Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wishing Big on White Wednesday

This is another day for "two, two, two parties in one",
well three, if you count my previous post.

I had so much fun with the Multiples Party,
 that I wanted to play along with Vintage Junky's
"Wish List Party".
 Her instructions were to be totally selfish,
 and find something for which you were wishing.
And of course, I just love participating in White Wednesday,
so today I'm doing both!

Classical English Conservatory

OK, so I'm going BIG

And while I'm at it I'll take the flagstone or brick paver patio.

I love English Country Design and this is just something
 I have admired and desired for a long time.
Do I need it? no. Would I love to have it? yes.
Today you get just a hint at my totally decadent desires.

OK, it won't fit in a stocking.
My life is full of wonderful people and things,
But there are just a few items that a girl can wish for...

(images from Town and Country US and Oakleaf Conservatories)

And THEN, I could do this...!
AHHHH, just a little daydreaming, here.
I'll try not to let it get out of hand.

images from Country Living

I guess if you're going to wish, it needs to be good!

Say Hi to Michelle at Vintage Junky

And Kathleen at Faded Charm

And may all your "White Wishes" Come True!



  1. Love those conservatories. They are truly lavish and wishable...even though we don't need them in California. I'm with you on the magazines and also love those wired glass displays. Although if I put corn candy in them...I would need a ten pound bag to keep refilling them...thanks for sharing! Carla

  2. OH what beautiful pictures. I think they are lovely.


  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that my wish list stone house has a big honkin' conservatory in the back!
    Yeah, if only!
    Great wish, here's hoping it (and all the rest) come true.

  4. My goodness, those are beautiful conservatories...much pretty than I would imagine! Love the photos of the beautiful furnishings and flowers, too...gorgeous!

    God blessm,

  5. I've always thought these were beautiful too. Those poor English, gotta find a way to let the light in with all that rain and drizzle!

  6. Make mine number one and three, please...do the come with window washers?! Cause I would be in deep poo poo if they don't.. lol
    My Best

  7. Hey, I believe that if you wish for nothing... that is what you get:) Have a blessed day!

  8. Oh, what lovely pics of conservatories. I, too, would love to have one. However, mine would be just a little less ornate on the end of a white farmhouse! Can't hurt to dream a little...ahhh!
    Have a blessed day,

  9. Oh no! I'm in trouble. I now have to add a conservatory to my wish list. Beautiful!

  10. I love love your choice of White. Ohhh, what beautiful conservatories... I would love one of those added to my house too. BIG, with the beautiful sunshine warming up the space.

    Love your banner at the top!

  11. Love those conservatories! I love them all, but especially the second one! Happy White Wednesday.


  12. LOVE this post,those consver.are to die for,its one of my favorite parts of going to Ireland,seeing those wonderful sunny rooms,all the best!!!

  13. Wow...you do dream BIG! I will take whichever one you don't choose. Lovely stuff.

  14. Oh, goodness, how beautiful these are! Stunning.

    Barb ♥

  15. You know what they say:
    "Dreams come in big sizes so you can grow into them!"...So go ahead: Dream BIG!!!!

  16. Love your wish list! Looks like you have focused on one thing! I have a tabletop conservatory that Mr. Hughes built me, but I would love the real thing. Go ahead and give me the English Manor that goes with it! Thanks so much for joining in1


  17. Debra,
    Love your blog, from the awesome pumpkin banner to White Wednesday to the garage clean up! My gosh, my husband would love me to clean up my stuff in the garage. Great blog, following you back. Lisa

  18. Debra, I think it is a perfect wish. I love these conservatories as well. I buy a lot of British mags and always love to look at the ones in the back pages and dream too. If I would quit buying the mags then I might be able to afford one of these someday.

  19. Debra~

    I think you made my wish list just grow longer!! Wow! A conservatory? I would have to get serious about gardening, right?

    All of your pictures are gorgeous. It's okay to dream. Isn't it? ;-)


  20. I can see that at my house. I want one with a church steeple on top.

  21. I too have always admired these lovely English Conservatories...I would probably spend a great deal of time in it since I love the sunshine and working in my garden...wow! to be able to garden at some level year round...It would be like living a dream...donna

  22. That would be my dream as well. All that white outside and those windows and that design. I wouldn't call it a conservatory, I would call it a Family Room.

    Thanks for sharing this W.W.


  23. wow- I like the way you dream! have always loved those glassed in English rooms too- so PBS like!! Fantastic pictures, love the interiors too.Love the table that has no top but a round tray- great idea...


  24. I'm loving it! Of course, I've seen your sun room. And plenty a gal would wish for that. Nothing wrong with dreaming! ~Mindy

  25. Surely sounds good to me. I have some English magazines that I won in a contest awhile back. There are so many conservatory articles and ads it would make you think everyone over there has one. Sigh..I can wish with you. ;)

  26. I absolutely love conservatories and this beautiful post of yours. They are just fascinating and I hope you have one someday. You have great taste in wishes!

  27. Hi Debra! I'm right there with you...these are all GORGEOUS and I would love to have any one of them!!!

    :) T

  28. Thanks for visiting me! It's great to find your lovely blog, also!

    I'm a bit of a blog addict- so I'm sure I'll be visiting you, often!!

    Have a wonderful day.

  29. love, love, love them!

  30. Oh how I wish I could have a conservatory. I would spend all my blogging moments inside there! Any idea what the price tag is on them. My problem is my taste is always beyond my means. But sometimes we need to splurge and treat ourselves.


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