Friday, August 28, 2020

Transitional Late Summer Mantel

Time to bring out the wreath for this small sliver of time known as Late Summer. Nature doesn't just wake up one morning and say, "OK everyone, it's Fall!" Trees, weather, the light, and all the growing things are reaching that extended moment where they begin to wane. Summer is winding down. All you have to do is look at my yard, scattered with green walnuts and yellow leaves to know it's that time of year. (I was going to take a pic, but it's so dry and looks too sad)

It's easy for me to overdo decorating, but especially so on the mantel.
 I've styled this spot several different ways this week, 
and finally come up with this hopefully subtle nod
 to this special time of year. 

Not Fall.
Not Summer. 
In between.

For me, it's a little early for a bunch of overly colorful leaves,
although I can see that happening soon. 
Just give me a few weeks, they'll be here.

So the dried sunflower and zinnia twiggy wreath is perfect for late August.
That's all the nod that was needed.

I wanted to use this small oil painting 
that brings to life a field just before harvest.
The trees are not changing,
 but it appears to be late in the growing season.

(on a slightly crazy note...
This painting has me baffled.
I found it at an Antique Market
and it's beautifully painted.
But is that an outhouse????
At first I thought it was just a tool shed.
No half-moon vent.
I prefer the tool shed option.
but... not sure...???)

To balance out the opposite side I used a Majolica pitcher in harvest colors.
I tried other prints, but they just didn't look right.

Here's a peek at what's happening in the rest of the Hearth Room.
Harvest colors of golds, browns, and rust.
Warmer Fall color and more texture.
...just one of the reasons I love a neutral room.
It's so much easier to move with the seasons.

The chalk painted candlesticks and chalk artichokes 
stacked on old books
are my usual pieces here...

Botanicals on either side of the Garden Room entry
echo the deeper seasonal color.

Hope you'll come by Monday evening.

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  1. I think your mantel is perfect for the in-between season. And I tend to go overboard with my decorating too. Just yesterday I told myself to calm down and go simple and uncluttered. Not sure it will happen but that's the goal anyway. Oh yeah, that "tool shed" in your really gorgeous painting looks just like the out-house we have out in the back of the property. No I didn't put it there and I'm hoping it falls down soon or maybe lightening will strike and burn it to the ground! Just another reason I'm glad I was born when I was - with A/C, microwaves and in door plumbing. ;)

  2. Hi Debra,
    I love the look of your mantel during transition. I am a summer girl but I have to say I am looking forward to fall. These hot hot days need to be over and some cooler days happening. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  3. Debra your in between looks oh so pretty. I don't go for leaves and pumpkins yet.

    I begin with acorns since in NJ acorns begin to fall now. I have a collection of preserved real acorbs in the 100s.

    I'll be adding dried hydrangeas, pumpkins,etc. soon enough because I love the colder months, I know gasp.

    Enjoy your weekend, we are getting heavy rain tomorrow.


  4. This is the perfect kind of transitional decorating. It truly mimics what is going on in nature, with just a hint of colorful fall pleasures to come. I love the painting and I agree that even with green leaves, it definitely has late summer vibes.

    It looks like a little outhouse to me but I think that just captures more of the rural feeling.

    Beautiful room!

  5. I am loving your late summer mantel Debra! That wreath is gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Country kids often have a little structure like that to shelter while waiting for the school bus. Don't see a road, but it's a more pleasant visual!

  7. I love your mantel. That painting is a darling. It seems a little far from a house to be an outhouse. If it is, it's a one seater. :) My grandparents stored tools in their outhouse. The fishing creel is a cutie too.

  8. Debra,it is all charming, as is that petite painting. I would think that is a tool shed. 😂
    Happy September!

  9. Once again, you've nailed it Deborah. And I absolutely adore that wreath - it looks so perfect in front of that beautiful mirror!

    OK - I have a third idea on your "outhouse" painting - imagine that it is a shelter for inclement weather while one is waiting for his/her ride to school! Can't you just hear the clomping of the horse's hoofs and the trailer it's carrying to gather all the kids to the one room schoolhouse?

  10. Gorgeous wreath Debra. Your late summer mantel looks amazing. Ilove the mirror~ Continue to remain safe. happy Labor Day.


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