Saturday, February 23, 2019

A First Look at the Casual Dining Area

Next week is our final move of furniture, and officially we will "move in" and take up residence. We will still have things to go back and pack up at the old house, but our master bedroom furniture, big TV and the rest of the Living Room furniture will be at the new house. Unless we want to camp out on the floor, we'll make the leap to get there! 

Last post I shared how the Hearth Room is coming along and a glimpse of the eating area in the sunroom. All the chairs to this table set aren't here yet, since we're still using 3 of them at the old house. But as I said earlier, I think I have the main pieces out here. The extra little tables and smaller decor are subject to change, though. The corners are hard to decorate out here because of having to be able to reach the blind adjustments, so that's the reason for the larger cupboards having to be placed in front of the windows.

I'm still using my phone for pics, since my big computer hasn't been accessible to work on. That's the reason my pics have been "less than", but hopefully you've been able to get an idea of what we've been doing. Can't wait to get my hands back on my Canon.

The previous owner had this space as an informal eating area, too. It's just a short jog from the kitchen so it's not too far to take a plate and be seated. Hubby and I will use the island bar seating area most of the time for breakfast and lunch, since it's very roomy and convenient. 

When I ordered the rug for the Hearth Room, I inadvertently ordered the wrong size for the space. It was too big, so we reordered a smaller size for the Hearth Room and brought the larger one out here to the eating area. The size and colors worked perfectly to anchor the table and chairs. Here is what the space looked like before furniture. 

The draperies will eventually be changed out to a solid neutral. The ones in place are a vibrant tropical print, and the fabric is like an old "Bark Cloth" from the 40's or 50's. For now they give us some privacy, but won't be here long. Here's the other end of the room, where the chippy vintage furniture and wicker seating is located. These areas aren't finished, but I wanted to get the big things in place. I found another rug for under the coffee table, so this one has already been replaced. 

In these pics I was just unpacking the smaller decor pieces, so they are sort of randomly placed. There are a lot of odds and ends decor items sitting around on the floor, while I'm trying to figure out what will go where. I'm sure I'll do some tweaking soon, and get things cleaned up a little. I have Spring on my mind! 

We have 3 elderly kitties to move, so I'm a little concerned that everyone make the transition without trauma or accidents. Two upstairs kitties, and one that will live in the lower level where we have my husband's office, man cave, and family area. I haven't shown pics of that space because it's been pretty full of boxes, but it's coming along. We have two storage rooms down there, so it's sort of been a low priority to organize. 

Keep a good thought for us, and say a quick prayer that we make it. I've moved a dozen times, (or more) but this last year has been a really hard one. I'm looking forward to getting our lives settled and into a "normal" routine. 

Have a great weekend,
we'll be staying busy trying to get the last minute stuff done.

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  1. It looks amazing already, wow this move is going on forever, I'm sure you can't wait to be settled in!!

    1. It seems like it's gone on forever, but we're working with a smaller local moving company, and we've had a lot to pack and prepare. My health (and mental health, haha) has meant taking it slow. We were doing reno work for about 16 weeks, which really slowed it all down. We're about there!

  2. What a sweet really area! I am loving those curtains on the French doors!

    1. thanks Amber, I'm hoping I can get back to the Blog Hops soon, I've missed being able to decorate!

  3. Ok...brain fog! Let's try that again...

    What a sweet little area!

  4. I love the french doors too and when you change out the curtains it is going to be so beautiful. Love the brick too. What a great accent on the wall. The rug is so pretty. You are almost there. So close. It has been a long move in time but with doing it in smaller moves I think it was better for you all the way around. I cannot wait for this last move and then you will be settled into your new home. You guys have done so well to make this move and get the changes all done.
    Hugs and Happy Friday.

    1. thanks Kris, I need to hire Terry to make some furniture miracles around here!

    2. Debra - I have nervous kitties too. I have found that a Feliway diffuser helps tremendously. Maybe it could help your ladies too. Good luck!

  5. Debra,
    Your home is lovely. I am excited that the move will soon be completed! Prayers for you and the kitties.

    1. Thankyou Carol. I think I'm more concerned about the kitty girls than myself! One of them tends to get really depressed with any changes. xo

  6. Debra,
    Empty the room appears huge!
    I like how you've divided the room into two areas.
    The rug is gorgeous and blends well with the area.
    Your new home is coming together, quite nicely.
    I understand how important it is to move your fur babies
    and make sure they are comfortable in the space.
    Sending good vibes your way.

  7. Looks great -i could use the tropical bark cloth in my FL home. Love the old floral prints!!

  8. Hi Debra, You new home is going to be beautiful - you've made a great start! We've moved a lot too and know how stressful it can be; praying you'll be settled soon and ready to enjoy Spring. I'm looking forward to following along as you decorate your new home. Have a great weekend! Cheryl

  9. I know you will be excited to finally complete the move. Praying for you now. This space will be a fun one to decorate for all the seasons. It's already looking so cute.

  10. Such a lovely space! I'm inspired by watching your transition to your new home!

  11. Everything is looking so fresh---love such a big room, and what a luxury to not do an empty and move all in two days. Hoping everything goes well for the last bits!!

  12. Debra, it's coming along so well. I love the new rugs and the furniture looks great!! Moving is a big job!

  13. Hi Debra,
    You are so close now to being completely moved over. I think your pictures look pretty nice from your phone. Good luck with the last part of the move in.


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