Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ozark Festival Goodies And 200th Give-Away!

Today here in Southwest MO it is raining cats and dogs. I love an afternoon like this, but I had planned to get a few errands ran. When it's like this, sorry, I just don't get out. So before too much time had passed from last weedend's Fall Festival, I thought I'd share a few of the things that my sister and I nabbed.
These were in several booths, and I thought they were so cute. Since I have more vintage suitcases than I can shake a paintbrush at, I let her have the honors, but I really had to think twice. So "stinkin" cute!

You remember Chelsea's and Stacey's booth, "Glamour Girls", this is the darling little Owl necklace that I bought. I have already worn it so many times! (ok, everyday) They had so many darling designs I could hardly pick just one.

Here's my "Scardy Cat on a Stick".

This is my old Pepper Shaker that has been electrified. It has one of those "old timey" look flickering bulbs in it. My sis bought one that was an old mustard tin. I thought they were really unique.

Harvest Pumpkin Sign.

Bittersweet and Scardy Cat Hanger.

 I love initial charms, I found this and the silver earrings in separate places, but just love them!

This has been a great week with the Give-Away. I just kept going for 200, so I'm in the process of putting another bunch of fun items together for the second give-away! I'll anounce the two winners sometime Saturday, So be on the lookout! Remember, it doesn't close until Friday at midnight! There's still time!


  1. Suitcase is just darling!! And those earrings! I have a key ring made out of an old silverware handle. Gorgeous!!

  2. What a small world! I live in Springfield! And I was just blog surfing and found yours! I love it! And I love your booth. I just wrote about the one I just opened in Springfield. It's all Halloween now, but will be a white booth too! I'll come and visit yours and you'll have to visit me too! I'm at STD downtown. I did attend the Ozark craft festival and spent waay too much money! Always a great show.

  3. Love the suitcase, owl necklace and earrings! Too cute, too cute! Have a blessed day:)

  4. Oh, I just LOVE that suitcase!!! Absolutely charming!! I've seen bracelets made out of old silverware but not earrings, how cool!

    The sun is shiny here and it's still shorts weather :)


  5. cute stuff! I really like your owl necklace! :D And the D necklace is pretty too!

    yapping cat

  6. The pictures on your blog are so cute! The owl necklace is adorable - great for this time of year! YOu find the neatest stuff at the coolest places!

  7. Look at you with your 2oo plus followers! TOLD YA SO, NEENER NEENER! :-P

  8. So wonderfull things, love the owl, and the D charm,-I`m a D woman too, thanks for great photoes.

  9. I've saved the suitcase pic to my inspiration file....I have tons too. I could paint this on one & you'll never know once it is back in it's stack!

    Love, love, love, love, love the charm & aeerings...LOVE them!

    And what a generous give-away...enter me please Debra!

  10. Love the D and the suitcase. :) TFS!

  11. Great finds! I love it all! Thanks for following my blog. It sure does make me giggle when I see I have a new follower. I am thinking I need to not set my goal to high and maybe celebrate if I get 25 followers. I better start thinking about a give away for that. I really love visiting you site. Have a good day!

  12. What absolutely gorgeous items. They are all so beautiful. The suitcase is just awesome...who would have ever thought? I wish I had some of the talent you girls have. You are so blessed to have talent like that. Have a great day. Hugs Linda

  13. Lots of goodies! Both necklaces are darling. I've missed you. Will try to catch up soon. Thanks for all your sweet comments! ~Mindy

  14. Love the suitcase! Thought I would drop by and say........GO HUSKERS!!:-) I'll probably eat my words tomorrow but couldn't resist.

  15. So glad you're showing more of your great finds! What a fabulous suitcase!! And the pumpkin sign with the little wagon of pumpkins. Oh, it gives me such pleasure to see these things. Sigh....

    Thanks for your lovely visit and comment on my new blog. Later,

    Cynthia K.

  16. Oh that scardy cat hanger is adorable. What a fun post.


    PS I will keep my eyes peeled this weekend.

  17. Hi Debra,
    I have a few suit cases too!! Love them! I bought one today:) I like how it's fallish..the suitcase...guess I could paint mine...nah..
    Since we both are "Debra's" the necklace works for me!!!
    Deb :)

  18. Can't believe you've had over 200 sign up for your give-away. I think I had 12. I didn't make it to the Ozark Festival. I've felt like crap for about 2 wks. but finally got medicine. Still not positive I'm going to live. Keep up the good work. Jan

  19. The cat on a stick is a riot and the silver handle jewelry is gorgeous. Smiles and swoons all around.

  20. Hey Deb!

    I just wanted to come by and say hi and thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I love all your finds! Oh, and those praying hands in your booth are so beautiful! I love them!

    Looking forward to reading and seeing more.


  21. HI DEBRA!!! I had been worried you had forgotten about me. I do know how busy we all get.
    Congratulations on 200!!!
    You hope your feeling like yourself again and by the looks of your fabulous pictures...You have been very busy out and about with your camera!
    As always incredible photos and best of luck with 300!
    Have a wonderful

  22. I am already a follower! Your weekend at the Festival sounds so wonderful. I wish I could have gone. My parents lived in Missouri and I would take Momma shopping in Springfield.
    Your necklace and earrings are great too!

  23. OMGOSH...fabulous as ever!


    You always inspire me sweetie...YOU DO!

    Love, Rebecca

  24. Debra:
    I love your great finds! I love the owl pendant, too.
    Congratulations on hitting your 200 Follower mark, too. What a great milestone.

  25. oh my gosh. I love that suitcase. I should try to make one like that!
    Thanks for sharing today!

  26. Love the earrings and that suitcase is ADORABLE!

  27. I want one of those owl necklaces, why didn't you MAKE me buy one! And my suitcase looks "stinkin cute" with an archy back black cat sittin on top of it. Can you say "archy back black cat" 3 times real fast.

  28. the suitcase is totally adorable! who would think of that? not me! love it! love your blog too! p.s. I'm featuring it on my blog it's so darn cute!



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