Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Welcome to my Cottage / Farmhouse Kitchen!

You might have noticed that my kitchen has been absent from the blog. My only excuse is that I wanted to wait until I had things a little more put together. It took me a while to find a rug that I liked, and to get up a few prints. But as I was taking some pics of the Patriotic Hearth Room, I realized there would never be a "perfect" time. It's not a showhouse, or really even styled; it's my working kitchen. I'm not a fan of "the Reveal" because that's too much pressure to be fabulous.

I have to tell you I really LOVE this kitchen. There's plenty of room to move around and it's easy to cook in and clean up. I was very concerned about the gas stove because I haven't had one since we first got married. a. long. time. ago. But we're getting used to it and realize it's much easier than the glass-top ones I've had previously.

As you can see, the Hearth Room is just a few steps away from the kitchen, so it's super easy to take a minute away to sit down and put your feet up.

We had the family here this last week, and we all casually gathered around the island and had dessert and talked and laughed and it was so nice. We haven't had a gathering spot in a kitchen for years. It really blessed my heart.

Everyone that walks through this space comments on how cozy and homey this house feels. We agree and I had that in mind when we were visiting here the first time. Even though I wasn't sold on this house from the get-go, I knew this was where family memories could be made.

I really don't know how to label it... Kind of "Farmhouse" basically, but with some French and English Cottage thrown in. I love a Cottage vibe, so instead of going full on "Farmhouse" here in the kitchen, I've kept my Black Tole trays and prints which lean to a more European Country look. Changing the cabinet handles is on my list because they're a little retro looking to me. But since there are over 60 of them including the Mud Room and Laundry, I'm looking for the best price and quality without breaking the bank.

As I mentioned, this isn't styled so you might notice there are two microwaves. That may seem weird and redundant, but the one above the stove is difficult to open and close, and since I'm short, I can never fully see what's happening. I refused my husband's idea at first, but then gave in when I realized how much easier the second one made things. Beside the 2nd microwave, my husband wanted a counter top toaster/oven. He ordered it without asking my thoughts, but we use it constantly instead of heating up the big gas oven. So I didn't fuss about the looks of things.

My only complaint is that I don't have an electrical outlet on the island, which makes it difficult to have it fully functional. We need to do some electrical work soon, so we're going to have at least one outlet installed then. Also, I thought I couldn't live without ice and water in the door, but since we have a built in water filter at the sink, I just keep a large container filled with that water in the fridge. I'm surviving with that.

For months we had covered the island butcher block counter top with a large piece of cardboard while we did renovations, so when we moved and took that off it was a real celebration. The island was all too easy to use as a workbench and catch all, so the covering saved it's life many times, I'm sure.

 Wow, it feels better to have finally gotten this post out. 
Now the pressure is off!
I'll share the Patriotic Hearth Room pics on Thursday.
 Hope you have a wonderful week!

*(please do not comment negatively on my use of my old retired vintage flags.
 They were found at flea markets, many times crumpled and in disrepair.
 I honor the flag, the military and our country)

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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful! Enjoy cooking in there!!

    1. Debra, in reply to your question, yes, I live in MO but on the opposite from you. We’re between St. Louis and Hannibal. Enjoy your summer and your beautiful new home!!

  2. Your kitchen is awesome Debra. Love how open and bright it is too. Happy 4th of July.

  3. OH, my goodness---except for the appliance placement, that's my kitchen. LOL. Love it of course form the wood counter on the island to the plank ceiling. Totally functional and PRETTY, what you really need in a kitchen!

  4. Your Kitchen is so beautiful! I love every detail!

  5. Love your kitchen - and am so glad you stuck to your true self and didn't go all too farmhousey - your black toile, and other pieces look fabulous and make "you.:

    Well done - really looks amazing. Have a happy Independence Day week!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful kitchen space you have. Your large island is where a lot of activities and creative inspiration could take place!

  7. I think everything looks fabulous.. I love your floors! Happy 4th to you! Leticia

  8. This is a very workable kitchen with plenty of space to create and visit!! Happy 4th!!

  9. That's a GREAT kitchen, and I love cooking with gas (now have electric). I know exactly your sentiment on the handles. We had that many in our previous kitchen and I never did change them out when we updated (glad now!). I didn't even notice the extra microwave and toaster oven. I know Mr. P. would love to have another toaster oven, but now space is our issue! I'm with you - no reveal, just sharing. Again, that's a really great kitchen space.

  10. ps.....I see lots and lots of dish storage potential (if they aren't already full, hehe).

  11. I love how you name your rooms.Your home is lovely.

  12. Debra,
    Lovely Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen!
    LOVE the flow around the island!
    How wonderful that you're already enjoying family gatherings.
    Years ago, I cross stitched a saying for my MoMa:
    The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home".
    It is definitely true in your lovely kitchen.

  13. I suppose there are folks who have just what they want and nothing more or less in a kitchen but I have never been one of them. Far from it! You've got a great space and already your signature on it. Love the space to relax right there next to it. I love that you love it!

  14. Your kitchen is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Blessings, Loni

  15. Wonderful. Many great ideas for my new kitchen. Super thanks.

    Happy July hotwire 10 off

  16. Hi Debra!
    Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the two recessed cabinets that appear to be sitting on the shelf than runs between them. And that ceiling! It's little touches like those that add so much to a space. You have quite the cozy kitchen - perfect for gatherings. No need to feel any pressure - ha, I say that thinking about the fact that I have yet to do a kitchen reveal. Maybe it's time! :) Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday!
    >>> Kim

  17. I love it. I'm so glad you posted about it. I feel like the retro pulls are a nod to the age of the house? What renovations did you do to it or was in already done when you move in? I love, love the ceiling. It's a wonderful space.


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