Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Black Friday

Vintage Black Friday is Here.
I feel like Boris Karloff when I say that.
Que the creepy organ music.

Don't you just adore this logo for Vintage Black Friday?

Now, don't go yet, but when you're finished here take a look at all the other gypsies over at Gypsy Brocante. Jill is hostessing such a fun party, and with Halloween coming, you can bet it will only get better and better!

image from country living magazine

Several years ago I found this piece; I'm not sure what to call it... a conservatory, mirrored, glass, lantern, sconce. (?) There were two of them, and I sold one. This one has set on my Entry dresser since. It houses whatever the seasonal soup de jour decor may be.

At the moment my favorite squirrel lives happily inside among some fall leaves, a gift from Alyson several years ago. He's a paper mache box.

This 1940's child's rocker was purchased from a neighbor's yard sale. I paid "retail" for it. She had never had a garage sale before. Her husband had just passed away, and she was moving back to Chicago to be with her family. So I just paid the price. I know it was worth it, but, well, we've all been there. You just buy it and don't say a word...just something I needed to do.

It's an original Nichols and Stone Company "Windsor Chair". The company was started in 1857 and they were the original manufacturers of Windsor chairs here in the U.S. It has it's original black stenciled finish.

I have two black benches. This one is in my hallway that goes into the kitchen. It's hard to get a good shot of it because of the stair railing.

I fell in love with the black Country French fruit motif of the material. My husband has complained about it being there because it is in the traffic lane, but sometimes you just have to put up with inconvenience for the sake of decor. Right?

A long time ago a friend had a collection of black tole trays that I was enamored with. I would love to find more. A couple are reproductions from England, but for now these are all I have room for. They are along the backsplash on the counter in my kitchen.

Ohhhh, I just love all this black
that we're getting to see.

 Have a Wonderful Day,
and remember there are two names
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  1. Beautiful selections. The squirrels cracked me up. :)

  2. Love the black bench and I agree it has to stay even if it is in the way. I also love the trays. I just recently bought one just like one of yours. Have a blessed day!

  3. I enjoyed the black friday. Thanks for posting.


  4. Guess we're going to have a "black Friday" in our neck of the woods. It's supposed to rain all day, dark clouds, flash flood warnings, etc.

    I like the rocking chair, even if you paid "retail." God'll bless you for it, as Mindy always says.

  5. Fabulous bench!!! Have to say that black latern is my favorite! Being a miniaturist, I see all sorts of uses for it!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Debra, I love seeing all your black vintage things, esp. the tole trays, my favorite. Happy Friday, T

  7. Debra, your black items are so beautiful. I love that they are still flowery and pretty. I usually think of black as being more contemporary and sleek. Your tole trays are wonderful and I love how they sit against the backsplash!

  8. This is all so beautiful!! I love the fabric on that bench too!! LOVE IT!!

    I could live in your house!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda ")

  9. I absolutly am in love with your bench! I need to find one like that. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Gosh ... as usual you amaze me, you're home is one of the warmest and most inviting I have visited ~ and to think I've only been there in "pictures" ... I NEED you to lend your hand to my home, it could use some of your TLC!

    Great VBF items ... I seriously LOVE all of them, the tole trays are perfect!


  11. That child's rocker is so sweet, I just love it! Enjoy your weekend!!

    :) T

  12. I love it all! But especially your trays....I did the same thing in my last house, put my tray "collection" along my counters as my back splash. In this house I had to change it up and bought these darling old little labels that were framed in little vintage frames and hung them around...oh and I love your conservatory piece!

  13. Now I have to increase the amount of black things in my house. Black is so basic and yet I don't have much. Love the look!

    I'm awfully glad you bought the windsor chair. You did her a favor and it is beautiful.

  14. Debra,
    I love the new header! I have collected black trays for a while, but have never really put them all together as a collection. They are scattered about in 2s and 3s wherever I have space. I would love to start collecting red ones, but they are much harder to find and seemingly much more expensive! Love your child's Boston Rocker ( or at least that is how they are referred to in New England). Have a great holiday weekend :)

  15. Oh I just love children's I am in love with that gorgeous is darling!!!

    The tole trays are another favotite...I can never have enough...yours are beautiful!!!

    I am going to check out this "Black Friday" business...if eveyone's is as beautiful as should be fun!!!

    Have a wonderful Friday!!!

  16. Love the rocker! I just love things painted black, great stuff you have. And as far as your comment on my blog... I think that is the way to do it. You're one smart cookie...

  17. I love the pumpkins in the black rocker! WOW, they are so cute!

  18. You have such lovely black pretties - love the bench and the child's rocker. And I am always crazy for tole trays!

  19. Debra,
    I love that bench, such a nice piece! I also love the black tray with the cartush (sp ?) in the middle. It's different than you usually see. You're such a sweetie...paying retail at a garage sale for a wonderful cause...that's really just like you, Debra...a very kind hearted soul! Have a great VBF
    My Best

  20. Love your black! It is all lovely!
    Hugs, Lisa

  21. Just love the fact you ove all the things I do as well and will continure to follow your postings

  22. Love all tht things that you love as well and will continute to follow your blog

  23. Debra, what amazing tole trays. They are gorgeous!
    That bench is defintely worth having to walk around, and I so agree with your sentiment.
    Love your blacks!

  24. Wow Fabulous things! I couldn't pick
    a favorite, everything looks terrific!

  25. Those trays are absolutely gorgeous and you have them displayed so beautifully. Love it all..Happy VBF..julie


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