Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall from my windows...

It's been a really rainy and chilly fall here in Missouri, lower than normal temps, but still no hard freeze. The trees have been beautiful this year. The maples on our street have been brilliant shades of gold to orange to red. These are just a few photos from my front door. The maple here at the front door is always the last to change colors.

This is my view from the kitchen sink.

We closed the pool in September,
because it turned cold so early.
Last year I swam until October.

These really tall trees are oaks.
They are beautiful and old,
but when the leaves come down,
 they are huge and completely cover the ground.

This tree with the red leaves is our neighbors dogwood.

I love watching it throughout the seasons.

I have enjoyed seeing everyone's yards, gardens, trees,
 flowers and outside vignettes.
You have enriched and broadened my view of life.

With winter's snow just around the corner,
I wanted to take a last look of fall out my windows.

It's not the most beautiful or breathtaking,
 the landscape is old, the trees have seen damage
 due to our severe ice storms these last few years,
 but when I'm home and warm and safe,
while the wind blows and the rain comes down, 
I thank God that He's given us this house and 
this little piece of land.

 I'm so very grateful for my life...
every day of it.

Blessings to you all,
as we head into this season of Thanksgiving.

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