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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some chipmunk fun...

I have to say "sorry" for the blurry photos up front. This post is sort of an experiment, hope you all don't mind being the "guinea pigs" for my lackluster techy skills. Actually this is close to "guinea pigs", since I'm showing you one of my little visitors on the deck the last few days.

These pics were taken through my kitchen window above the sink,
 that's why they're so blurry.

Early in the week I put out this old enamel wash pan filled with seeds for the birds. The cats and I need our entertainment from the sunporch you know. So besides the birdies, we've had our regular squirrels and then my favorite little buddies, the chips.

This one is having a great time filling his pouches with all the yummies, but what's been the real laugh, is seeing him bob up and down making sure no one is going to grab him. He's on the alert, but really wants to take advantage of his good fortune in finding the mother load of seed.

My camera has a video option, so this is my first time using it. I'm hoping it works. If it doesn't, then just look at the blurry pictures and imagine you see him doing his thing. He had me in stitches, but then it doesn't take a lot to amuse me now-days.

It's a minute of up and down, up and down. But like I said, this was my first time inserting a video into a blog post. Stay tuned later today for the cliff hanger on my "Late Fall Mantle". I know you all are on the edge of your seats waiting for it. Oh and the racket in the background is my dryer. I have a load of rocks in it evidently...

Thanks for indulging me, 
hope you have a chuckle from this,

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