Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Having a little Fall with lunch...

Even though we all haven't dived into Fall with our home decor yet,
(OK, some of us have dipped our toes into it)
retail has to be a step ahead of the season.

So when my mom, sis, and her sis-in-law headed out to lunch last week
we wanted to try out the new tea room at The Vintage Veranda.

And of course shopping the store, The Vintage Suitcase, where Robin's touches of Fall are seen everywhere.

Robin creates the most beautiful floral arrangements and wreathes...
even the wildlife want to get in on the display!

Gorgeous Autumnal tones throughout the store.

Even a hint of Halloween

Just in case you need a "hand" with some creepy decor...

Don't you just love this great black and white Buffalo Check?

And just look at this yummy lunch. A quarter of the quiche pie, with a cup of delicious cream of roasted pepper soup. Oh so Delicious!

Be watching for more information on the upcoming Fall Open House, which will be September 14-16, with a new outdoor dining area in back.

If you're anywhere near Springfield, in SW Missouri you'll want to come visit. It's definitely a "destination spot"!



  1. Oh I could have some real fun there girl..Hugs Gl♥ria

  2. we'll have to put that on our list of shopping spots in October!

  3. Hi Debra!
    Such a beautiful store...and the lunch YUMMY!!!


  4. I loved seeing this Autumn tease...oh how I wish I could be there for the open house. It will be glorious!

  5. I love the orange candles and black candle sticks. I also love the B&W check tablecloth. I think YOU are ready to dive into fall.

  6. Debra,
    Your timing with this post couldn't have been more perfect, dear friend!!! Today it's in the low 70's, raining, over ~ cast and almost Autumnal weather!!! "Mr. Ed" and I have this as a "must see" on our vacation this Fall!!! Unfortunately, we'll miss the Open House, but I'm sure there will still be plenty for us to see! Thanks for intriquing us with your photos! I caught a glimpse of you in the mirror with camera in hand! Love it when that happens!

  7. Okay Debra , I have to know where this is located so I can make the treck up there !

  8. I love a women's day lunch in a tea room! The shop looks lovely and the displays are inspiring.

  9. Debra,

    That looks like a great way to spend a day! Loads of inspiration! Wish I lived closer!



  10. Debra,
    This is too funny. I think this is the second time we have posted about the same topic at the same time :)
    I just posted about the Vintage Veranda Tearoom and included some shots of the Vintage Suitcase as well.
    Oh well.....great minds....and all that. :)

  11. I admit it. I've dipped my toes. I can't help it! Fall is my favorite... with a little Halloween mixed in. :)

  12. Oooh Debra, I love this post!... you have "dipped your toes" into Fall, I am jumping in feet first!... Autumn is my most favorite ever time of year and I love all these fabulous photos, I want one of everything!... love, love love the black and white buffalo plaid!... black looks soo pretty with the colors of Fall... your lunch looks delish too... can't wait to see when you do your sunporch in all it's Autumn glory... I want to live there!... xoxo Julie Marie PS My nieces and I are going to Home Goods tomorrow to look at all their Halloween!!!

  13. Say it ain't so - I don't want to retire my flip flops for awhile! Love those cute little paper placemats with the plates & cutlery on them!

  14. such a cute shop, debra! tfs with us:)

  15. Wow, what a great looking lunch and such a treat to visit the store, too, Debra! She's got some wonderful and fun things. I see a few I would have picked up for myself!

  16. That looks like a great place to eat and shop. I love going to places like that. So much better than the mass produced stores and chain restaurants. Hobby Lobby already has their Fall decor and even Christmas stuff out!

  17. Debra, wish we had something like this here. A great place to have lunch while surrounded by incredible inspiration and good shopping. ;-)

  18. Debra, these images are great! I'm excited for the upcoming fall season. These look like wonderful places for shopping!

  19. Hi sweet Debra!! Your post made me smile...I just LOVE seeing the touches of fall, my most very favorite time of the year ~ what a wonderful shop! I can so tell I would love to poke around inside :) I hope you are doing so good...much love and hugs, Dawn

  20. Gorgeous! My birthday is on Halloween, so I have a special love for all things Fall that are not especially "kitschy". This post makes me want to get in my car and head West!

  21. What fabulous vignettes, Debra! Even though I'm hesitant to let go of summer, your photos are are beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Oh goodness the amount of fallish splendour!! I love autumn and its in full swing here!!! :D LOVE it!


  23. SO much Autumnal goodness Debra! I am in love with the little pumpkin man and his kitty cat! It all makes me want to go make a wreath for the door!
    sending hugs...

  24. i'm okay with seeing the fall touches - but i was in a shop the other day and they were setting up for christmas already (my mouth really did drop open). So much fantastic goodies - looks like a great day! xo, tracie

  25. That post has me very excited for fall, if not quite ready to put the shells away, but soon. LOVE FALL!

  26. Oh Wow! What a wonderful shop! The displays are so creative and magical! I could spend a lot of time in this place! Thanks for sharing, lots of inspiration!


  27. It all looks great however I can just now enjoy all our white things about summer, It is fianlly a decent degree here where we can enjoy being outside. what I am trying to say is it's 76 degrees this moening instead of 115 like for the last 7 weeks.
    I know retailers have to think ahead and get the fall decor out first,
    show me some more of your beautiful white stuff which you always have gorgeous things in white
    I even want to paint now that I can stand to be outside.
    I had coffee on my patio this week and loved it , I really have missed it my nice morning outside before going to work

    and I haven't made it to southern Missouri yet this year either

    I went on & on didn't I ? LOL

  28. We have a couple places around for lunch in the shop and they are fun to look at, fun to eat at and the food is usually really good.


  29. so beautiful and inspiring!! I need to get going on some fall decor in my booth! : / thanks for sharing- love it!

  30. How can you NOT want to usher in fall with all that loveliness? :)

  31. Dear Debra,

    Oh I wish sometimes I lived near you :-) you alwayes visit such fantastic shops, and these are totally wonderful. I love that hand and the black pumpkin, and the sweetest pumpkin man- -but it is all so interesting shops.

    Thankyou for showing-
    Hugs, Dorthe

  32. In love with this shop for sure! I could spend all day in there!

  33. I'm so ready for Fall! You've inspired me with this gorgeous post! There are so many great Fall items here! You've got me in the mood to pull some times out and get busy! Love the touches of Halloween!

  34. I need to come and have lunch with you at The Vintage Suitcase! What a fabulous place!!!! It is totally decked out with all things fall!


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