Saturday, November 17, 2012

Same time, last year...

This has been a pretty hectic month with my husband's doctor visits to St. Louis, (ear specialist), and because of that I just haven't been able to get everything done that I had wanted to for Thanksgiving. Case in point, I didn't get my Holiday Cupboard dressed for Thanksgiving. (just one of many little things) So as I was looking back through my posts, I thought I'd share again what I did last year at Thanksgiving. 

 This is in our lower level sitting area. 

It's always fun to come up with new vignettes each season
for this "married" cabinet and dresser.

squirrels and chipmunks
(hey, I heard they don't have chipmunks in Europe?)

this is my old chalk squirrel bank.

quail, turkey, and pheasant

white ironstone...

The season before Christmas gets a little "woodsy".

 love all my little fuzzy plastic vintage deer

and more ironstone pitchers

I'm counting the days until Christmas decorating starts.
the boxes are posed and ready to explode!

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  1. Debra,
    Loved it last year, love it still!!! I appreciate how you incorporate art into your displays and vignettes! "The Old Homestead" print is amazing with those subtle hues!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving, dear friend!!!

  2. Sometimes we have to skip the fun decorating to take care of the important things. But, really. How dare real life interfere, right? LOL But having skipped the Thanksgiving decorating this year, you'll probably be more than ready for it next year.

    I love the cabinet, but have to say that I absolutely adore the little deer in the platter.

  3. Hi Debra, finding the time for everything can be a bit much & I completely understand. The important thing is that you & your family have a wonderul day together. You can show off your creativity next year:). Your photos from last year are beautiful!

  4. Love seeing everything again Debra... you know me and the critters!... I learned years ago that Chipmunks are only native to North America and Asia, but they are now in many places in Europe, apparently after escaping from people who kept them in captivity... my niece saw some when she lived in London until recently... we know YOU have chipmunks!... have you seen the little cutie any more?... I do hope you hubby is getting better... prayers for him... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  5. I love your Thanksgiving decor...I have a turkey platter similar to yours. I adore your ironstone deer pitcher...can you say "covet"~LOL!
    Visit my "royal blog" & check out my last 2 posts on my turkeys at Thanksgiving. Thanx for sharing, Tiffany

  6. I love the decorations. I think I remember them from last year. I hope the ear doctor visit went well for your husband. Can't wait to see your Christmas.

  7. Love your woodsy decor, especially those precious little deer. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Maybe I'm losing my mind, too, but it's all new to me! I love the squirrel and deer woodsy theme, but if it makes you feel better, you could add some hats and moustaches in Picmonkey and call it new for this year!

  9. How absolutely charming!!! I love all of it!!! Love how you put the print of the Olde Homestead in the cupboard....and I have some of those same deer and still put them on display......happy TG...

  10. Your Thanksgiving Decor and Vignettes are Lovely. I've always felt that Thanksgiving is often the Neglected Holiday when it comes to Styling and Decorating... being wedged between Halloween and Christmas which most people go all out in decorating for... it can often be overlooked in it's Importance and Significance. I'm so glad you Decorate for this Special Holiday as well. Happy Thanksgiving... may you continue to have much to be Thankful for... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Well, first time seeing it all dress up for Fall time, and I love it! I enjoy all the changes you give it for the seasons.
    I can't wait to see you pretty cupboard and lovely porch all dress up for Christmas!

  12. Hi Debra. I love all your woodsy birds and animals along with the pottery in your cupboard. I am so exited. This is my first Christmas in blogland so can't wait to see what everyone does..Happy Weekend..Judy

  13. Your cabinet looks so pretty {or looked so pretty last year}, Debra! I think a lot of us are eager to get started with our Christmas decorating. I usually start on Friday after Thanksgiving. I do think I'm going to head to the attic first thing Monday morning and just see what bins are coming down {although}they usually all do and then I pick and choose from each one.

  14. Love that cabinet filled with pretties:) I don't do a lot of Thanksgiving decorating but have a few things out and some leftover from Halloween! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  15. I missed this last year, so it was a real treat for me! The cupboard itself is a real beauty and it looks great decorated with all your treasures! Love the chalk pieces!

    Hope your husband is doing better!

  16. Debra I just love your cupboard and how you decorate it for the holidays. I love what you did last year too. You have such a great talent for displaying. Since I don't have Thanksgiving and my daughter does I get so focused on Christmas decor so I love seeing what others do for Thanksgiving. So beautiful.

  17. I love this cupboard... it always looks so warm and inviting. LOVE the big chippy squirrel, feathers, and the fuzzy fawn. Hoping your hubby is feeling well.

  18. HI Debra! Now matter when,this is lovely! Seems there's always so much to do and never enough time! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Debra, sometimes life gets in the way of our decorating. As much as we adore it, there are more important things. lol! I know, hard to believe. Hope hubby is doing better with his vertigo! Love your collection of wild life. The chalk bank is a unique find. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing your beautiful decor.

  20. so wonderful and worth seeing every year,
    the bounty of whites and browns make me smile,


  21. That is such a beautiful cabinet!!! I love what you created here!!!


  22. Debra, this is lovely. I love all the woodsy touches. Makes me want to redo some of my shelves. ;-)
    Hope your husband's health improves.
    Happy Thanksgiving.......Sarah

  23. It was fun to see your great things. I liked the pheasants,sweet deer and your suitcases (they look like they have faces--actuallly the latches, locks, and handle. Two out of three are smiling). Thanks for showing us your cute and fun things.


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