Friday, January 22, 2021

Sitting Area in the Winter Garden Room

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share the rest of my Garden Room sitting area. With windows on three sides, the sunroom always has good light, and with a separate heating and air system to itself, it stays warm and cozy in winter and cool in summer. This is such a wonderful home-y spot with my white wicker pieces, the Holiday Cupboard and Baker's Rack. 

January always calls for a new look that's different 
from the Reds and Tartan plaids of Christmas.
This year I wanted to use lighter soft and earthy colors on the settee
 and on the Baker's Rack and in the Holiday Cupboard.

The Cupboard is the main focus of this end of the room,
and the furniture and rug are at an angle.
In front of the window to my office is the Eastlake table and white shelf,
which I don't show often.
It usually has a some of my ironstone pitchers and a few seasonal touches.
I had two dining room chairs that I couldn't fit in the DR,
so they are out here on either side of the Eastlake table
dressed in their white linen chairslips.

I have a bit of "Creeping Jenny" that I've tried to save from several years ago.
I brought in a few of my plants from this last summer to here in the Garden Room.
They are doing "okay" and I hope they make it till April...
when the weather is warmer and I can take them back outside.

I have a lot of my silver pieces packed away,
but one of my favorite trays and coffee/tea pots
is usually here on the table.

One of my vintage watering cans with dried hydrangeas 
from our bushes out front is on my green toddler chair.
The bigger hydrangea bush had a pretty good showing this year,
with creamy white blooms changing to mauve and then purple tinged
as summer turned into fall.

Since I was ready for some lighter and more neutral colors,
I wanted to use a new quilt on the settee that I bought last spring from Pottery Barn.
It's a large patchwork of muted floral fabrics with soft colors of brown and pastels.

Since the quilt is folded on the settee,
you can see a little more from this website photo
Carolina Floral Patchwork from Pottery Barn.

I made the lighter brown floral pillows years ago when I had the gold brocade twin sofas. Trying out pillows from my stash to go with this quilt, I was surprised to see that they coordinated well with the light brown floral quilt patches. I'd really like some tan ticking pillows for a little contrast, so I'll be on the hunt for those soon.

I have my large vintage brown embroidery pillow here in the middle.
It's a little large and dominates, but I love these old floral pillows.

It's always fun changing up for the seasons here on the bench/coffee table.
I'm using a small brown transferware covered veggie dish that is marked
Wm. Adams and Co. England. This little veggie tureen gets a lot of mileage with me,
 since it's small and doesn't take up a lot of space in vignettes.
A toile tea towel matched the brown transferware theme out here.

I took the rustic woodsy elements from the red metal toolbox 
and relocated them here in this vintage box.
Since it's winter, I'm still using evergreen twigs and branches
and a few pinecones.

Reindeer and evergreen trees are still out here celebrating a winter theme,
as you can see from this peek at the Baker's Rack.

Since this post is already long enough,
I'll be sharing the Baker's Rack this weekend in Part 2...

Did you get a chance to see my last decor post?

I'm so happy to see this new administration in office.
I think we can all agree, no matter our politics, 
that this is a time for unity and reconciliation.
Please join me in praying for peace and brotherhood in our country.
(The Inauguration and evening Concert with fireworks
 at the end were truly amazing!!!)

Hope you're having a good week,
It's been in the 50's this week, yay!

I hope you'll come by on Monday evening for

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  1. Everything looks beautiful as always. I have a Creeping Jenny plant in my kitchen. I just never knew what it's name was lol. Thank you for that. It is the only indoor plant I have not killed. I do great outside with flowers and plants inside not so much so I am so proud I have kept this one alive for a few years now. Have a great day. xoxo

  2. This is always such a pretty room, no matter how you have it. The warm browns with the white is always a toasty pleasure. Always a joy to visit...and taking a deep breath nice to have positivity back in play. Hugs, Sandi

  3. It looks beautiful! Although most people think of brown for fall, I love it for winter, especially mixed in among evergreens.

    So pretty!

  4. I am so grateful for your blog.Really thank you!
    Home Furniture

  5. Every corner of that room is a dream. Your decorating talent is enviable:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen


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