Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #21: Legendary Luggage

There's just something about
the feel and look of old leather luggage.
The patina and wear bring exotic places to mind.

Who has carried it?
Where were they going?
Romance or business?
Ingenue or seasoned traveler?

A tourist in France...

or on African safari...

vintage luggage holds a fascination for me;
it's an inspiration.


iconic trunks of a bygone era

In the cargo hold of a transatlantic liner,

...or in a sleeper car on a European Express.

...think Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie

What treasures of lace and linen...
furs and jewels,
did they contain?

monogrammed with identification
for the worldwide traveler

lasting a lifetime and beyond.

repurposed for everyday living

A French trademark

(all images found at

I've admired these for years
... and thanks to my sweet husband;
I was blessed with a little vintage inspiration just for me.

Now to share some fun from last week...

Have Trunk...Will Travel

She stole my {vintage} heart

Faded Prairie Couture

Think Spring!!

This girl is a constant source of inspiration!
love ya, Jeanine!

Hope you'll join in for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday!
anything vintage inspired...

Be sure and grab the
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love you all!


  1. Fun post..loved all the images.
    Thanks so much for hosting.

  2. I think I would faint if I found a vintage Louis Vitton suitcase or trunk. Be still my heart

  3. I love a stack of old luggage beside the bed as a table. Thanks bunches honey bunches for hosting. ♥O

  4. ...the women from the past that packed these surely had such a flair for dressing, such a romantic time!
    ~ and I adore that set of white luggage and envision a piece of lace draped on it as a table :)

    I so appreciate the wheels on our luggage today ~ lol!!

    xo, Rosemary

  5. Oh Debra - I LOVE that you have Jill's creations featured - I'm TOTALLY drooling over them!!! She's so mega-talented!

    This post is AWESOME! I can't get enough vintage suitcases! Your Hubby is a keeper for sure!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  6. I love those vintage LV trunks - dreamy! Thank you for hosting this inspirational party.


  7. Gorgeous images! Thanks so much for hosting!

  8. Hi Debra... oooh, I love Louis Vuitton!... those vintage trunks are so fabulous... and yes, I can just imagine all the precious treasures they once held!... lucky lady to get your very own bag... it's beautiful!... I am signed up right this time, I think!... thanks for hosting the party!... xoxo Julie Marie PS My pendant arrived, it's gorgeous!... I left you feedback on Etsy!

  9. You captures some beautiful luggage pics. I love old luggage and buy it when I can.

  10. Louis in the house! I must come visit!
    I'm just a tiny bit jealous!

    Love ya, Becky

  11. It really does make a person wonder where all those pieces of luggage has been. Nice Purse ! :D
    Thanks for hosting again. Hope my vintage looking necklace qualifies.

  12. I adore vintage luggage!!! We just picked up a great leather one, last night to sell. They are not only beautiful but they are great storage too:) Love your post today:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. Oh I have a wonderful LV tote, but would love a suitcase. Great pics and such fun to look at. Love your new piece also. Hugs, Marty

  14. How fantastic are these images. Drooling here. The vintage Louies are sooo cool. Love this post. Sherry

  15. I love vintage luggage. Oh the tales they could tell. I'm always so curious about the history, where have they been, who owned them, etc. The pictures are wonderful.

  16. Those trunks just get ya'!!! Lovely! I always think of the Titanic and the trunks that the wealthy carried with all their treasures!

  17. To quote Rick..."Louis, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship." I could be bff's with luggage that great!
    Can you imagine what they held? I love matching sets especially the little train cases. 'Course with today's baggage handlers they probably wouldn't stay matched for long.
    Love this post and all the beautiful memories it evokes!
    P.S. I hope you were equally as generous with the hubster...wink, wink!

  18. You always AMAZE me ... I just bought 3 'new' very old suitcases this week ... I especially love when they still have their original name tags w/addresses on them ... very interesting!

    Thanks for including my faded prairie couture in this weeks posts ... I finished 3 more today ...


  19. I love old suitcases! I bought a wonderful old set of white luggage with soft pink silky linings. I put them in the mall for display with what I thought was a hefty price. They sold that week. I was crushed, they were so great! Thanks for the wonderful pics.

  20. I TOO Love old suitcases and trunks!!! I can NEVER pass them without having MOST of them follow me home! Every bedroom has an antique trunk at the foot of their bed...LOVE your POST!!! These are TRUE gems of our past and OH don't we want to know their stories!!!
    Thank you SO much for the wonderful post AND hosting such a fun party every week!!!
    Hugs to you,

  21. I'd love to own some old luggage. I would turn it into a nightstand or end table {you featured an inspirational picture of this}. if it were Louis Vuitton, that would help!

    Have a great weekend!


  22. love vintage trunks! I have one in my craft room right now storing fabrics, but I think I'm going to sell it soon- I need the floor space! :)
    Love the pics.

  23. They don't make luggage like they used to - what style!
    Thanks for hosting, Debra!

  24. Debra, I have some awesome trunks that my Mother had on the Andrea Doria when she came over from Italy I will have to post them or send you some pictues of them. I am very fortunate to have such things in my possession. They work so well with everything I love to decorate with. love your post.

  25. Ooh, wonder what a LV vintage piece would cost!!! They are so beautiful and this is a great post.

    I love your new bag, how sweet of hubs.


  26. Hello Debra;
    There is Nothing Like Traveling is There! What a Wonderful Post and Thank you for the Fond Memories You Inspired! I think Having a Sleeper Suite on the Orient Express would be a Most Wonderful Adventure!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  27. I love vintge luggage too. Can you believe my mom and dad have a couple piece and were just going to throw them away?!? I've really got to keep my eye on them as they sold my childhood barbies on a garage sale for pennies!!!!

    Lovely images. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi Debra,

    Thank you for hosting such a fun and eventful party! Thank you too, for your visit and very kind and encouraging words. I just love visiting you at your blog. You have an amazing talent for making us all feel like a part of your life, not to mention, an amazing talent for decorating! Very inspiring on both counts.


  29. Ohh love me some LV love!!!! :) Thanks for hosting! :)

  30. Now a snow day just won't do it for me anymore ~ Now I want to pack my bags and take a fun trip!

  31. Hi debra
    Love love the luggage inspiration!!! Such beautiful photos and the vignettes are just as lovely. So happy to join in your link up this Friday. Sending you much love!!!


  32. Lovin' all your vintage inspiration, Debra! I love old luggage, too, but don't have any... at least not yet. ;-)
    Thanks for hosting this fun party every week!
    jo :)

  33. Great inspiration, Debra. Love the luggage. Hope you don't mine that I did a second entry. If it's a problem, please delete. Thanks for being a gracious hostess.

  34. I just love this post, Debra. You found some wonderful images. I just did a post a few days ago and used a vintage suitcase on my armoire. Now I'm thinking how neat it would be to make a table with a few of them stacked up. I love wondering about the previous owners and what they carried in the old cases.

    Great post!


  35. Yummy, yummy, yummy! p.s. you have a great looking pair of legs! :)

  36. I am still a sucker for Louis Vuitton. Dunno what it is. Awesome inspiration Debra. I will also have to check out the blogs you listed. xoxo tami

  37. The old, vintage luggage is fun! I can just imagine climbing aboard the Orient Express or a ship for an Atlantic crossing....


  38. I also have a fascination with vintage luggage! I just purchased 5 vintage suitcases this week to stack in my entry looks SO cute! I love them!

  39. Oh Debra, I absolutely love your images of the luggage... I have a few, they make such great displays!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun party... I have a link to your blog now... I have to go to town to our business and use the computer there to get my link up... for some reason since I changed to firefox it won't let me link up on my computer! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  40. love your post....and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind message...i enjoy your blog so much and wanted to be sure to tell you.

  41. Hi Debra! I'm joining you for the first time! What a lovely frenchy! And your own LV...what a sweet hubby! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  42. Beautiful photographs. As much as I love the LV luggage, I really liked the plain white ones with initials.
    Love your handbag - that was a super nice gift!

  43. Debra you always know what to say to make a girl feel good. Thank you so much for your comment, words from you are like a warm hug on a cold day.

  44. "Back then" they just knew how to travel with style! And then, there were the hat boxes they carried! Packing was no simple matter! Think of trying to squish those long dresses into trunks and suitcases! This was all pre-knit-travelwear! LOL!
    Beautiful photos, Debra!

  45. What an amazing post-as always-the vintage luggage is really wonderful and I love the pics!

  46. Those trunks are beautiful! Great post! I enjoyed looking at those:)

  47. Love all the pictures, Very cool post, Who knew trunks could be so romantic? I would love to find a few vintage trunks in good condition for an area in my living room to store blankets and extra pillows!

  48. Hi sweetie
    Love all these trunks you found
    I have a thing for the sea grass trunks and have a few...
    My computer is down right now, so I am on my iPad and will link up but can't do a new post
    Hope you are having a good weekBlessings

  49. Now that is a little extra baggage I wouldn't mind owning up to!!!

    Love your party Debra!!!

  50. Love all the luggage! You lucky duck, scoring that bag. Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend.

  51. Debra,
    These are wonderful pictures! I had my grandfathers big trunk, but we lost it when we were flooded at our previous home.
    I love the look and repurposing of vintage luggage too!

  52. Reminds me of something Ralph Lauren would show. I've just completed my post. Happy Friday and weekend to you!!

  53. What a fun post! I have an old steamer trunk in my studio that I really need to pull out an enjoy. Thanks for sharing all these great pieces Debra. Blessings...Polly

  54. I LOVED this post and I would also love to know the answers you asked about the prior owners to our old vintage luggage. It Is rather romantic to think about, isn't it?


  55. We love using suitcases! Of course...nothing like these beauties...but well loved nontheless!

  56. Debra, I love old suitcases and trunks. I have a very old steamer trunk used as a nightstand in the nautical guest room.

  57. LOVE vintage luggage! Stacked, painted, torn, tattered! It's all good! LOL
    P.S. Are there any rules for the Feb. 14th party? Only vintage Valentines?

  58. Vintage luggage is so cool!!! Great photos! I'm joining your party for the first time!!!

  59. Oh how I wish I had an L.V. trunk to take on my trip to France in May. But I shall just be happy to be going. :)

    I grabbed your button.

  60. I'll have to snap a pic one of these days of the Wicker Trunk my family brought over from Europe in 1929.....It's a bit Saggy and worn,,,,but I SO love the memories associated with it!
    I posted my latest Corset on the link.......
    I'll be working on other things again for a while,,,but I'm sure I'll be altering more lingerie.....I just love the textures!

    I hope you have a GREAT weekend...There are just NOT enought hours in the day to talk to everyone we want to..........
    Love hugs and a "Bus" on the Cheek!

  61. I love Vintage Luggage too... my favorite... old Steamer Trunks! I was Blessed to inherit the one that my Paternal Grandmother owned and had passed down to my Dad. I have found other Trunks and Vintage Suitcases and use them to store all of my materials and trims, such beautiful storage they are!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  62. beautiful pics! I'm still hoping for the day that I find one of these old LV's at a yard sale for $5. It could happen... Glad I could link up with you all this weekend! -diane

  63. Hi Debra!!
    Do I know you? You seem very familiar to me??
    If not I should! Because we love the same things! My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw this post! You see I'm a LV addict. Really in need a 12 step addicted! But the LV trunks are my absolute favorites. I actually found my largest trunk at a garage sale for $50! Sorry I sound so giddy *winks* I know you have a gazillion comments to attend to but if you get a chance you might like my post here on my love for LV?
    And I'd love to hook up to your party! Thanks for hosting!...I don't know how I've missed ya? Vanna

  64. Debra! I finally have something to link up to your beautiful party. Thank you for hosting. LOVE the luggage. I have been on the hunt for vintage suitcases after seeing your white ones a while back and songbird's nightstand. Oh, luggage. Where art thou?!

    Hope you're having a great weekend,

  65. Hello Debra,
    Thank you for the feature! Was reading your post and scrolling and saw my puppy with my {vintage} heart!.
    Love, love, love vintage luggage. I have about 6 or 7 pieces that help me keep things tidy around the house.
    Thanks again!

  66. wouldn't it be wonderful to have a trunk or suitcase like these?! *swoon*
    beautiful photos...thank you for the inspiration!

  67. Great post! Some BEAUTIFUL luggage here. I absolutely love using old vintage luggage to decorate the home, gives it a wonderful antqiue feel! Like you mentioned- patina is fantastic! Use a old leather suitcase as a nightstand and watch how the light from your window transforms the colour to make it look even more the part!


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