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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Decor therapy...

I always feel like my brain needs a little jump start this first week of January. After all the busy-ness from before Thanksgiving until New Year's, once January 2 hits, I tend to "coast" a little. Putting my house back together and doing some much needed cleaning has kept me busy. I had a Hoover bag full of glitter, half chewed faux berries, and cat hair...don't ask.

After looking at my Dining Room for this last week, I realized I needed a change. One day things look fine, the next day you want to totally start over. So first, down came the honkin' window what? Whatever is on this table needs to be substantial, at least I feel like it does. So I grabbed the old basket from under the buffet, white poinsettias and all. OK, so maybe all the mental energy I had was directed at finding a new centerpiece.

I think I'll keep the grain sack runner here until after Valentine's Day.
It does have a red stripe, after all.

And I'm keeping the redwork tablecloth on the buffet, 
I just decluttered a little from this photo.

I looked at it closely and realized
 that there were little hearts woven into the design.
Why hadn't I noticed that before?

And the faux chalkboard above the sideboard in the Hall 
got it's new message, compliments of my sweet sis, 
Happy New Year!

Other than that, I just removed the white feather tree 
and replaced it with the iron urn of faux paperwhites.
OK, so that wasn't all that drastic.
A few simple changes were all that I needed...
this week.

How about you...
does your brain need a vacation?
Thank goodness I have all of you out there
that are on top of your game.

Now, I'll be moving on to the Living Room...
my mantel needs some h.e.l.p.

Great turnout for the first 
Be Inspired Friday!
thanks guys!
(I really needed it;
the inspiration that is.)

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Tree

I like to change things out after Christmas. I enjoy the Christmas decor while it's up, but then after Christmas, I like to put things away and return to a "winter" theme in my decor. I purposefully chose to limit my actual Christmas decorations this year and focused on just adding bits and pieces into my surroundings. One thing I really love is my New Year's Tree, that I put together a few years ago. I still wanted some sparkle and whimsy after putting away the Christmas things, and so my little tree was conceived. Stark pewter branches are bejeweled with glitter snowflakes, tiny bells, antique watch faces, blue miniature Shiny Brites, and little doves. It's become my way to usher in the New Year with prayers for peace, joy, and God's blessing.

This year I added two new ornaments found on sale after Christmas,
depicting old clocks.

(all other items thrifted from the fleas)

and a vintage clock face.

It's here in the Entry, 
where it's a reminder of a fresh new beginning.

I you'd like to see the original post from December 2009,
 with my thoughts on spending our Time,

Thank you all, for your sweet friendships.
What a blessing you are in my life.


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