Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Organizing the Potting Bench and other backyard business...

This cold Spring has really put me behind in getting things cleaned up and functional outdoors. It's been the "domino effect" around here with chores and projects. Get the yard people out to do the Spring "clean-up" and shrub trimming, then a big job of painting our pool deck which my sis and nephew helped me do. I can't do much more until we open the pool, which is usually around Mother's Day. (If it doesn't warm up it might be the 4th of July!) Then, all the real work (and fun) will start.

So... under the deck, where we house all our patio furniture, (and the potting bench) looks a little like a bunch of homeless hillbillies have been taking up winter residence. But I did manage to get the potting bench scrubbed down and put in a little bit of order.

I'm just getting started, and I'm looking forward to a visit to the nursery for some cheery blooms. But right now the potting bench is just a clean slate, emphasis on "clean". Hubbs and I put this together a couple of years ago. I'd been looking for ways to create a place to organize my flower pots, plantings, garden tools, and soil storage. I ended up with this great worktable that had been used for a tool bench and an old bookshelf. I properly "married them", and it's been fun having everything organized together within easy reach.

In lieu of purchased plants, I did find a small patch of wild violets along the fence to use as a stand-in until I can get my hands on some storebought blooms.

just a sweet little gift from nature in an old McCoy planter

Here's my vintage garden cart that I also put together a couple of years ago. I just love creeping phlox, but I've never been able to keep it going in a bed or border. I'm not sure why, maybe not enough water throughout the year, but in here it's taken off like gangbusters.

This little area will get more attention when the white garden chair gets decked out with geraniums and some other annuals join in on the fun. It's still a little bare around here, especially since we've hovered around 32 degrees several times this last week.

Here it is when I first planted it two years ago. My husband had threatened to haul it out to the curb for the trash man if I didn't do something useful with it.

How could you pitch this little garden cutie?
OK, sometimes we don't ask those rhetorical questions,
for fear of an honest answer...

I'm really looking forward to have the time to get everything in shape.
Next to Fall, this is my favorite time of the year...
Has the weather been cooperating with your outdoor plans?

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  1. Lookin Good Debra.... I bet it felt good to get started on the spring clean up outdoors ~ I also Love that old red cart, the creeping phlox is perfect for trailing.... for me, I only have the tiny 4' x 5' landing area of the 20 stairs I have to come up to my upper flat which is in the rear of the house, so not much gardening space for me, I do want to plant a pot of tiny tomatoes but that will wait till after Mother's Day for free of frost....
    PS. check the bit of gardening I did with my Grands in my latest post (you don't need much room for that)
    Stay warm & think spring...

  2. All lovely! We got another 8 inches of snow last night, so the answer to the question is that the weather has been totally uncooperative. BUT, we are expecting 60s by the weekend. So eager to get outdoors. It was so odd to hear the robins chirping this morning when I went out in what seemed like January. Poor robins. They must be so confused.

  3. Cold and rainy here. Dreary. No sun at all today. Love that little red charmer!

  4. That red wheelbarrow - oh my goodness. Totally in love with it.

  5. Here in the south, yards and gardens have also gotten a slow start. My azaleas were beautiful but the flowers only remained about half as long as usual. Crazy weather everywhere. But, your adorable potting table and little red cart are encouragements to us all.

  6. Here in the south, yards and gardens have also gotten a slow start. My azaleas were beautiful but the flowers only remained about half as long as usual. Crazy weather everywhere. But, your adorable potting table and little red cart are encouragements to us all.

  7. Our Spring is in full swing here in WV, but started about 3 weeks slower than normal for us. Then, it seemed, everything caught up all at once - forsythia, daffodils, tulips, lilacs & cherry, crabapple & dogwoods - all blooming simultaneously! I've never seen timing like this. And, I've already gotten a bad case of poison ivy - on my face, no less - needing both both an injection & oral meds. But, like you, it is, hands down, my favorite time of year! It feels so good to see the kelly greens, bright blooms, and clear, blue skies, and birds are singing at 3:30 in the morning! I wish all of them for you & all your readers so desperately seeking Spring.

  8. I definitely need to organize a potting bench. Thanks for the inspiration to get that project going.

  9. Love the garden cart. Nothing like a good spring garden cleanup to raise spirits!

  10. Debra,
    NOT at all, dear friend, NOT at all!!!
    Freeze warning for 9PM this evening~til 10AM tomorrow!
    "Mr. Ed" and I finally gave up, brought in the cushions, the potted plants...but did start some seeds in peat pots yesterday!
    I love the McCoy planter filled with violets sitting atop the old scale!!!
    Keep those swimsuits, flip~flops and beach towels close at hand..."Something's Gotta' Give" sooner or later. Like you, dear one...sooner suits me just fine!!!

  11. All we have been able to do is mow the lawn a few times. No planting yet. The nights are just too cool right now. Love your phlox. So pretty, and the potting bench is lovely!

  12. I know what you mean about a bad spring, we still have snow on the ground in Minnesota. I can't wait to get outside. Love your violets in the McCoy pot on the scale. I remember your yard cart. Very cute.

  13. Debra, your potting bench and the old wheel barrow look great! We got our flower beds all cleaned out today and surprisingly there is a lot of new growth already. It's been cold here too but the weekend looks a bit more promising. Enjoy your spring gardening season. I know I'm looking forward to it. Pamela

  14. I love your potting bench...I finally finished my potting bench project that has been needed for years..and I am such a fan of McCoy flower pots...Just beautiful Debra!!

  15. I know hillbillies and you are not kin to them with this charming potting bench. Love the violets in the McCoy. Phylox is hard for me too and just when I got a big patch growing the dog thinks it is his carpet. I love him so he gets it. xo, Olive

  16. I love, love, love your pot of violets. They don't grow out here in the desert, and I so miss them!

  17. Oh that violet is just what I needed to see! I just love it when they pop up in the yard each year. We had snow again today in the Chicago area. So, dreaming of potting benches and pots filled with flowers is all I can do till the weather cooperates! Lovely pictures! And I Looove that little garden cart. It's adorable.

  18. love your sweet scales with the flowers, debra! and the drawers!

  19. your wheelbarrow is a keeper for sure! men, they just don't see the potential, do they?

  20. Loving what you have done to get ready WHEN Spring finally arrives for you:) Have a blessed week and hopefully warmer!

  21. Gorgeous! I love every detail of your potting bench. I so wish I had something like that! And the bright yellow drawer underneath is such a perfect pop of color. I hope it warms up for you soon! It was only about 40 here in Massachusetts yesterday! Pinning.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  22. Hi Debra,
    I love your potting bench. Adorable. I also love the red cart how cute it that!!! I am hoping this week end to start to clean up the yard some and get ready for the garden. Hope that weather permits!!!

  23. Well since we had snow this morning in Columbia Mo I am in no hurry to get my plants out.
    We have had a couple nice days but I knew it was to early , so my back yard still looks like winter

  24. Hi Debra... love your potting bench!... and your wild violets look so pretty... your cart full of phlox is gorgeous!... our weather has been yucky too... cold, cold and more cold!...we had several nice days, then cold and wind... our ten day forecast this morning is for SUN and warmth, yippee!... enjoy getting your outdoors areas ready for blooms!... xoxo Julie Marie

  25. PS Lost most of the blogs I was following as I was trying to switch to bloglovin... so, signing up again... I have heard followers is NOT going away... so sorry I messed with mine... I don't like bloglovin at all!... xoxo Julie Marie

  26. We are thinking alike.....I'm heading out this afternoon to dig up some violets that are coming up in areas of my gravel. i love how they look in pots:-)

    I wanted to thank you for mentioning my Etsy store on The Marketplace on Monday. I appreciate you helping me get the word out.

    Hope everything is going well with your husband......thinking about you!


  27. So glad I found you. Love your post and your potting table. I am in the process of making an old table into a potting bench so you have given me some great ideas.
    Our weather has been great, it's just finding the time to get everything done. Have to many projects going on.
    I am your newest follower. Stop by and see my garden.
    Hope it warms up for you.

  28. This looks lovely. Visiting you via No Minimalist Here.I would love for you to stop by and see my new room makeover :)

  29. Love the organized potting bench. Maybe that would help give me more of a green thumb- I need all the help I can get! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Absolutely love this, Debra. I should do something like your bench, too.

  31. Garden cutie for your cart! So nice to have a little potting bench, you've sure styled it well and your photos with the little flowers and scale...they are so pretty! It is cold and rainy here still...a warm few days and then back to cold! You are so right, it does throw things off with getting the Spring chores/plantings done!
    Thanks sooo much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!!

  32. Your potting bench looks like a wonderful place to work with plants and such. LOVE the scale!
    Mary Alice

  33. You always know how to put things together, even outside! I love the potting bench and garden cart. You have a beautiful garden! Thanks so much for sharing!


  34. I love the McCoy planter.It looks perfect with the violets.


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