Monday, September 12, 2011

Room by Room; My New Living Room

Today is the second installment of
Room by Room over at Cottage and Vine.
So I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos
from my Living Room.

If you've been with me for awhile you'll know that I've finished
the big job of painting out most of my furniture to white,
the latest being my massive, still hanging, chandy.

It was a huge job and I'm still tweaking,
but I'm beyond happy with how it is turning out.

Comfortable yet elegant,
with a Frenchy flair.

To make the transition I had to paint about 15 pieces of furniture
and countless small changes.

This all started back over the July 4th weekend,
and I've worked pretty much non-stop since then.

If you're new to my blog, I hope you'll follow along
as I'm starting to decorate for Fall.

and come join in for my weekly link party,
Vintage Inspiration Friday

Roomspiration, A View Along the Way
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Hope you're off to a great start of the week,



  1. Oh what a beautiful room! You have done a fabulous job Debra.


  2. Your room looks wonderful Debra ! It look so fresh and inviting . It's nice and large too, mine is really small (cozy )but I love it.

  3. Your livingroom is so fantastic.

    Have a great week


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  5. Holy Cow it's gorgeous!
    All of your hard work has paid off. I love that with the white it's still cozy and warm!

  6. Wow your living room looks so gorgeous!! I love everything about it. Your fireplace screen is beautiful. You did such a fabulous job.


  7. Hi Debra:
    That a beautiful, comfortable and inviting room. I can't imagine anyone not falling in love with the result of all your hard and loving work!

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while. (We've been traveling this summer.) But, I'm back now and will continue to stop by and say "Hello".

    Hugs from FL,
    PS. Sorry for the deleted comment. I hate typos! xoxo

  8. Debra Bravo!! The work you put into this really makes a difference. I love the white! It offsets your warm tones beautifully!


    Art by Karena

  9. Absolutley


  10. Great job ~ beautiful room and I love that clock!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Beautiful room! Your gustavian floor clock is to die for!

  12. You have obviously put a lot of work into this space- it looks amazing! And I do love the vaulted ceiling with the much character.

  13. Oh Debra... it's GORGEOUS!!!!


  14. Beautiful, Debra! Your living room should be on the cover of a magazine, especially the first shot!! I mean that! Love your ceiling and all the gorgeous pieces you painted!


  15. Debra...
    When can I come over!?!?! Just Lovely... Sooooo cozy and warm...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  16. Debra, your home is just so very beautiful!... It is so warm and inviting, I love all of the colors of your couches, loveseats, rugs, etc and you have such a flair for adding just the right touches everywhere... Happy Autumn to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! And it's Fabulous too!

    What a beautiful room. You should submit your before and after story and pictures to magazines!

  18. Outstanding transformation! I am especially loving the corner with the Mora clock and the white chair...did you paint the clock, too? Also loving all of the details you added or that just seem to show up more now. Gorgeous...I'll bet you just love sitting in there and admiring it all.


  19. Your living room looks gorgeous, love that Mora clock, the changes are fantastic, can't believe the chandy transformation, your living room deserves a big "10" Great Job!
    XXX Ido

  20. It really is such a wonderful transformation. That formal feeling is all gone, replaced with a soft comfortable one. Aren't you glad you listened to your heart?

  21. WOW! Debra, I love this room. It is beautiful, but cozy! AWESOME!

  22. This room is so calm, interesting, and beautiful. I will have to keep coming back to study your design...just stunning.

  23. Debra, This room is one of my absolute favorites. I must admit I was one of those that told you not to paint the clock. I am eating my words now because it looks beautiful.

  24. This is fabulous room. It has an elegant yet cozy feel. I love the beams! The entire room is just so very pretty and put together.

  25. Fifteen pieces painted, you are off the chain but in a totally worth it way.

  26. You did a beautiful job on your living room! It looks very very nice. I'm looking forward to participating in VIF this week. I've started my fall decorating. I hope you have a great week. Blessings, Pamela

  27. Oh Debra- now when the ladder and covering of furnichures, have gone, I can really see the so amazingly beautiful sitting room -of yours. Painting the chandelier gave it the last fantastic look, dear friend.It is such a joy looking at your photoes, of beauty.
    Hugs and love from

  28. Your hard work shows off as fabulous. I love the wall color with the bright whites. The touches of green and leaving the wood stained beams overhead was just right. You are one gutsy lady to climb that high and stay that long to repaint that chandy There is no stopping a woman on a mission!

  29. Beautiful! I too am repainting furniture white. I will be looking back on your room for inspiration.

  30. Debra,
    I adore the use of painted furniture! The soft hues in your room are accentuated by the soft white palette! I know this has NOT been an easy or a quick fix, but the results are exquisite, dear! Enjoy!. . .and thank you for allowing us into your lovely home to share in it's beauty!

  31. What a beautiful room i love it the white painted furniture looks gorgeous the room feels fresh yet comfortable. I absolutley adore your clock

  32. It all looks very stunning. . .I love your tone on tone
    color palette !
    And you are a very brave lady to take on painting
    a chandelier, OH MY.
    What is the colour you have used on your walls, I
    really like it.
    Can't wait for the fall decorations post.

  33. Your living room is just stunning! It is magazine worthy. I hope someone contacts you about it. I like how you've painted many of your pieces, but you've also left some wooden ones. There is one word that comes to my mind to describe your room: WARM!

  34. What a GORGEOUS room! Those beams! I like your white furniture updates ... the room as a whole is incredibly inviting :)

  35. Debra, your room is beautiful! And huge!! Great job painting all of those pieces. I love the white chandelier.

    Have a great day.

  36. Oh Debra! Everything is looking just gorgeous! The entire room is light and bright and yet still has such an elegant and traditional feel to it. I just love it! :-)

  37. So beautiful. I love how the whites and brown under tones work together.

  38. oh my Debra, what a beautiful room. I know that I have seen it before but WOW! All of your transformations are really beautiful. t. xoxoxoox

  39. Debra, your living room is absolutely *gorgeous* It is so dramatic with the beams and cathedral ceiling!!! You are truly a gifted decorator. (I wish we were neighbors ;P )

  40. Debra I absolutely love your sofas! They are so pretty! The pillows on the sofas are gorgeous!!
    I love how you combined the earth tones with the creamy whites! So beautiful!

  41. This is an absolutely gorgeous room!! Love every inch of it. I am dying over that chandelier. Lovely!

  42. I can't believe you got the chandy painted! The room looks great. I love the whites with the neutrals. Beautiful!

  43. Wow! Your living room is stunning! I love all the white painted pieces and the french feel you've added. The beams in your ceiling are making me completely jealous! Wish I had high ceilings with rustic beams. All your hard work has paid off!

  44. Your room looks absolutely gorgeous! It could be on the cover of a magazine... Amazing


  45. Debra, I just love seeing this room again. I love beams in a room. That just adds so much to the room.

  46. It's beautiful and so cozy! I ♥ it all :)

  47. Fabulous, fabulous room, Debra! Still drooling over your recently painted chandie! And, love the pops of Fall on your mantel. Truly inspirational. We have the same ceiling .. WISH we could add beams!

  48. It wouldn't surprise me if this room turns up in a magazine one day. It is absolutely beautiful! Those ceilings are wonderful!

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely space in the "Room to Room" series!


  49. Debra, I love how you have transformed that room. It's a beauty!


  50. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous
    Looks so inviting
    great job and wonderful pictures too

  51. I love your living room. Just enough white to rest the eyes, but the warm walls, rug, couches make it just perfect for beautiful.


  52. What a beautiful living room! I love the chandy and the fireplace is stunning! Great Job :)

  53. Well, It wouldn't surprise me if this room turns up in a magazine one day. It is absolutely beautiful, Those ceilings are wonderful!
    Appreciate so much for sharing your great space in the "Room to Room" series!
    sex and addiction

  54. Debra this one of my favorite living rooms! I love the ceiling and white changes...very frenchy!

  55. Gorgeous room! The white pieces look so elegant and pretty! Love the pillows on your sofa!

    New to your blog... I'll definitely be checking back to see what you have in store for fall! :)

  56. Absolutely gorgeous! Painting furniture is a huge undertaking and to paint so many pieces too! WOW! I believe it has been worth it. This room looks like it should be in a magazine...the photos are impressive. So enjoyed your post and thankful you joined us for Roomspiration. :D

  57. Lol! You left a comment on my blog stating our rooms were seperated at birth - you are absolutely correct! I literally felt like I was in your room, seeing the structure is near identical. And the fact that they are both done in whites... what are the odds? Oh, and btw - your chandalier has a little sister in my dinning room. ;)

    Your newest follower,

  58. Oh Debra, Keep all those brown dark colors the look is stunning! You added just the right amount of white to make elegant.

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