Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holiday Cupboard for Fall...

I've had a little owl fetish going on this Fall. Last year it was crows, this year it's the ever-mysterious, dark-of-night, can-be-a little-creepy, Barn-ibus Hoot-icus.

And some of them have come to live in my
Holiday Cupboard.

(pay no attention to the old-school, 10 year old attempt at covering a large French door when there were no other options and I'm too cheap right now to try to find something else, curtains.)

For those of you "hoo" ve been hanging around for awhile
you know that this is my "married" cupboard downstairs,
that changes out each Holiday or Season;
hence the name "Holiday Cupboard".

I thought I'd group some of my old cameras and alarm clocks,
found at local fleas for just a few dollars,
 together with this black, neutral, and orange theme.

Love this guy's silhouette and slightly ominous eyes.
(found last weekend at Inspirational Home)

These are two very old Children's Encyclopedias.
These were a dollar each at our local swap meet.
what a deal. love the graphics.

And it's just not Fall without some Birdies and Squirrels

If you'd like to see last year's Fall Holiday Cupboard, which was a runner up in the Fall Cottages and Bungalow's Contest, then just click here. Hope you're having a great weekend, lot's more "Fabulous Fall Fun" coming up!

I'll be joining these parties this week:

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Tweak it Tuesday The Cozy Little House
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  1. Love the addition of the owls to your cupboard. I think they are perfect for fall decorating. I like the open books on the shelves.

  2. Love the addition of the open books. Makes it extra special! Yes, he rather does have ominous eyes. Better keep a wary eye on him....

  3. Barn-ibus Hoot-icus :-) Luv it!!!
    Wonderful Fall cupboard.

    Pop on by and visit me over at my place...
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Love it! Just perfect for fall....especially love the owls :)

  5. Looks outstanding Debra (as always) the idea of the open books. Thanks for sharing with us.


  6. I love your cupboard of seasonal treasures! Scrumptious. :)

  7. Debra, this is really pretty! You have some great treasures to decorate with!

  8. Hello Debra
    this is a wonderful post :)
    you have a treasure.....
    and do not miss the......


    already 94 nice blogs...
    WELCOME :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  9. Hi Debra Love your Holiday Cupboard. What a wonderful idea. You have some really beautiful treasures. I do love the old vintage camera that looks like a face. So great.

  10. My daughter likes owls, too. They do have an ominious look for the season! Jean

  11. Debra,
    How WISE and clever you are to add owls to your Holiday Caupboard, dear friend! Last years display was stunning...but I'm lovin' the clocks in this display even more!!!Barn~ibus Hoot~icus doesn't look overly pleased with his new name, does he??? Autumn has arrived On Crooked Creek and the doors and windows are open wide to allow this fresh, gentle breeze all through the house!!! EnJOY!!!

  12. Hi Debra, Love your cupboard. It is Hootiful! My favorite color scheme, black white brown and orange. Warm and lovely.

  13. Hi Debra... I just love your holiday cupboard all decked out for Fall!... I am one of those "whoo" has been with you a long time and love seeing how it changes with the Seasons... I also love Owls and all of your birdies and squirrels... and your vintage cameras are fabulous and your old clocks look striking! (sorry, couldn't resist saying that!)... Happy Fall!... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. Okay, so... you sent me in to a fit of giggles with "Barn-ibus Hoot-icus".

    I have to go back and read it all again 'cause I giggled so hard. LOLOL

    Debra - your cupboard is GORGEOUS!!!

  15. Thinkin the Owls are just about perfect. Love it !!! :)

  16. The clocks, the books, the owls, the birds... I love everything in your Holiday cupboard! Those tiny shovel and rake by the side of the wheel barrow are just too cute too!

  17. I see 4 of my own obsessions here... Vintage clocks, cameras, suitcases and owls. Love them all, especially all together here. Wonderful seasonal display! Thanks for always inspiring us!

  18. The cupboard is beautiful, Debra. I do the same thing with one I have, keeping it themed year round. Love everything in it, so adorable! xo's Pam

  19. great collection of owls! your cupboard looks so pretty!

  20. I always love seeing your holiday cupboard, Debra. The vignettes are so well done, with such detail!


  21. Your cupboard looks perfectly decorated for Fall, Debra! Just the right amount for me. Great encyclopedias ~ love the illustrations to work with your owls and pumpkins.

  22. OMGosh! i love owls for fall. I wish I had more of them. This is so cute a vignette!!

  23. I had to scroll through the comments to see whoooo all left comments about you being a real hoot!


  24. It's only appropriate as you are a hoot yourself.

  25. Debra,

    I LOVE the Holiday Cupboard! Great idea. A display all contained in one area. LOVE IT!

    And I personally like the owls better than crows... there are so many beautiful ones to choose from yet, the crows all look the same. Enjoy your treasures & thanks for sharing!

  26. Love your owl silhouette and your plaid pumpkin. Did you make them?
    Rita at

  27. I love the owls, cameras and the clocks, in fact I pinned this on my board shelf stylin:) Very beautifully done!
    I've also added you back onto my bloglist, some of my fav blogs disappear sometimes. For what reason I guess I'll never know! Anyway, missed some posts of yours and I'll have a good time catching up:)


  28. I love your owls, Debra! Your cupboard is lovely fixed up for fall.

  29. Debra,

    The cupboard looks amazing! Love the owls!

  30. Your holiday cupboard and owls are awesome, Debra! Everything you do is so beautiful. Sure wish you could decorate my house!

  31. Debra- O h sweet goodness, those vintage owl graphics are darling! I love how you uniquely used them as a backdrop for your other pieces. Your holiday cupboard always looks so pulled together and festive! You truly have a gift at layering!

  32. beautiful cupboard and I love all the neat fall vignettes.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Ginger

  33. Debra, I love your latest owl fetish. haha. Isn't it funny how we get attracted to different items? This year my eyes have been drawn to owls too, and I absolutely admire your talent for creating displays. Love how you mixed vintage cameras and clocks with the owl images. It's sheer eye candy!

  34. I love your display. The owls are fab!
    Would love to see it in person....


  35. Love the owls Debra and you have a great camera collection!

  36. Your holiday cupboard looks like a fun place to "play" each season, Debra. Love how you've used the old cameras and clocks with your fall display.
    Mary Alice

  37. Love all those owls, Debra! My son and I went out with the flashlight last night to find one!

  38. Your cupboard is fantastic as are your owls! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  39. I love what you did with your cupboard, it is unexpected and yet very seasonally stylish!! Love the clocks and old cameras.

  40. Hi Debra! Your Fall cupboard is so cozy and charming...with a touch of spookiness, but not too much! I love each and every detail! Happy Fall to you, my friend!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  41. It's gorgeous and hoot-able! Thank you for sharing your fabulous Fall inspiration and creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  42. Mr. Hooticus (too funny!) looks like he's got a hip pad for the season. Of course I love all the white, black, & orange in your fabulous cupboard. Fall wonderful fall. :@


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