Monday, October 6, 2014

Cabinet Painting....Done!

Hurray! the cabinets are "finished"! 

I'm just so excited on how the kitchen is turning out. We started last weekend and then I came over to the house and painted in the afternoons last week. Thank goodness, it's not a big kitchen! It's pretty compact, but after living in the lease house, I think I can get organized and make it work.

Remember, this is how it looked when we first got the keys.

There are still a few changes I'd like to make in here; the first being subway tile on the back splash. But we've been at this 6 weeks now, and the backsplash is just not a priority. We need to get moved in. The problem is that I'm not fond of the granite horizontal stripe, (I think it looks too "modern"), but I'm going to use my black tole trays again over here, (I've added a couple to my collection this week) so hopefully those will break it up a little bit.

I brought a few of them over to see how they work. By the time I get my other goodies on the counters, I'm hoping that stripe no longer jumps out and smacks me upside the head. There's still an option of painting the tile, so that might happen. I have to live with this for a bit before I'll know.

My new kitchen is starting to remind me of the old one,
 I just love a black and white kitchen!

Christmas 2013

Although technically, the cabinets aren't white, they are a light warm gray. (Benjamin Moore, Pale Oak) You might wonder why I didn't just use the same color as the wood work, and that would be because to me, that color just looks "dirty", and I wanted a crisper color for the cabinets.

Here's the kitchen eating area, just a few weeks ago...

Now it's painted and cleared out for my white kitchen china cabinet.We have the chandy raised up until the furniture gets here. How many times have I seen the movers knock around a light fixture?  (And we still have to get covers for the cable line).

We found the brushed satin nickel pulls at Lowe's. I thought about using bin pulls on the lower cabinet drawers, until I realized they weren't practical for bottom drawers. You'd have to get down underneath to pull them out, so I just went with the same pulls for everything.

The cabinets were a lot of work to paint, but I'm glad we had the time to do it. I'm so much happier with the kitchen now, it feels more like "my" kitchen. Hubbs had to agree; so much better than before. It just looks and feels "cleaner".

This week we're working on the deep clean, and I have to get the hardwood floors cleaned up. Paint splatters, workmen, and lot's of previous spills are making for some "on your hands and knees" time. The new carpet will be installed this week upstairs, then we're getting close to move-in. Hopefully, we'll start moving some of the furniture from storage in a week or two, then move our current furniture when that gets in.  

Hubbs was working in the garage with the doors up, when someone drove by and asked if we were going to put the house back on the market...  ahhhh, that would be a big, "NO". 

I have landscape and front porch photos, 
so I'll share those in a day or two.
Hope you're off to a wonderful Fall week!

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  1. Wow!... your kitchen is looking beautiful dear Debra!... you have worked so hard on it, and it shows!... love love love it!... and your black tole trays really look pretty!... I thought you had moved in already for some reason... will you be in by Halloween?... can't wait to see your porch all decorated!... and what a fun time of year to be bringing out all of your collections and settling them in their new spots... (I loved your old kitchen so much too!)... Happy decorating!... xoxo... Julie Marie

  2. The cabinets look beautiful, Debra! You'll be moving in before you know it! I agree, once you move in your goodies, you won't even notice that stripe...

  3. lookin good Debra,,

    mine just got painted too but I'm not ready for photos lol

  4. I'm so excited for you Debra it's really starting to look like you!

  5. Absolutely love the kitchen! And I really didn't notice the backsplash until you mentioned it...the trays look great against it! What an outstanding job you all are doing!!

  6. It looks 100% better! White and bright is always right!

  7. It looks fantastic! All of your hard work has certainly paid off! It will look great when you are all moved in!

  8. Hi Debra!
    I haven't visited in a while and am looking forward to catching up!
    The kitchen look so pretty ~ can't wait to see more!

  9. Oh my goodness, your kitchen looks fabulous. I love it. So pretty.

  10. Can't wait to see the finish since it looks beautiful now!

  11. The cabinets looks great, Debra! It's good that you had time to do it at a leisurely pace instead of cramming it into one or two days. I'm sure you will have it decorated up nicely and won't notice what you don't like on the counter. I'd love to get some tile for our backsplash period! We've been here three years now and while I still am not sure which way I want to go (a creamy white subway tile is an option), we need something up. It is just painted walls.

  12. Wow Debra - your kitchen looks great! I love your painted cabinets. I know you are getting so anxious to get moved in and settled. How nice though, that you can work there and then go home to your temporary home for now. Great job!!


  13. Hi Debra,
    Your kitchen looks beautiful! I love everything about it. Also, congratulations on your new home.


  14. Debra,
    Hm~m~m. . .put your home back o the market???
    Isn't that another career???
    Like you, I wouldn't start over, either, dear friend!!!
    The transformation in your new kitchen is EXQUISITE!!!
    . . .and YES!!!, I agree with Hubbs. . .it looks like home. . .your beautiful home!!!
    I don't notice the backsplash. The toile trays are gorgeous in the space!
    Thank you for sharing all your ups~and~downs of relocating.
    One never knows what the future may hold! I appreciate all your tips!
    These days, when I do the hands and knees deep cleaning, I use the garden knealer.

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  16. You have a great eye the kitchen looks beautiful

  17. Your cabinets look fantastic. You did a great job!!

  18. Debra the cabinets look FABULOUS!! Awesome job!

  19. Yes, now it looks like you! I can't wait to see it with all your stuff in it. Yes tole trays will cover the backsplash till you can get to that. But once you will be perfect. Do you have a sun room at this house? That was always my favorite place at your old house.

  20. Hi Debra! Oh, your kitchen looks beautiful! I love the white. Your trays are so lovely and will look great in your newly painted kitchen. We just had our kitchen painted (wasn't brave enough to do it myself) white too! I do love white cabinets in a kitchen.
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. It looks like you've been working around the clock, Debra! Your kitchen looks fabulous with your freshly painted cabinets and I don't think the backsplash tile will stand out at all once you've added your kitchen accessories. After you've finished the deep cleaning and all your furniture is moved in, the fun begins! You're almost there!

  22. It all looks so good! I wish I had your energy and motivation. I could move mountains. :-)
    Love you,

  23. Wow, the kitchen looks beautiful!!! Love the black and white, and truthfully, I never noticed the tile before. With all your trays and decor, it will fade away. And look, you have cabinet tops to decorate too!!! What fun!!

  24. Your kitchen looks beautiful Debra. Love your white cabinets. -Kristi

  25. Your kitchen is so beautiful! I'll bet you'll cherish this for a long time, so it's good to get it like you want.
    XX Jo

  26. I love your changes in the kitchen! Great work! Enjoy your day dear friend, hard work pays off! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  27. I have white cabinets and black granite too. We went with the black granit on the back splashes too. Nice crisp look. I love your new kitchen!


  28. Just beautiful - the painted cabinets give the space a completely different look and feel. I also have white cabinets with black granite counters and my backsplash is white 4 inch tiles - with a black stripe of granite, halfway up- it just drives me crazy too!!!! I agree with you - it gives off a modern vibe.

  29. Looks fabulous! Did you use oil paint, and did you hand paint or use a sprayer? Trying to decide if we are going to do ours ourself or hire it out- but we also have a few sections of built ins that would need to be done, as well.

    1. Hi Heather, we used Benjamin Moore's Advance, which is an Alkyd. It's a great paint, and I didn't have all the headaches and problems of a heavy latex. It's a thinner water based, oil hybrid. It cleans up with soap and water, but results in a really tough finish. I used a brush for the "insets", then went over it all with a small foam roller. It gets rid of the brush marks and leaves a really professional look, alsmost like they were sprayed on.

    2. Hi Debra,
      We are also considering painting our cabinets (Thanks Heather for asking about the paint and brushes as I was wondering!) What about the prep work ahead of time? Did you sand the cabinets down or use any special treatments on them before painting?

  30. It looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it with all your furniture in it.

  31. Lots of work, I'm sure! But what a super space it is turning out to be! You are going to Love it once you get all moved in and are surrounded by the things you love! Blessings, Cindy

  32. Hey there. Man, it's been so long that I had no idea you had moved. I am terrible at checking on my blogging friends these day. Your kitchen is beautiful! I will have to check your other posts to catch up. I do hope you are doing well...healthy, strong and happy. Blessings to you.

  33. The kitchen is morphing into definitely a "Debra Kitchen" the black and white...can't wait to see it all "dressed up Debra style"...!!! Beautiful job on the cabinets!


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