Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doors of Welcome

Hello, Everyone! Thursday is the "Doors of Welcome" Party, hosted by  Karen at Some Days are Diamonds.  I guess you could consider this a "Double Post". I participate in "White Wednesday", and if you are not familiar with this weekly party you have been missing a lot of fun. We show "whites", especially vintage ones. So scroll down to the previous post to see more of my front porch that was the subject for my last White Wednesday post.

Black Front Door

Please excuse the overgrown shrubs and hedges, it's time for their fall "haricut". Some of these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, and I'm glad I did, because it has been non-stop rain and dreariness. We haven't had a frost here yet in southwest Missouri, so it still looks about the same. My ferns are like the jungle, the mums have bloomed, and I have added a pumpkin or two.

Threw some fall foliage in the basket

Put out my Harvest sign.

My concrete Momma and Baby Squirrels
are always there for a greeting.

I just love this varigated pumpkin!

You can read about my little vintage
black wagon re-do here.

This is a view out my front door. I have a "Black Maple" shown here, that doesn't have very pretty leaf color, and then another Hard Maple next to the front porch. It has a prettier show of leaves, but not until late fall. So I enjoy the Soft Maple across the street, which is one of the first trees to change on the block.

I wanted to share the front porch of the store
where I have a space  in Ozark, Missouri,
Spring Creek.
It's always so much fun!

Hope you're enjoying everyone's "Doors".
Welcome to the Harvest!


  1. Debbie,
    I loved both your posts. I am so jealous of your entrance. It's so inviting and those ferns are huge. One year I got some of those varigated pumpkins...I think they're called "One and only" or something like that! So cool.. they look like bloodshot eyes don't they?
    Great posts!

  2. What a cozy warm the white wicker basket, too. GREAT idea!

  3. Lovely pics. Glad your neighbor has a tree changing for you to enjoy.

  4. Debra

    I am so in love with your black wagon redo!!!! Darling!!! Can't wait to see more of your treasures.


  5. Your porch is wonderful! You got some really great pumpkins and squash! I love them all!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Great job... it is very welcoming Debra, I might just pay you a little visit in person if you keep this up. How delightful. I am thinking now about ... pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pudding, pumkin soup.... better stop here for I loose myself.


  7. Your plants are all so beautiful. Love those big ferns. And I love the wreath.
    Cute decorations at your booth.

  8. Your porch is just gorgeous. I love all of the decorations. You have created such a warm and welcoming and fun setting. Hugs, Marty

  9. Your entry is beautiful! The wreath is gorgeous and I love the basket full of flowers! What a statement!

  10. I love how you casually say "you threw some fall foliage" as if it was just that simple to make gorgeous! If I threw anything it would look just like that's what I did...threw up!
    It all looks gorgeous!

  11. Oh so beautiful!!! I love your entry...the colors just pop off that gorgeous black door!!!

    The ferns are wonderful...the perfect frame to your entry and the pumpkins are wonderful...the variety of color and texture divine!!!

    I love it all!!!


  12. Very lovely entryway!

    My son spent two years at Evangel University in Springfield, I went through Ozark numerous times, I wish I had known about your shop then!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments about my "Door of Welcome".

  13. Your home makes a GREAT first impression, talk about curb appeal! You crack me up, apologizing for your shrubs and whatnot .... girlfriend, your house makes Martha Stewart's look like a frat boy's dorm room! It always looks perfect to me, but more importantly, it looks warm and lived-in and inviting. That's the key.
    Big hugs,

  14. Debra,
    What a treat to see not only the front of your beautiful house (love those ferns!!) but all the beautiful leaves changing colors! We don't get much of that here and seeing it always makes me want to get on a plane and visit Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. I'm afraid that won't happen this fall so I'll just wait for the dogwoods in the Spring! Thanks for your front door view!
    My Best

  15. I love the ferns! I had an indoor one once and promptly killed it. Your porch looks even cuter the second time around, I'm lovin' the black wagon. Is it an old red Radio Flyer? I had one when I was little. That little store does look like it would be lots of fun to shop in. You should ask if you can take pictures and show us the inside, hee hee!

  16. I felt welcome walking up to your door! All of the beautiful decorations makes me want to sit down on the doorstep and enjoy that gorgeous tree. Oh... the colors, wow! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  17. Your front entrance is so pretty. I love the basket with the fall arrangement on the wall.
    I didn't know we were so close to a blogger friend when we were in Springfield. We went to both Lambert's in MO.
    I just now posted my door. I hope it's not too late. Please visit anytime.

  18. Enjoyed looking at all your photos! Very autumny! It's fun to see all the ideas people have for decorating!

  19. Hi Debra, it is all so lovely and graceful. Just gorgeous!

    Barb ♥

  20. Wow, it looks great! I love the wagonload and the orange watering can. The colors really pop!

  21. Hi Debra,
    I know I would feel very welcome walking up to a door like this. Your entrance is beautiful and tells people that someone special lives here.

  22. Debbie! How wonderful that you included both doors! Your home looks beautiful. I love the watering cans! Aren't all the different types of pumpkins we can get wonderful? I love them all! We have Sycamore trees that go from green to brown kinda like yours. I wish they would turn red and orange . . . but not to be.
    Thanks so much for participating!
    Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

  23. Super post Debbie and I just love your black front door. I am getting so many new ideas today. What fun! Come for a visit if you can. The old witch might be home. :)

  24. The cone is so lovely. And that wagon is just perfect!

  25. I love your pumpkin picks. They are unique looking! I went pumpkin picking this year and found the usual shaped pumpkins. Maybe next year. Thanks for showing!

  26. Your entry is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  27. Hiya Debra!
    What a sweetie you are! Thanks for visiting me!!

  28. Ahhh Debra everything is so gorgeous! I love your ferns in all their glory. And your pumpkins and Mums look so warm and inviting.

    Thanks so much for sharing your home and the store front too! Ijust became a follower so that you and I can become fast friends.!


  29. Debra, Your entryway is gorgeous! I love the white basket filled with pretty foliage and I love seeing that black wagon again! All those pumpkins and pretty trees make your yard just so colorful and pretty. Thanks for coming by to say hi today.
    :-) Sue

  30. Debra: This is of course just gorgeous! Those FERNS!!! To die for!! Just stunning!

    Love it all!

    Lou Cinda :)

  31. Oh what a wonderful layout the entry doors to your home are incredible. I love your wreath hanging outside its so lovely.


  32. All dressed for Fall. Everything looks wonderful. Great job. Stop by. I just opened Cottage Loft Boutique. Hugs, Connie

  33. Wow, love, love, love your Halloween decor! Your Door of Welcome is so nice! Thanks for sharing. Hugz, Z

  34. Hi Debbie...thank you for stopping by my blog! Well...I just love the walk up to your door. It certainly is welcoming. Your pumpkins are just perfect! Hugs!

  35. Your doors our absolutely fabulous !

  36. Debra, I just love you black front door and it's wreath. Very classy! The store front is so cute.

  37. Love your front door and porch, very welcoming. I really need to get outside and work on mine! Thanks for the inspiration!

    yapping cat

  38. Hi Debra,Love all your fall... It is all so pretty...


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