Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rust is my middle name...

Just when I thought I'd give this blog a little rest over the weekend, I happened to hear the word "Rust" floating around.  Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors is having a Saturday Night Special party, and guess what?
today's special theme is...
are you ready...


Well hey, I just couldn't sit here as a bystander, because like I said...
rust is my middle name.
(not really)

Anyone that likes vintage garden goodies as much as I do just is bound to have some rust.

These are just a few specimens out on the deck.
I imagine my neighbors,
you know the immaculate high end patio store kind,
all think I'm a little wacky.

Guess they're right.

To me, rust is just like a little spice in your food.

Gives it a little extra flavor.

Love my mint in an old florist basket.

And the rest of the jungle.

I had been dead heading the flowers until yesterday when I saw several little goldfinches feasting on the seeds. They were having a great time and were so stinkin' cute out here having dinner,
 that I'm like... "well hey, Go for it!!"

OK, didn't want to feel left out.
 Go by and say Hi to Donna and all the others
and see what they're up to.

Hope you're having a great weekend,
I'm painting an old cabinet for my studio.
Show you next week.


  1. You have such love vintage rust!!! Who cares what the neighbors think! LOL


  2. Ooh Debra, you got some serious, I'm jealous type of rust going on!! Love it, love it all. The rustier the better.
    I have neighbors like that. They would be agast at anything less than brand new or pristine. I feel sorry for them. LOL!

    I found a great old rusty shelf the other day and I'm putting it in my shop. I am really wanting to keep it and just might.

    Thanks for the great view of your back yard.
    The pool looks inviting!


  3. Oh Debra, you are too cute! I don't know how you do everything you do! I LOVE all your rusty garden decorations... and I am sure your high end uppity decorating neighbors would too if they saw it! Check your email, I got my gorgeous necklace today and emailed you! xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I LOVE RUST!! But I do keep it outside, in the garden! Love your colors of the old green with your pieces. very creative...

  5. Debra I love all your rusty treasures! At least it's just your neighbors that think you're wacky, my very own flesh and blood feel that way about me!! It's either got to be rusty or painted, stand still long enough and I might just paint one of my kids:-)

  6. You have a pool? I didn't know that...

  7. I love your rust! =) It gives everything personality!


  8. And what a pretty middle name you have too!! ;)

  9. Love your "rusty pics"!! I get some looks from some neighbors & family that says "I don't get it" when I put a rusty flea market find in my garden!!
    I just think...Oh you poor unimaginative fools!! LOL !! LOL !!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  10. Oh, who are you kidding? You can't take a break, you're an addict. Just like me!!! ;-)

    Rust makes everything better. Reminds me of something Deb (Trash) says, "My favorite color is rust!" Mine too!


  11. What a beautiful yard! I personally love the rust.
    Actually, all your beautiful processions are just perfect! Marcia

  12. you have some gorgeous rusted pieces in your garden.
    Love them

  13. Love all your great chippy, rusty goodies...the table made with the sewing machine base is really clever!

  14. Love the bird cage! You have some rusty gems!

  15. Great rusty treasures you have there. I have that same watering can.
    Stopping by from Donna's SNS party.

  16. Hi Debra, thanks for visiting my blog! Rust is my middle name too lol

  17. Rusty, crusty beauty! Glad you popped in to share these pics with us! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  18. Your rust rocks just like you♥.


  19. Debra, I bet your neighbors look over there and wish they knew where to get rusty treasures like yours! Love the way you've used garden gates. laurie

  20. Pretty cool stuff here! I got some rust. I can't help but notice congratulations are in order on the big 7-uh-oh! Pretty impressive lady! And I'm still looking around for Scarlett? JQ

  21. You are so right, rust is like a spice! You have some great spicey things. They look great out on your deck. The gate is fabulous!

  22. I love all these metal and iron pieces, Debra! Your plants look wonderful, too! Mine are struggling in the humidity we seem to be locked in.

  23. Gorgeous pictures! I think the rust adds so much interest! I wish this was my garden :)

  24. You have some beautiful pieces Debra. I just painted an old rusty piece, I know, but I wanted to protect it as it has been in the family forever!

  25. You've some pretty cool rusty stuff, Debra!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  26. Debra~

    It is so great to hear your love of rust! We just found too extremely rusty outdoor chairs and are debating spray painting them, but after reading your blog and all of the comments, we may just keep them rusty:) Love to hear rust is embraced, too cool!!


  27. debra,
    sorry about no caps, using my neices laptop on vaca & typical kid, her keys are all missing. Love the garden of rust. I have a few sweet pieces myself. Really want that last chair you showed. Have a great weekend girl! Lisa
    oh yes, it's me tarnished & tattered

  28. Love your rusty heaven and especially your description of rust being like spice... great analogy:)
    Continue having a lovely weekend.
    God Bless

  29. Hi Debra,
    There is nothing I like better than rustiness!! Great pieces and great displays!
    Happy day!

  30. Yummy...just yummy!!!
    Have a great Sunday Debra

  31. The rust is beautiful, low maintenance! and brings out the beauty in the lines of the pieces.

  32. Hey are talkin' my language with this post! My motto is 'must love rust'! I adore all your rusty patio decor. You don't live in a gated community do you? Good, cause I'm headed over in the middle of the night to help myself to some of your 'spice'.

  33. Yummy! Love it! Love that you left the pods for the Birds!

    Debra, did you get my email about Washington/October? I've been having some email and facebook problems- I sent you a long emaiil reply. Let me know if you Didn't get my response!

    Ironically, the show in October is called "Ruffles and Rust!"

    Drop me a note when you get a chance! Ugh,,Maybe leave a comment on my blog that you sent an email, Sorry! I changed all my passwords and hopefully things are better now!

    Hugs and Love,

  34. Debra
    you have some top notch rust there:) Great items and I love your garden area. I can see why you could not miss the party.

    Have a wonderful week
    Blessings and hugs

  35. Debra,
    I second that motion on rust! It makes a garden/deck area all the lovlier when set against whites and flowers and everything else shabby and chippy. Your displays are beyond words....if you ever have a sale...SIGN ME UP!!! LOL

  36. mornin' girl!!

    LOVE LOVE your rust! The white bed piece in first pic, perfect combo of white peely and rust!

    And adore your other pieces, especially that blue bird cage!

    Hope you have a wonderful week


    barbara jean

  37. I love rust also! and I really love that green birdcage!! Your outdoor areas look so great.

  38. hey, that's MY middle name ... we must be joined at the rust-y hip

  39. Simply gorgeous, Deb! I have been wanting an old gate to put in the center of a mantel...I think they're just dreamy! Loove this post! I also wanted to invite you to enter my fab giveaway at FFD! Have a great week, sweetie!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~


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