Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Rustic French Fall Decor

I'm in the middle of messy packing mode, but I'm still looking for Fall Inspiration. Nothing over-the-top, but some subtle color changes and natural vignettes. I thought I'd share some classic French Country Autumn seasonal decor with you today from previous Septembers. I like to look back through the archives and see what I was doing "this time of year" from years ago. 

These pics are from 2013 while we were still living at our larger home, close to the lake. In some ways this house is more similar to the one we are getting ready to purchase. It was longer and spread out with plenty of space. The formal Living Room was a place to enjoy abundant light and my "paint-it-white" gene was on full display. 

That house was at it's best during Fall. The walls and decor colors lent themselves to warm and mellow tones that are the hallmark of Autumn. 

I had found this old window box on one of my weekly flea market excursions and thought that the large scale Dining Room table could handle it's proportions. Faux Hydrangeas in Fall hues were the base with pumpkins, bittersweet and berries mixed in.

So, the lampshades on this chandy are driving me batty,
now that I've seen they are all cock-eyed.
Let's disregard those, ok?
I'd worked so hard on getting the twig garlands just right,
that I lost sight of the shades.

These photos were taken with my previous camera, 
so they just aren't as crisp and clear as I can get today. 

wonky lamp shades again, but I love the twiggy garland.

Some of my lamb collection under glass for Fall
on a vintage tray.

I'm hoping to have a better place to display my Ironstone pieces at the new place. Right now they are spread throughout the house and don't make much of a visual impact. 

I'm really sad that I'm going to miss decorating for Fall at the new house, but that doesn't keep me from daydreaming about what I would do. Actually, all that helps keep me motivated and on task with all this tedious packing and mess I'm living with right now. Sometimes I just get so bogged down I want to run away, which would probably mean going shopping when that's the last thing I need to be doing.

I'm working on a few of my furniture paint projects. I'm in the middle of painting an old steamer trunk that I don't know if I've ever even shared. Last move I was planning on using it as an end table, but ended up not having a place for it... so it has been downstairs tucked under a sofa table. I'll share that with you soon, it's turning out to be pretty cool, I think.

I braved the garage organization task last week, but couldn't get everything accomplished like I wanted since I had run out of the big "Rubbermaid" type tubs. So I just did the best I could and then I  put it all back. I did make a little headway and combined a ton of boxes and smaller tubs. These are going to have to go in the garage at the new house so they have to be halfway decent and organized. (so my hubby says). 

I'll be back soon, 
have a great week!

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  1. Your fall decor is always so beautiful, Debra...every year I pin and pin! You inspire me put my sheep on display!

    1. thankyou, Linda. I'm really missing the fun of Fall decor! and my sheep are scattered all around or in boxes. boohoo.

  2. {sigh} I know you miss the present but glad you/we can relish the past fun of your fall decor, it's so pretty. I know how hard all that tub organizing/reorganizing is....I spent quite a bit of time the last two weeks getting things separated for the booths and participated in an impromptu yard sale Sat (that actually turned out pretty good!). We've made 3 pretty big moves in our booth spaces this past month and have another planned for tomorrow, a yard sale in early Oct. I feel just a twinge of your pain.

  3. I'm packing up to put the house on the market, but find I can't pack up the fall decor. I'm putting it out and hoping to sell before the Christmas season begins...or I'll have to dig out the Christmas decor I guess. I do feel your pain.

  4. I loved seeing your fall decor from the past. I always loved that white chippy box you made into a fall centerpiece. So chippy and awesome.

  5. I keep looking for sheep! No luck yet. LOVE that painted box! Best to you with the move!

  6. Simple but perfect! Just the right amounts of Fall. I have yet to get out my Fall décor. Been SO busy, we even went to see the Picker's store in Nashville!

  7. Your fall decor is always inspiring. I hope that you can get in and do a little decorating before Thanksgiving. I love the sheep collection.

  8. It is all so beautiful! You are keeping busy...what an inspiration.

    I always love your fall decor, and your sheep! On my early fall home tour this week I shared my sheep painting I was telling you about. I hope you get a chance to take a look (in between painting, organizing, purging, packing, cleaning, wash. rinse. repeat...)

    Thanks for sharing at TFT friend!

  9. Your fall decor is so beautiful and I love your sheep collection! You'll make up for everything next year once you're moved in and settled. Thanks for sharing with SYS!

  10. I wasn't around in blogland in 2013, so I thoroughly enjoyed your lovely Fall home. I have always loved your 'soft touch' on the seasons. Thanks for all the seasons, can't wait to see your new home, Sandi

  11. Old pictures or new, I love them! I love your sheep collection! They are so cute! I'll be featuring you this week as part of Thursday Favorite Things! Angelina @ Petite Haus

  12. Back again to let you know I am featuring you today at TFT!

  13. Hope you get everything packed, Debra! When we were moving out of our last house, I packed for at least two months... while painting walls and touch-up painting trim, and finishing the kids' bathroom remodel. It's insane moving! Excited for you that you'll be moving into a new home that you can love. <3 Love your former home's decor and I love white, too. Happily pinning for you. <3 p.s. Stopping by from Theresa's blog and Thursday Favorite Things ~ congratulations on being featured!!!

  14. I love your decor. Slipcovers, center pieces, floral and more. All wonderful and inviting. Happy Fall, Kippi

  15. Debra, like you, I enjoy looking back to what I did in years past. I so enjoyed looking back at yours. I remember those precious lambs under the cloches. And the tabletop box filled with hyacinths is still a favorite. Thanks for sharing this look back. It's full of inspiraton !

  16. Debra I love all of your gorgeous rustic French fall decor. Thanks so much for sharing at TFT. I am happy to feature this post today at the party! https://followtheyellowbrickhome.com/french-country-and-farmhouse-fall-inspiration-at-thursday-favorite-things/

    Have a great weekend ahead!


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