Sunday, October 15, 2023

Amber Glass for Autumn Displays

 Hello Friends, and all of you who love Fall and all the deep rich layers of this beautiful season. Welcome to October's edition of the Lifestyle of Love gathering where a group of us share how we use vintage pieces in our home décor. 
Thankyou to our hostess, Cindy from County Road 407 for putting this fun bimonthly hop together.

Today we're sharing our Amber Glass pieces and collections and how we use them in decor, and in this case oftentimes in our harvest tablescapes. I only have a few pieces, all of them vintage. My favorite and most used piece is this vintage cake pedestal that I use for displaying vignettes under glass during Autumn. It's the perfect way to "elevate" and highlight small vignettes with a cloche in my dining room décor.

I'm using this pedestal this season to create a fall woodland cloche display with one of my favorite fall pieces; my paper mache squirrel box and a velvet bejeweled pear. I have it sitting here on the dining room table, and for an added boost in height, it's on top of a wooden column riser. Later, I moved this over to the buffet.

I'm not one to use a cake pedestal for cakes; cupcakes maybe, so this is usually how it appears each fall season. A small garland of fall leaves, nuts and berries, and some preserved fall leaves add a bit of embellishment.

Here's the pedestal that I used a few years ago to display a pumpkin in the Holiday Cupboard fall styling without a glass cloche. It worked beautifully along with the brown transferware.

In the garden room the coffee/table bench is frequently changing, with small vignettes for the season. Here I'm using a large vintage Amber glass jar paired with a small olive bucket candleholder, bittersweet, a mini pumpkin, and a single pear. Multi-hued fall leaves are all that's needed for an anchor on the table.

Amber glass was first created to be used with contents that needed to be protected from sunlight such as medicine and foods that decompose quicker. Then Amber Glass was used in "Depression Glass" back in the 20's in many colors. This has been one of my all-time favorite coffeetable vignettes. The leaves and the bottle, and the pumpkin, pear and bittersweet perfectly sum up my feelings for the Autumn season.

Here's the bigger view with the sitting area that season.

And another grouping of Amber Glass with my set of vintage Fostoria,  Indiana Glass Cubist drinking glasses. This is a fall tablescape I created back in my first blogging house with a Scottish wool throw and brown transferware for Thanksgiving. This is one of my most read posts, and favorites of Fall.

I'm using the amber glassware with some antique Heisey glassware.

Mix and match brown transferware are one of my favorite settings.

I had fun putting together the windowbox used as a centerpiece, using deer shed antlers and fall foliage with pumpkins.

I'll be sharing the rest of my Dining Room later this week.

Thanks so much for coming by to share the beauty of Autumn. I hope you'll visit the others in the hop that are sharing their use of Amber Glass in their fall decor; Cindy and Lora from Create and Ponder.

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  1. What a beautiful tablescape, Debra! Love the plaid blanket cloth and the transferware. And those gorgeous amber glass goblets! I had a set of those; can’t remember if I sold them or if they’re hiding around here somewhere. Always enjoy your beautiful styling.

    1. thanks Lora, same with me. I lost track of that glassware when we moved here. I don't think I sold them so maybe they're still in a box somewhere.

  2. Oh, gosh, how pretty! I love that pedestal, and the cloche over it is perfect. The amber glassware is a great vintage nod to the 70s!

  3. So pretty Debra. I love the amber glass for fall decor. Happy Weekend. Hugs. Kris

  4. I have GOT to find an amber pedestal/cake plate piece like this! I have never seen one but as soon as I do, it will be in my hot little hands! Love how your cloche is styled. I have been on a squirrel kick lately so I adore your little guy. But your table with the plaid blanket is one of the most beautiful tables I've seen. The amber glass pieces really stand out and bring everything together. Everything was seriously so stunning. Gaaaaah!

  5. Goodness, that is perfect. My mom had one she never used and when I had a shop I let it go since I had so much blue in my house, and well, you can't keep it all. It's such a pretty piece and perfect for you and all your brown transferware! Hugs and Happy Fall, Sandi

  6. Debra, your amber glass is the perfect touch for autumn. I'm in love with your pedestal cake plate. I have but just a few small amber bottles collected from a Round Top dealer years ago. I have mine filled with small blooms! Your table is inspiring! I love the way you layered the linen over the plaid throw. The colors and details of your table are swoon worthy. I've pinned it to my Inspired Autumn board. Thank you! Happy Autumn, my friend!

  7. I love the way you used amber glass in your fall decor, Debra, it's so pretty. You are definitely the queen of cloches and vignettes. I swear you inspire me all the time with your creative ideas. Love your fall tablescape too. It's so warm and inviting! Big hugs, CoCo

  8. Amber glass and brown transferware is quintessential fall decor! I love that cake stand -- so unique! And your squirrel, well, he's a cutie:). Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen


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