Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Black Friday, Indulge me... AND a Blogaversary!

Vintage Black Friday is here again hosted by Jill at Gypsy Brocante, and before fall slips away into a sea of Wonderful White Christmas, I thought I'd share a little impromptu vignette, that I pulled together on my coffee table in the sitting area of my lower level family area.
My favorite part of having booth space at a flea market is the ability to satisfy the urge to create vignettes. My house looks like a "store" at times, so I have to try to tone it down...hard, very hard! These are a few pictures of things I grabbed from around the house and "staged" here for some fun.

Here's a little black wagon with some fall produce, and a black gothic stand holding my big chippy chalk squirrel bank.

A great little vintage black floral tray holding nesting boxes, a black teapot "for one", and a fruit print that is usually in my kitchen.

Don't you just love the cut-outs
on this little gothic hexagonal stand?!!
Kind of has a Moroccan feel to it.

This is one of a set of very small "pocket books" that I found at a flea market this summer. It is collected poems of Edgar Allen Poe.

And an UPDATE: My inspiration, Theresa of Garden Antiques Vintage is having her 3 Year Blogaversary Party. Run on over and check out her great post. She's planning a great PAR-TAY and give-away to celebrate! Happy Anniversary "Sweet T"!!!

Now, I've got to get busy with some last minute
things since I have the kids coming from St. Louis and
 my husband's brother and his wife coming from Texas.
I'll see you in a few days.

Gots to love on my kids!!

 Hope you are having a "Wonder-Fall" time of the year.
 I know I am! I'm savoring every moment!



  1. Very fun. Love the Edgar Allen Poe book, it's beautiful. Have fun with your family!

  2. Great post Debra.

    Love the big white pumpkin, and the black tea pot...
    and the wagon...

    well, just love it all.

    barbara jean

  3. Have tons of fun with your family! Love the chippy squirrel and the black stand...very cool display. The only place I can do vignettes is on my porch...have a very small living area, and sweet hubby freaks if I get too much going on. Also manage a retail store, though, and get to go crazy with my window displays. Not sure the boss always "gets it" but she gives me free rein! happy Friday *elaine*

  4. Love all of your vintage black goodies but my favorite is the black tray:) Enjoy the weekend with the family and I look forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures! Have a blessed day!

  5. Love the squirrel and of course the book! Happy Friday, T

  6. Nice vignette for Autumn...looks very much like fall to the chippy squirrel.....have a blessed weekend.....

  7. Love the little wagon! Wonderful vignette you created!


  8. Hey Debra!
    I will check out your link. I don't know what I would do without Faith...I love the Victorian Paper Piece too. It has it's original box, and inside with it, is feather tree garland and other paper fold outs... They were all stuffed in an attic, of an old East Amana Home...
    'til next time,
    Barb C.

  9. I just love that little BLACK's too cute! Did you paint your white vintage luggage? I sure do like how they look! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  10. You have a wonderful way of putting things together. I love that lil' wagon... cute, cute!

  11. I have a set of those stackable boxes... great the stacked white luggage too.

  12. Fall,Fun and Fabulous...the black wagon is my favorite! I will take it ~lol

  13. Great inspiration Debra! I have some vignettes that need help. :)

  14. Oh my gosh Debra, what a delightful vignette!!! I'm dying over that Poe book! Do you know that you have the most beautiful Fall blog banners??? I've loved everyone of them! Have a great time with the family.

  15. grey squirrel, grey squirrel swish your bushy tail...your squirrel made me think of that poem he's so chippy and cute!
    Happy VBF!

  16. You always have such great things. I love your vignettes, the wagon, the white pumpkin, all of it!

  17. Debra...what a wonderful post!!!! The book is fantastic. What a great find. Happy VBF...julie

  18. Debra, thank you for your sweet comment on my last post. Natasha was so clever to host this challenge. I had a great time & now I am working on one for my sis for Christmas. Do you happen to have any graphics of Christ at Christmas? I can not find very many and it is driving me crazy! I have gone back in most of my cards, plus my Mommas and nothing is just right....tks again for the lovely comment. It helps alot to KNOW someone out there is reading my
    p..s. have a blessed & cherished time with family (I miss those times as they went by tooooo quickly) have fun and cherish each moment!

  19. Beautiful ... come on over and play "store" at my house anytime!!

    Enjoy your family time ... see ya next week!!


  20. Miss Debra..
    I can't believe that you are so organized that you put together these wonderful vignettes just for us! Me, I just take pictures when ever what ever...You won't believe all the deleted pics..Oh my!
    Anyway Happy VBF and YOU'VE BEEN BOO'D!!! Go over to my blog and check it out! HA!
    My Best

  21. Love it all! Well Done You!
    Hugs, Lisa

  22. Love the Edgar Allen Poe book. What a treasure!

  23. How fun is that! Love that squirrel. Enjoy your family this weekend!


  24. Hey Debra. And what a vignette you have created! What cute items. I love the pumpkin on the silver compote and that Edgar Allen Poe book is just a fabulous fine.

    I hope you get lots of lovin' in with your kids and family this weekend.
    Love & Hugs...Tracy :)

  25. I had such a good time looking around at all your lovely seasonal items. Really neat! I am also trying to savor each day of this special time of year. Enjoy your family gathering.

  26. Hey, I really love your stenciled pumpkin header! I'm gonna do that today, it looks like something I might actually be able to pull off.
    It all looks great as usual!

  27. Can there be anything more Fall yummy than black and creamy white? You captured it beautifully my dear! Many Blessings!

  28. Hi Debra,
    Great arrangement! The Poe book and the wagon are my favs! Have fun with your kids!
    Take care, Laura

  29. Hey Chickadee!
    I love your set up! ESP the Edgar Allen Poe book! Great piece and how can ya not love that squirel! hehe Big hugs


  30. Loved so much, where to start...the little Poe book. I collect them too. The wagon, CUTE. Love the tray with leaves, and those white suitcases in the background-I want them...Badly. Lisa

  31. Hi Debra!

    Love all the "stuff" - the more the merrier I always say! What an adorable wagon, perfect for your fall displays.

    I'd like one of those English conservatories on your previous post also - might as well think big for a wish list.

    Have a great week! Hugs,Sherry

  32. Deb every vignette looks so great. I think sometimes I treat my house like a shop too. I get carried away. Love the chippy squirrel and the book especially. The photo of the squirrel close up and with the white suitcases in the background was sooooooo good. Love shots like that.....made my knees weak!
    Have a super time with your kids!!


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