Sunday, June 16, 2013

Veggie Garden Flower Pot Wreath

Hey you all! What a day yesterday was...
Storms most of the day. Hail, (marble to ping pong size), lightening and anywhere from 5-9 inches of rain in about a 3 hour period. All the blooms on my plants were ripped off, and my hydrangeas that I have marveled over and pampered are in a heap on the ground. I'm just hoping they will survive somewhat intact. Our yard looks like a shredder has been through the trees with leaves covering everything. The pool wasn't flooded with mud, but it is filled with tons of oak leaves, sticks and small branches. Thank the Good Lord, no tornadoes. I'm hoping that today we can get out and clean up the mess.

Another kind of bad news is that a lightening strike took out the modem for my big computer that is my workhorse. So it will be a few days of pinch hitting here on my laptop that I keep in the kitchen. It's not set up with any of my photo storage, links, or my email. I'll be blogging with one arm tied behind my back. Hope you all will understand if things are sparse around here. I'm just glad I can post at all.

I did have these photos in draft for a blog post, so I'm sharing them with you today. In last week's post of the Vintage Wheelbarrow Tablescape  I used some vintage French seed packet labels for tags that could be used for guest seating place cards, and then some cute little flowerpot napkin rings. I've been wanting to do a flower pot wreath since last year when they went wild over on Pinterest. I know several of you gals have done them recently, so hope you don't mind if I'm a copy cat.

I just used gardener's twine to attach the flower pots and then filled them with moss. The base is an old grape vine wreath I'd had out in the garage for a few years. I thought about putting faux daisies and other flowers in the pots, but in the end with the veggie tags it was much too "busy".

Sorry these photos are a little blurry. I was using my big lens and didn't realize they were fuzzy until after I'd already hung the wreath up, and then by that time I had put away the step ladder and cleaned up my mess.

Here are the vintage French seed packet labels attached to the tags, 
from the tablescape post.

and then one of my whitewashed flower pots that was holding silverware.

Here's the wreath hanging above the sideboard;
I'll show you the rest of the "recycled veggie wheelbarrow" 
that's now on the sideboard, soon...

I've looked through Pinterest, and love all the different flower pot wreaths, but this was the only one I'd seen done in whitewashed pots. And you know me, I love me some whitewashed, chippy anything.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, 
and that you're weather is better than mine.

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Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful guys out there!
we love you.



  1. Love this wreath, Debra! I need to do something new for my front door and you've inspired me. I would have to do small pots {due to our screen door} but you've got me thinking!

  2. Gorgeous garden-y wreath, Debra! Those whitewashed flower pots are SO adorable!!


  3. Oh my, so sorry for such bad storms your way! These summer storms can be so scary & damaging. Hopefully your hydrangeas, at least, will bounce back.

    I love how you power through, Debra, even when your circumstances are against you. Seems when our technology fails us is when we try our hardest to push through. Hopefully your modem will be up & running soon, and that your laptop doesn't give you too much frustration.

    I love that wreath and what you did to trick it out! And the tablescape looks great too!

    Good luck in the cleanup!

  4. Hi Debra,
    Sorry about the storms. What you get we usually get the next day. We had some pretty wicked thunder storms but not the wind damage you had. This weather is too crazy!!! Hope the clean up goes well.

    I love this wreath. It is adorable. I too like the white wash on the pots. Really cute.

  5. Oooh Debra, I am soo sorry about the storms and the destruction in your gardens... it makes me want to cry for you... I know how much you love your gardens and how you have pampered and babied all your plants... we get those sudden storms too and every time my gardens look like a war zone, I tell Jack I am done gardening... but he knows better, comes out and helps me clean up, and I start all over again... 'cause that's what us gardeners do... wish I was there to help you!... now then, your flowerpot wreath is beautiful!!!... I just love it, and wish I knew how to make one... maybe I'll give it a try... Happy Fathers Day to your hubby, and wishing you both a better day today... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Debra,

    I love this! Love some white and chippy too!

  7. That sounds like some storm! I love your wreath.

  8. I like your pretty wreath and equally pretty table setting! I may have to do some crafting myself today. The black clouds are overhead and the thunder is booming. It's only a matter of time before the power goes out. To be on the safe side, I think I'll power down our computer....and unplug it, too.

  9. Sorry about the destructive storm - just glad it wasn't a tornado.

    Love your wreath with your white-washed pots. So cute!


  10. I'm so sorry about your computer woes... what did we ever do without them?!

    Your veggie garden wreath is wonderful!! Perfect for the season ~


  11. You are amazing to be blogging at all! I love your wreath. I loved your tablescape using the seed packets as place cards. You are a trooper. Sorry for your storm damage and especially that you lost your hydrangeas. Please adopt mine for the time being. Yours will revive again.

  12. Debra! That storm sounds horrible! I'm so sorry your garden plants got's terrible when that happens early in the season and then you have to look at it like that for awhile. I hope some things can be salvaged. You garden wreath is DIVINE. I want one. I love the seed packets and I REALLY love the table setting with the green's very striking visually and green and white has always been a favorite color combo of mine.

  13. Debra,
    Glad you're safe from the storms!!!
    Cleaning up afterwards can be tasking and sometimes heart~breaking. Hopefully, all can be repaired.
    Love the terra cotta pot wreath!!!
    White, chippy, vintage seed packets...all loves of mine, too, dear friend!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Debra, The wreath is adorable and I love the little pot napkin holders! We have been having storms every afternoon for a week now. Glad you are safe!

  15. Oh no, sorry to hear about your computer. But I am glad you otherwise survived the storms. I would be lost without my laptop where everything is stored. I need to put everything on a memory stick. sigh I love your wreath and especially those tags. They were one of my faves last week. I may have to borrow the idea too. Plz make sure you join me this week for my Home{work} Wednesday Party. xxoo

  16. Debra, those flowerpot napkin rings are so stinkin cute!! I love them! Perfect idea for a Spring tea or mother's day brunch! :o) Might borrow this one for next year...

  17. You should be a party planner! I'd hire you to plan a shower or garden party in a second if I were wealthy. :D

    That wreath is so cute!!


  18. Love your flower pot wreath with its vintage flower seed packs....

    I am so sorry to hear of your bad weather and how it affected your computer. Thank goodness there were no tornadoes.

    I am a PAPER girl at heart. So, I really love all the ways you used your seed packets.


  19. Completely gorgeous! I had done some white washed pots in the spring with a burlap wreath and filled them with violas. Now with the heat I have transitioned to succulents. It's SO much fun. :)

  20. I am so sorry about the storms...we got some of it too but it only lasted for an hour and thankfully no hail..And your computer? Ugghhh hate that don't you... I love your wreath! I did one too but it doesn't have those gorgeous seed packets...I may have to copycat you and add them to my "Purple Lovers Anonymous Group" post wreath! Good job!

  21. Mercy Debra I love the wee white washed pots too. you do white so well. love ya, olive

  22. Debra, hope all your crazy weather is 'done'!
    Love your wreath! :)

  23. What a lovely wreath! Just love all of the elements! You always make everything so pretty!

    Hugs to you, sweetie!
    Have a great week!

  24. i just love it, debra! hope the weather and your cp treats you better this week!

  25. Your wreath is stunning! I love that idea. I am really loving vintage seed packets this year. They are the best mix of gardening and vintage!

  26. So sorry to hear that you've had such awful storms and that they've been wreaking havoc on your flowers! I hope that they will rebound and that more pleasant weather is here! Love this wreath idea! I've not seen any like it with its white washed pots and
    French seed labels. Love it! I'm sure it looks fantastic with your table setting featuring some of the same wonderful details! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  27. Debra your wreath is stunning!

    So awful about the is heartbreaking to see all of that damage ( even when you tell yourself it could be worse and all it still is hard to see the damage :(

  28. It's adorable! I missed the whole flower pot/wreath thing, but i love the idea, and will go look at some on Pinterest right now. So glad to hear you're safe from those horrible storms. They really can tear up a yard, hopefully your hydrangeas will pop their little heads back up!


  29. What a BEAUTIFUL wreath!!!! Such a cute idea, and it came out beautifully!

  30. Beautiful-I would love to have that wreath in my home!
    Hope your computer issues are long-gone!

  31. Hi Debra- just love this wreath. so perfect for this time of the year!

  32. What a pretty wreath, Debra! I love the adorable little white washed pots, and your tags are the perfect addition! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  33. Wow what a wonderful wreath I love it xxx

  34. You have hit a homerun here Debra, along with your brilliant garden table, this is just adorable! I love the white washed pots and vintage seed pkts. Looks fabulous! Pinned from OSP party

  35. This is so adorable! It has a great vintage feel with the packets! Pinning! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  36. una meraviglia queste ghirlande, complimenti davvero!!!

  37. una meraviglia queste ghirlande, complimenti davvero!!!

  38. Love your wreath, those little pots full of moss are so cute!!! Love your dishes and those chargers are charming, I've never seen any like them! How did you get the bottom out of the pot for your napkin & silverware? Love it!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  39. Sorry you had bad storms Debra. We had them rolling through all day today. I think their were 4 big storm fronts. I love your flower pot wreath. The whitewashed pots make it look extra cute! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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