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Monday, September 3, 2018

If a Lamp Falls in the Forest...

In my "real world" time I would be giddy that the calender has changed over to September, but I now seem to be living in the alternate universe of packing up my house for a move. The daytime temps are cooling down and the evenings are wonderful. Even the trees on my street are beginning to show some beautiful shades of Autumn color.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Fall Mantel for when you don't know what else to do...

Things don't look much different this year than last year, here on the Living Room mantel. No matter what I've tried, I just like this look the best, so "that's my story, and I'm sticking with it". I did do a little tweaking though, and changed out one small thing. These are the "after photos", you'll see the "before photos" a little further down. Originally, I had tried a small white ironstone tureen, but things looked a little boring, so I replaced it with the old oval tray. It added a little more "Fall" to the mix, and was a little larger focal point.

I need to keep things symmetrical in here, otherwise things look off kilter. I've tried experimenting early on and it just didn't work. So these big Wolff Pottery vases are pretty much a fixture here, no matter what the season. I love their height, especially stacked on book bundles.

The Hydrangeas are a mix of dried and faux, 
with some real bittersweet and faux berry branches.

I always love to layer the mirrors...

Right now this is a faux pumpkin in the Pottery Barn urn. I'm behind on more real pumpkins due to the fact that my roof is being replaced this week, and it looks and sounds like a war zone outside.

 Prepare yourself, these next pics are scary...

this is just a small fraction of the chaos.'s just day one.
and the fur girls are traumatized already.

 Now back to something less crazy.

On the end tables I have these little bifold frames from the 40's and 50's.
This one has some Fall graphics from old postcards.

and on the other one...
Potpourri and a small glass accent dish from my bud, Julie.

And if you remember we found this big heavy iron relief in St. Louis earlier in the year. I think it must have come from an old parlor stove. I guess it will have to stay here, I can barely drag the sucker around.

OK, so here is the first attempt, I took these photos a couple of days ago. There are basically some of the same shots and angles of the room and coffee table, I just thought I'd include them anyway. Call me predictable, I can take it...

So much for the "Early Fall Mantel".
I'll bring back my snow owls in October.
They're antsy to make their appearance!

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If you see a crazy woman running down the street
it will be me trying to escape the construction noise.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Early Fall Changes on the Sunporch

Happy Fall...for reals!
OK, it just hit me that we are coming in to the last full week of September, I can hardly believe it. And if I want to show you any changes that I made for an "Early Fall" sunporch vs. the "Late Summer" Sunporch of August, it had better be now.

Because things will change again in October and I'll bring out a few of my vintage Halloween things. I don't "do" Halloween up big like I did when my kids were little. Now, I just like to have a few little things that remind me of all the fun Halloween was when I was a kid. 

One of the changes was this old straggly suitcase here on my glass nesting tables in place of the Linen Picnic Hamper for Summer. I brought out my big orange Butterscotch Wafers tin and snuggled an ivy inside. I also found the O'Cedar tin awhile back. It's pretty rough, but then I just love the color.

One of my little birdies found a spot to perch.

It's pretty bright out here, you may need to put on your sunglasses.
But that's what I love about my sunporch, I can go color crazy!

I made a few Fall changes out here on the Baker's Rack too. My black kitchen scales are back, I added an old open garden book, there's an orange pottery tea pot and tray, an orange plaid Thermos, and then my "Make Your Own Seedbox" that I made with Fall colors has shown up. I'd been saving it for this month.

Then, one of my little owl friends wanted to come out to play.

He's hanging out with another little friend in the birdcage.

and speaking of owls, did you catch my last post about "owls"?

The settee will get a change up for October too, 
I'm planning it right now...
This may happen this afternoon.

an antique sign I found a few years ago
 gets the "Bittersweet" treatment
on the chippy picket fence gate.

The black tole tray is still here holding some brown transferware, and I had to add a yummy candle to the mix. I have a candle burning most days from here on out. This one is Leaves, but good grief, the one in the kitchen is Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. That smell can make you go nuts...pun intended.

sitting in a cute wire pumpkin

I found a few sunflowers last weekend while I was out , but their little heads are now hanging, and they are dropping their petals. I'll be saving the heads to dry for next year.

Hope you're having a wonderful 1st day of Autumn!

I just put together a link on the sidebar and a new "page" on the header of my past "Autumn Projects and Inspiration". Hope you enjoy a look at some of the fun from the last 4 years.

If you have an Etsy Shop or Online Boutique,
 hope you'll join in tomorrow for 

I also have a new post out on my Spiritual Journey blog about "Being Available". My posts have been few and far between this last year, but I'm hoping to do better. Sometimes "life" gets a little overwhelming...

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Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pumpkin Filled Goat Cart

Yesterday I made it over to Billings Missouri, for Pheona's Vintage Market; a once a month sale in an adorable Victorian house turned shop. The weather was beautiful; a real feel of Fall was in the air and when I left home in the morning it was 62... perfect! While I was out I stopped to buy my first load of pumpkins for the season. Normally they would have already been arranged on the front porch and deck, happily hanging out with some mums that I found last weekend. But this week we are scheduled for our new roof to be put on, and because we have wood shake to take off, decking to be put down, then the new composition roof, it might take a whole week or longer. (oooohhhh, I'm praying not) Soooo....the pumpkins had to come inside until the roof and new gutters are on.

I love this reproduction black goat cart that I found several years ago, and it's perfect for my load of pumpkins. At Christmas this little cart holds one of my smaller Christmas trees for the Living Room.

 Look at this wonderful pinky-blush pumpkin, 
how perfectly "shabby".
Just right for all you "no orange" Fall gals.

Some preserved leaves and real bittersweet,
which costs it's weight in gold.

The little cart is here in the Living Room in front of the old screen I mod podged a couple of years ago. I had wanted to do a project in antique book pages and this was the perfect victim  piece.

Here's a photo of what that screen
 looked like 4 years ago when I first found it.
and then after the make over.

The book pages are antique English Composition and Grammar pages.

 I'm already itching to go back for another load. 
Nothing like a grouping of pumpkins to get you in the mood for Fall.

Also, just wanted to tell you that this is my new camera's maiden voyage.
I upgraded my Canon T2i, which I love love love
and is super easy to use
(and that I'll be using when I'm out and about)
to the new Canon 70D, the new kid on the block at Canon.
The pics are more clear straight out of the camera than I've ever experienced;
hardly need to do any tweaking at all. I'm really having fun with it!

If you have an Etsy Shop or Online Store be sure and come join in for 
The Marketplace
tomorrow morning thru Tuesday.

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