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Monday, September 13, 2021

"Hello Fall" Silhouette Script Chalkboard

Hello friends... I'm joining a small group of bloggers today to share how we've used chalkboards in our vintage decor. Cindy from County Road 407 has put together a Blog Hop series that celebrates all things vintage and how we incorporate them into our decor. If you're coming from Cindy's blog, welcome, I'm so glad you're here to continue the fun!

A few years ago when chalkboards were a big trend in vintage decor, I fell in love with the look of vintage chalkboards and all the wonderful art displays and creative hand lettering. From elaborate to simple and childlike; chalkboards are an expressive way to share ideas and information.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Silhouette Script Chalkboard

I think most of us love a good chalkboard.
Big, small, simple or ornate;
vintage or new,
embellished script or childlike letters
...decorated for the Season.

But I'm not so good when it comes to hand lettering,
so I asked my Sis to help me out with a short message 
using her Silhouette machine.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chalkboard Cheater...

OK, I'm the first to admit that there have been several other gals who have beat me to posting about finding a way to do a "faux" chalkboard. It's not that I don't love real chalkboards and respect the huge amount of talent and patience that goes into creating those amazing works of art. It's just that this year, decorating for Christmas has been a rush job in every sense of the word.

So I just had to resort to cheating...

Above my sideboard in the hallway is a perfect spot for a chalkboard. I wanted that look without all the work. sounds bad...but Hey, I just love all the ones you all are doing out there. And then there's the fact that I hate to think about all the hours put into coming up with a fabulous creation, only to have to wipe it down the week after Christmas!

So I just bought some black foam board at Michael's and then proceeded to enlist the help of my sis and her trusty Silhouette Machine.

I think it's pretty good.
Maybe not the real thing, but I love the look.

I bought the chalk markers, so hopefully at some point I can try to create a more "realistic" one that actually resembles a chalkboard design. But until then, I can pop this one out and then beg my sister to make me another one...maybe one that says "Happy New Year". Have I told you what a great sister I have?

Yep, she's the Best!
(she reads my blog, too)

For some great Chalkboard Inspiration
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