Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Little Christmas in the Kitchen

Hey Everyone! I hadn't planned on being away from the blog all this week. After all, it's Christmastime and there's so much fun decorating inspiration going on. I was on a roll last weekend, then the week got away from me, and now I'm running behind. But I wanted to share a few pics from what's going on in the kitchen.

It's always fun to decorate the Baker's Rack...

...and I have a few of my vintage Shiney Brite trees out.

Santa's taking a breather on a cupcake pedestal...

and you can see I have lot's of help from the fur girls.

how to reach those shiny toys hanging from Mom's chandy?

I have a lot more to share, just need to finish things up, and get ready as I'll be joining Sherry from No Minimalist Here next week for the Christmas Open House Blog Hop.

Hope you'll join us starting Wednesday December 10-12.
see you then!

joining in with these parties:

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  1. Super cute vintage decor and I love your kitty wanting to attack those balls.

  2. Your Christmas decor is so fun and festive, Debra! The baker's rack makes a great focal point for the holidays!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Oh what a merry and bright place to be. Well done Debra!

  4. So pretty Debra! Love the vintage look of shiny brite trees. And that chandelier just shimmers with the ornaments on it.

    LOVE your kitty too! ;)

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. So cute, Debra, esp. the one with your kitty eyeing the chandy (I tie ornaments on mine in the DR like that, too). I am really loving your new home, and so glad your state of health is good.

    I got a great new seed box at auction last week that, when I put it in my sunroom, you were on my mind, knowing how much you love them too. I was so excited, I cleaned it, changed things up in my sunroom, and posted on it Friday. :)

  6. Love everything about your kitchen!! So festive!

  7. It's looking very Christmas-y in your house Debra. I loved weeing kitty eyeing the Christmas balls on the chandelier. That's so cute!
    hugs from here...

  8. danke für die schönen bilder, einen schönen nikolausabend wünscht dir angie

  9. Debra,
    You're having w a y too much fun, dear friend, decorating your new home for Christmas!!!
    The glimpses you've show are gorgeous!!!
    Loved seeing one of the "fur babies" getting into the festive mood and in front of the lens!
    Thanks for sharing and I'll be watching for the Blog Hop!!!

  10. Soo pretty and festive. Love it. Love your furry babe:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. Everything looks so pretty, Debra. I'm a bit behind on the decorating as well but I am determined to do it stress free whenever I have time on the weekend or after work.

  12. It looks great, Debra, and I hope feeling like home to you at this time of year. I'm sure you are even still looking for things you packed away for the move. : ) I went very simple this year and will be sharing my own bit of Christmas decorating this week.

  13. It's all so beautiful, Debra! I'm so glad you're enjoying decorating your new home for the holidays.

  14. Debra, You're a girl after my own heart with your garden elements decorated for Christmas! I love your seed box vignette and your trees planted in galvanized bucket and peat pots! Your kitty looks moments away from pouncing and batting those ornaments ;)

  15. Debra, it is really looking pretty. It amazes me how you can get so much done with just recently moving in. I've been here almost 30 years and still can't get it together!!Happy Weekend..Judy

  16. Debra, Everything is beautiful. I was wondering if the chandelier ornaments are still intact? Looks like your Kitty would find a way to reach them. Thanks so much for helping to promote the blog hop and I am excited to see your home decorated for the holidays.

    1. ha ha Sherry, my cats are a little chubby, so they don't get too aggressive, even for shiny Christmas balls!

  17. What a sweet and welcoming Christmasy kitchen, Debra! Love it! I had to laugh at your furbaby watching those hanging ornaments. You can just imagine what she's thinking! lol

    xoxo laurie

  18. Your bakers rack looks great, all the cute vintage goodies on it. Good for you, and love your kitty staring at those ornaments, how can she get to them. Bless their furry little selves.
    Do you go around your house looking for things to reuse, repurpose? I love doing that, just need to think of things in different ways.
    After seeing your bakers rack will be bringing mine back in from front porch to put lots of goodies on for while anyway. Will be great addition to our mudroom. Then can paint and repurpose the antique table bunch of "stuff" is on. See what you inspired?
    Glad you shared your bakers rack and the cute stuff on your bakers rack. Can hardly wait til tomorrow to bring mine back in to fill with some plants.
    Have two geraniums that are still blooming in bathroom window so will bring them into mud room to be in that window, get messy plants out of bathroom window sill and stand. Have some other plant I bought first of summer which is still blooming also, couldn't let them die. Been putting plants wherever I could find spot to keep them alive with couple of succulent plants. It's not that cold here been in high 40's, low 50's during the day. Usually by now we have inches of snow on ground and temps in 20's during the day. Not even that cold at night "yet". Just never know. This is first year in 10 yrs. we've been here in CO (west of Grand Junction) that it's so warm yet.
    Can even hang laundry during day. Do you have snow/cold where you live? I really miss the snow/cold. Got all my heavy sweaters/sweatshirts out couple weeks ago when we had a cold spell but then it warmed up again.
    Happy week and hope you're enjoying season

    If you choose to reply please do so to email address Thanks

  19. SO many pretty things! Could you please come decorate my kitchen? I have decorated most everywhere but there! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  20. You so inspire me Debra! I love your baker's rack and all of its beautiful decorations. Oh yes and your kitty is definitely eying up those pretty Christmas ornaments hanging from your chandy!
    Have a great day!!!
    XO Barbara

  21. It's all so lovely! The picture of your little fur friend is priceless!

  22. So very pretty Debra...kitties too! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  23. LOVE your decorations on the baker's rack...especially your Shiny Brite trees and the cute birds. Thanks for the inspiration. xo


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