Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Art in the Living Room

It's taken us awhile to get the framed wall art up on the walls here at our new place. In the past I've zoomed through decorating a new home, but this time, I've taken longer to really think things through. One of my main goals in decorating this place is to not overwhelm it with "stuff" and clutter. That includes the walls.

We've had so many projects and work to do on both of the houses I just didn't want to get ahead of myself with the fine detailed decorating. I put a lot of thought into my wall art, and didn't want to muddy things up with too many pieces. I tend to use a lot of vintage prints, mirrors, and then I have a few newer oil paintings, that lean toward French Country. 

This large oil has always been the center of attention, and it's been over my larger sofa at the old house for years. I fell in love with the old curving road by the lake, the man and horse, and the home and outbuildings that appears to be in the style of the Normandy countryside. My Dad's side of the family has been traced back to the area of Northern France and Europe, so this countryside holds a little affection and interest for me. 

at our previous house

We started to hang up the paintings here in the Living Room at the new house back in early May. But as we were trying to decide where exactly they should be hung, I kept thinking that the gold in the frames was just "too much". The ceilings here are not high, nor is there a lot of wall space, so the pieces overwhelmed things and looked too big and way too "gold".

I took my trusty Chalk Paint palette, and mixed up a gray wash and pretty much covered the main parts of the frames. Then I went back over them and wiped away the raised portions revealing some of the gold.

Then they looked too gray, so I used Rub and Buff antique Gold to highlight even further. Now they are toned down and still have touches of gold but not to the point that you need sunglasses when you walk in the room.

Of course, this one with the lambs is my favorite.

I collect prints and engravings of castles, so these two worked well 
together for the small space next to the opening into the Entry.
My daughter brought back the print below of Buckingham Palace
from a trip to England several years ago.

I'm throwing in a pic of the coffee table, painted about 10 years ago, in a mix of Coco and French Linen from ASCP. I've never once regretted painting my furniture, even though some people wanted to smack me for doing it. 

We really enjoy this formal Living Room and use it in the evening to watch TV and eat dinner. The TV is in the armoire, which actually is part of the suite of Master Bedroom furniture we bought 18 years ago. It's just a few steps to the kitchen through the Dining Room, so it's separated, but close by. The Kitchen cabinets are on the other side of the wall here to the right. 

Looking toward the Dining Room...

This is the same paint I used at our previous home, Smokey Taupe by Benjamin Moore. It looks a little more "brown" here, but was what matched the upholstered and painted furniture. I was awake nights worrying about this darn paint color and job, which I did by my lonesome. So it's going to stay this color at least for awhile. I have Agreeable Gray in the Entry and Dining Room, and they are very, very similar.

I also have a few pics from the Entry Hall and the new drapery panels from the Garden Room, so they'll be coming up later in the week. Hope you all had a great Father's Day! be back soon.

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  1. Very pretty Debra. Your living room looks so warm and inviting. Love that slipcovered chair too. Happy New Week.

  2. Hello, I think your frame turned out wonderful... Really enjoyed reading your post! God Bless.. Leticia

  3. Debra,
    I love, love, love the paint technique you used on the gold frames!
    Such a subtle, yet elegant transition!
    The paint in your living room is beautiful!
    I, too, have Agreeable Gray in several rooms on the upper level.
    I adore how well it blends with the Sandbar
    used within our hallways and upper level living room.
    The view from your living room into the dining room is breathtaking!

  4. That'ss a lovely treatment on your frames, Debra. Yes, gilt gold can just be too much---I have a whole drawer full of prints in frames that are too bright and need to be toned down. Thanks for the lovely ideas---and I was missing your painting of the road...grins.

  5. Beautiful. I have done that with a few of my gold frames too. I love your painted furniture. I got teased recently about mine. Several asked if I was sick of it yet. Nope. I think painted furniture is smaller looking and takes up less visual space. I may strip some of my pieces in the future but not now.
    I love seeing how all your cute collections are coming together.

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Great ideas on the frames. You have quite the collection of art, Debra! Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Turn About!

  8. LOL! I'm here by way of TFT, Debra... Haven't even looked at TTA yet! But it looks like you've linked up already! So glad! Love your art collection! Hugs, and have a great weekend!

  9. Lovely, Debra!!! I'd like to move right in... I am in the exact same quandary right now with what to hang where. This house has less walls and sq. footage so some things just can't go up... Hubby wants a bigger, newer television, too, so that will dictate what goes on our family room wall. There will be family photos around it, that much I know!

    Happy to feature your living room and all its wonderful changes at this week's Share Your Style #214, thank you!

    Happy summer,
    Barb :)

  10. It's all just gorgeous, coming together beautifully!


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