Monday, January 18, 2010

Is this considered an illness...?

Great sweater... well, maybe not in red.
not for me.

I prefer not to look like the broad side
 of the proverbial barn.

As I've gotten older, and shhhhhh (wider),
I've realized darker, more subdued colors,
do more for me,
and camouflage a little better.

I found Banana Republic again this winter.
They have had a store here for at least a year,
but I just never went in.

Shopping with the girls these last holidays,
made me brave the "trendy", "hip" places
 and venture out of my middle age comfort zone.

(you don't consider BR hip or trendy?
For this gal, that's pretty hip)
OK, my question is this:
If you find something you adore,
and that looks good on you,
are you likely to buy more than one of them?

You know, maybe three of them?

Just love me a cashmere sweater...aahhhhh.
Oh, and they were on sale!

And after all...gray is so slimming!

Inquiring minds want to know.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver Sunday, I'm a basket case...

...for silver, that is!
Yes, here I am after losing my head for these
sweet painted silver wicker baskets.

(just decided I felt like being silly today.
After yesterday's post,
I gave myself permission!)

This one is holding one of my younger daughter's
 wedding bouquets.

And these little gals are in my studio,
just there to brighten my day!

They behave themselves pretty well.

Love the paint patina, here.

And this is a little vignette of two
of my silver-plate baskets,
full of Valentine goodness.

Be sure and join the rest of us Silver Sunday groupies
with Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2010


There is something about the start of a new year that invariably sparks change and new growth in me. Sometimes I don't recognize it right away. It may take a few weeks until it settles in me.
Since I have been blogging this last 6 months, I've learned alot about myself. A blog is the best form of a "diary" for me, because it allows me to not only chronicle my life with photos of what and where I am, but it gives me the opportunity to share my heart with others.

It's like a magnifying mirror held up in front of me so that I can reflect on my life and thoughts. And in the sharing of it all, you will see the "real me".That's what happens with a magnifying mirror. We see the good and the "not so good". When I look in the mirror I see not only physical change, but emotional and spiritual change. This last 6 months has been a journey to connect back with the person I used to be. Or maybe just the person I need to be.

Peace in heart and mind has slowly come back to me. Concentrating on my health has caused me to concentrate more on God and what He wants for my life. I've been through a lot of ups and downs in my life, sometimes feeling "stagnant". I'm realizing that "growth" for me doesn't necessarily equal "excitement".

When I started this blog I had a desire to be interesting and "entertaining". But I have realized that at this time in my life, I'm short on entertainment value. In the past I was a "project" person. Furniture, art, creating... but now I'm concentrating on "being".

My desire is to share and communicate. Not trying to live up to my past expectations of myself, is a freeing idea. I am "me".  So, while I am not out junking as much or decorating a flea market space with the fervor I once had, hopefully when I post, it will be about what I'm thinking, doing, feeling...about me as a person.

Hope that's not boring. Maybe not sheer entertainment, but not boring either.I have realized in this time spent blogging that while I can drool over a chippy white cabinet, or linger over vintage linens and ephemera, that what constitutes a blog that I will come back to over and over, is one where I see the individual person there. I see the real person behind the blog. Not really behind it, but "infused" in it.

Sometimes I have felt like "apologizing" that my blog is about "me".
 But I'm getting over it.

If you'd be interested in sharing my journey with God;
 If you would love to connect with others
who are sharing their own thoughts and feelings,
drop by the Bible Study Blog on my sidebar,

I'm posting there everyday.

I'm not going anywhere, and I will still force you to look at my sunroom and white sideboard with all my vintage goodies and minutia. Guess today I just needed to "talk".


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Pink" and White Wednesday at Spring Creek

The Valentine bug has bit me,
down at my little space at Spring Creek.
Pink and white are the colors of the day.

My little "Piano Babies"...

and a lunch basket with sweet things.

An altered train case...

tray with roses, and and oriental tea canisters.

A bookcase full of treasures...

Pink floral tole tray, young Mozart, and a dolly pin cushion

Silver basket, powder tins, and old photographs.

Shabby cherub lamps and
 a pink Parisienne dresser tray.

Sweet prints...

And dainty dishes...

pink crocheted pin cushion...

and a little lamb lost.

Altered framed collage...

And chalk swans in a jewelry box.

Mon Petite Boutique

is ready for love.

Kathleen at Faded Charm is our
wonderful Hostess.

Have a sweet
 White Wednesday!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Adieu, doux ami

I am not a big dessert eater.
I love a piece of cake, or pie like the next person,
but I don't keep it around the house.
I don't eat dessert on a daily basis.

But this Christmas my St. Louis kids
 gave me a little box of chocolates.
They're not big candy eaters either,
 but were just celebrating the joy of giving goodies.

Who would know what lurked inside
this plain brown box.

4 chocolate truffles,
(with sea salt)
that were as delicious as anything I'd ever tasted.

I have a lot of willpower in some things.
Candy is one of them.
Once I opened this little jewel I made the decision
that I couldn't overdo it.

Two bites a day.

That's all.


But now they are gone,
And like a friend who has moved.
I miss them.

Good thing there isn't one of these close by.

What kind of candy is YOUR favorite?
And do you indulge,
or ration it?

Goodbye, "sweet" friend.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Silver Sunday on the Dresser

A stack of little silver boxes...

on an antique vanity mirror...

A sterling silver pocket mirror as a wedding gift...

And an old mercury glass perfume atomizer...

These are all evidence of my love of silver.

I'm joining Beth today at Gypsy Fish
for her wonderful Silver Sunday Party.

Have a shiny weekend!

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