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Monday, October 26, 2009

Junkin' Monday after a Great Weekend

This last week I was able to find a few things
 out and about, and since I haven't been buying
 much lately, I wanted to share the good "junk"
that found it's way home with me.

This old tray with a fruit motif is pretty "shabby",
but I really have a fondness for these.
 I'm adding it to my collection.

Clay finial, not old, but I love the look of it.

A paper mache rabbit, sporting a festive fall ribbon,
and a wonderful old book from 1872 called
"Cheering Words",
which is a collection of poetry.

And this is a really precious gift that my sister-in-law Letty, from San Antonio made for me. She is a wonderful needlework artist, and she stitched this for me "special", because she knows how much I adore pumpkins! She even "coffee dyed" the linen herself.

This was a great weekend! The kids were here and we had a wonderful visit. We enjoyed ourselves at a couple of our favorite restaurants and then Saturday the girls and I did some major shopping at our mall. Shoes were the main interest. I only bought one pair of boots. The girls on the other hand had multiple finds. The three of us hadn't been shopping together in ages and we really had so much fun! It felt like "the good old days" when they were both living at home.

Erin and Keith, Chris and Alyson

Alyson in action!

Erin has to be available for business even on the weekend. She is a sales manager for the largest home builder in the U.S., and is based in St. Louis.

Here she is"Checkin' In".

I'm excited to have some fun things to share on
Junkin' Monday.

So be sure and click on the McLinky over at
to see the other "Junker's" weekend finds!

Some fun "Junk" and the Kids,
what a great combination!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Junkin' Monday

The last few weeks I have been trying to cut back on my junk "proliferation". The garage is full, but you know how it is. This addiction is a tough one. It calls you out at all hours and sends you places you normally wouldn't go. You are found in the company of other people suffering from the same malady, and you sneak back in, trying to hide your finds and stash them somewhere where they might not be noticed immediatlely.

Seriously, I have cut back after a full blown "junk attack" this summer. My problem is I just love vintage "stuff", and if I see something useful, different, or a bargain, it just comes home with me.
I picked up a few baskets at a garage sale, and a few more items at one of the places I have a booth. We aren't spending our Sundays on the road though, so that causes me to not really get the junkin' fix I need.

I have a plan for these candle holders,so please disregard the horrid green candle wax, and the fact that these are "dime-a-dozen". (See how I'm trying to dress this stuff up with some fall leaves?  Maybe you won't notice that it's "junk"!)

Oh, That's right... That's the name of this post!

This was from a new store that I will share with you later in the week,
"Inspirational Home" here in Springfield.
 I just love this little handmade wire pumpkin candle sconce.
This store will blow you away! It definitely has nothing to do with Junk!

These little tea light holders with crosses looked like little crowns to me.

Lunch basket, so cute for fall decor.

I'm a sucker for little cottage cannisters.
This will be useful in my office for supplies.

This is a glass door off of an antique wall clock.
 I thought it would make a good frame for some altered art.

This is an old round cheese board, and on top is a bar of homemade oatmeal soap
 that I think came from Sharon at Sweet Repose.

I picked it up at Leola's Fall Open House,
 where I saw Hayley, from Nesting Notions.

We live in the same town, only about 3 miles from each other,
 but we had not met.
It's such fun when you can meet a blogging friend!

Smells heavenly...and so cute all tied up with sheet music and lace!

I found this great grain sack that will become a pillow cover.
 Love the colors.

Brown and light blue-grey.

Apple basket, that's going to be whitewashed and hold a mum.

Old crocheted doilie, just love these.
My grandma would sit and make these for hours on end.

Uh, oh. They've found me, the twins are here.

Better forget about any more shots.

There goes the grain sack.

Of course! What's wrong with me? A cat bed is a much better idea!

Be sure and check in with the gals from
Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration
to see what else is happening on Junkin' Monday

Hope you have this much help with all your junk.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Junkin' Monday

This hasn't been a very good week for Junk around my place. We stuck pretty close to home this weekend... didn't hit our usual haunts. I found a few things early in the week, but I added a few things that I hadn't shown yet from last week. The mirror below is really pretty. It has great pewter-y color paint. You don't see too many old mirrors with that finish, usually they are gold-toned.

I love these little glass boxes, not particularly old,
but so many possibilities to display with them.

Old black scales could be used in a neat Halloween display.
I need to put on my creative thinking cap.

Old marble mortar bowl.

An old briefcase with initials.


wicker picnic basket

Old green birdcage, that I may use for a Christmas display.

Some great vintage woodsy-cabin prints.

One of our dreams is to have a cottage/cabin at the lake
filled with woodsy furniture and camp style goods.

A great luncheon tablecloth in fall colors
and a stack of old books.

After buying several things from this one vendor,
he asked me if I liked old books, when I said yes he just gave me this stack.
He said, "All this stuff has to go. I could not stand to throw away a book."

This is an old Bible

This makes me want to set a sweet lunch spot for the sunroom.

I'm joining Clara and Marcela over at

Be sure to check out their blog for more participants.

Have a great Labor Day!


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