitchen...BEAUTIFUL!!!...please visit and enter my giveaway on my blog..nice to meet you, Mariaelena

  58. I was just looking at my laundry room today and thinking "yuck"! This gives me inspiration to get started on re-doing it. I love your wall with the shelf and hydrangea and stuff. Looks very charming!

  59. I LOVE this. It's really beautiful! I almost wouldn't mind doing laundry if I had such a serene space as this! I said "almost."

    Funny how we put something off for so long. Then, once we whip it into shape, we wonder why we waited so long!

  60. It must be so lovely to do laundry in that lovely space. The vintage prints, tin and weathered wood are just perfect. Your kitchen transformation is outstanding!

  61. Debra, thanks so much for sharing this at my party this week.

  62. Hi Debra!

    I love the shelf and the basket with hydrangeas hanging above. What great touches you've added and it flows really nicely with the kitchen.

    Take care!

  63. My favorite is that little shelf, yep got to put that in the will for me! My second favorite is that cute little cat! I love your kitchen, it seems white paint is a miracle worker. Visiting for Wow us Wed.


  64. Looks great--laundry has to be much more fun in a sweet room like that! I love your cottage print--thanks for joining my Share the Love link party this week!

  65. It all looks great. I love the little shutters and the laundry basket is great. What a great way to store your kitty food.

    I know you are so happy with the way it looks. Congrats on a job well done.

    Blessings, Amy

  66. your laundry room looks very nice, that is one project on my list...what color did you use on the walls? I love it.


  67. Gorgeous transformation from the dark oak to the fresh white!
    Visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays over at Savvy Southern Style.... stop by and visit me at

  68. Wow..Great Laundry Room..I really like that you have your cross stitch up! Our kitties use" this room too and having it as nice as this is wonderful!

  69. Debra,
    Beautiful, Beautiful....I love it all. I love how you brightened everything up. All of the finishing touches really pulled everything together. Makes me want to work on mine.

  70. I love this room! I have the same laundry, kitty room but mine is narrower than yours. I also have a new front loader--and NEVER again. Would you want to share the name of your washer?

  71. Absolutely beautiful! The kitchen looks amazing!! I have often thought of painting our cabinets and I think you have convinced me ;0)

  72. Your laundry room is adorable , wish mine was "cute" , it's downstairs and is the only room that never got sheetrock so it is ugly ! Your kitty is precious !

  73. It's beautiful, and Miss Jenkins looks like a sweetie!
    I love all the little vintage touches and the LIGHT in there.
    Great job!

  74. Love the peacefulness of that kitchen and the laundry area. Absolutely beautiful! Wish my mckinley hill condo is big enough for a kitchen design like this.


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