Friday, January 4, 2013

Be Inspired Friday #121: What's NEW in the New Year

With a New Year, changes inevitably come. Two of my "sister" Friday Blogs are now discontinuing their weekly Friday linky parties. It started me thinking about opening up this party to be more of a place to share ALL your Inspiration. Yes, "vintage inspiration" will still be my main theme, but I know that I find inspiration in so many areas, so I'd like to throw out the invitation to all of you that have something fun and inspiring to share. Just a little name change to welcome a lot more fun to the party!

There are still so many wonderful Holiday posts;
 here are just a few of the great ones from last week.

Take a peek at the Parisian Styled New Year's Eve Party  from Laura at Decor to Adore. She gives a tutorial on the oh so adorable party hats, below.

Stephanie from Rose Petals and Rust has such a lovely feminine Dining Room in pastels. You'll want to see how she used a little "industrial" in her Christmas decor.

 Laura at Sunday View created a "Chalkboard" Banner
that I'm wanting to try.

Elizabeth from The Porcelain Rose
rings in the New Year with a vignette of Vintage Bling.

And Simone from Fleaing France proves she works well under pressure by decorating her home with wonderful vintage flair. You'll also want to see how she painted some wall tile in her bath. It's really gorgeous!

And since it's not too soon to start thinking about Valentine's Day
I thought I'd share a few beautiful items from my sponsor

Sweet as Cotton Candy

and this beautiful "Mother's Heart" 
created from Vintage Linens and Mother Brooch

Hope you'll run by and check out Leslie's wonderful shop,
 full of repurposed vintage.

Hope you'll join in on the party today,
be sure and visit my "sister" Friday Blog Parties.

OK, so feel free to share all your inspiration, vintage or new, recipes, and DIY. Just let it be something that inspires others. I'd also love for you to be a follower with GFC. Please have a link back to this blog to be featured! And welcome to all you new partiers!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top Three Links from Vintage Inspiration

We may have had a smaller turnout in linkers due to Christmas Week, but we had tons of visitors throughout the Holidays! These are the top three visited entries, hope you'll stop by to visit them if you haven't yet had the chance.

Elizabeth from Blue Clear Sky shared her Farmhouse whites, with this great collection of Ironstone in her Black Mennonite Pine Hutch.

Kathleen from Faded Charm took us on a Home Tour
of her beautiful vintage whites this Christmas.

And Mary from At Home on the Bay shared her Top Five Posts of 2012.
(Love these wonderful draperies and starburst mirror in the bedroom)

Hope you'll join in tomorrow for Vintage Inspiration.
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"

And a big Thank You to all 
who left sweet comments on my last post.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Year that was...2012

I always love putting up the new calender and exchanging it for the old. Fresh and clean with no pen marks, red lettering, strike thrus, or smudges. A blank slate for optimism, hope, and a fresh start. Looking back on the past year is requisite; something that we inevitably do in life. It's a time to reflect on our accomplishments, things that have changed and evolved, but also a time to see where we are heading and taking inventory of our own personal lives.

A header that I made but never used, 
this image just speaks volumes to me about life.

Hallway bath repaint in late January and February.
A start on lightening up my walls and surroundings.

Looking back on this last year I didn't feel like I had accomplished very much. This has been one of those years that even though there have been many good things, over all it's one I would rather not have had to walk through. My New Year's wish, instead of resolutions, is always said with a hopeful and optimistic prayer, that this next year will be a better one than the last...

realistically, that doesn't always happen.

Immediately after the bath refresh came the Living Room RePaint.

What a huge difference in my daily frame of mind.

There's just something about a clean white wall
that visually and emotionally "lightens the load".

Within a week I was on to the Master Bedroom,
and my quest for the perfect shade of "greige".

I had realized that the darker colors I had loved 9 years ago were causing me to feel overpowered and claustrophobic. Sort of like the walls were closing in on me. It all had to go and this was the last bastion of dark and "heavy".

I still wake up everyday feeling the freshness of this change.

With the old darker color I was getting tired of all the dark wood,
 but once the paint was changed, I looked at it differently.

The bedroom RePaint ended the major projects of last year.
It was late Spring when my world needed to refocus.

(a few small projects like the trompe l'oeil print on canvas)

My new slipcovers for the Dining Room chairs were a huge success.
They got to put on a new "dress".
Joy, oh Joy!!!

and then the Dining Room became my "happy place".

June brought one of the highlights of my year;
getting to spend a week with this gal.

and then heading up to St. Louis 
to share a weekend with Elizabeth Maxson,
our dear and precious mutual friend.

After this trip, projects became few and far between,
but I managed to play a little with some fun Fall decor.
My favorite time of the year;
but then I've said that a gazillion times.

But this next photo sums it all up...
this guy.

I haven't talked about it too much here on this blog, but he's the center of my life. God has placed him there to love, trust, and to take care of me. I like to say that my hubby is the "pole" to my "tether ball". I may be hit and bounce around every which direction, but my guy is always the stable, unmoving, center of my life. Ten years ago I had 3 massive heart attacks and almost died. After that, our lives changed. We both had a wake up call to the important things in waking up every day with those that you love still here. But this year he was the one with health challenges and I was the one that had to be strong for him. He was the one feeling like he was walking on quicksand...and I had to be the one that was immovable and unshakable. 

Without God as my strength, we would have been flailing. 

For several years he'd been having occasional attacks of vertigo, then they started becoming an everyday occurrence that changed everything. He's just never been "sick". Oh, you know occasionally a bout with the flu, but nothing serious. Last summer started a journey to not give up, but to seek God for guidance in a place of uncertainty. Tests, doctors, more tests, more doctors...I know that many of you have been through something similar. If it's not you or your husband, it's our kids or loved ones. It takes everything out of you, but then with God's help, He fills you up with His Spirit, His outlook, His Word. 

Fast forward six months and we've been seeing a specialist in St. Louis for Meniere's Disease. It's a tough one, with no cure (they say). We had no help in our area, only a fatalistic litany of defeat for the future. But we were not going to roll over and play dead with this...we faced it head on and now we are seeing positive results. He's not over it, but he's improving significantly. 

So many of you out there know people that are dealing with this life changing condition. The first thing we did was radically change our diet. no salt. Actually, we had to rethink our whole outlook on eating and how inevitably it defines our health, and then eventually, our life. Meniere's is basically the inner ear deteriorating to the point that fluid cannot be regulated so you feel dizzy, nauseated, like your head is under water (filled with water) and dreadful...most of the time. Can't drive, can't eat, can't walk with confidence...can't think straight. OK, I won't dwell on this, but let me tell you there are options out there that work. You don't have to live with CAN get better. 

As with any illness, or life changing circumstance we've learned that there IS hope. God has a good plan for our lives and He has answers that no man does. not doctors, not ourselves, not our friends...He's the one with the way to make things change.

So if you thought that my posts had changed, well, they had. I had changed. I am changed. Walking through something life altering has a way of changing a person. Hopefully, for the better, but still changed. My Bible Study blog went on "hold", because I couldn't concentrate on much other than getting through each day with my husband. Encouraging him became my priority. But as I said earlier, what I lacked in output, I gained with God's "input". If we let circumstances defeat us, there is no "lesson". I want to learn all the lessons I can from God. Don't ever go through a "problem" without seeking God for something deeper to be given you.

I know this has been long, but now seemed like the time to share it all. If I haven't commented, please know that I haven't meant to slight any of you, there have just been days that I didn't have it in me. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I love you all; you have become such a big part of my life. I'm still here, just different. But still believing for a better year.

My prayer for each of you this year
 is for you to stay strong, seek God, love without limits.

The Marketplace: Happy New Year!

Has life at your place slowed down just a little? The company has headed home, but I'm still taking down Christmas decor and have a "pile" of it in the basement to put away. At least I'm not tripping over it, and that's on my agenda for the next couple of days. We always spend a quiet New Year's Eve around here, just me and hubby. Hopefully, you're back in the swing of things and have a minute or two for some "end of the year" shopping bargains. We skipped last week due to Christmas Eve, so here are a few items from last link up of The Marketplace...

from Cottage Wishes

from Stella by Star

from Sew a Fine Seam

from Knick of Time

Dee from French Bleu Vintage has the Spotlight today, so I grabbed just a few of her great vintage items for you to take a peek at. It's a great place to shop for the fun unexpected vintage goodies.

Thanks Dee!

Hope you'll join in today with up to three individual links of your Etsy and Online Boutique items. Remember this link up is for items that are FOR SALE only. It will be live all week, so stop back by later in the week to check for newly listed items. 

OK, let's get shopping...

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