Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have a good excuse...

My house is a wreck,
there are still turkeys running around,
the laundry is piled high.,
not one Christmas box or tub has been opened...

you might be asking.
Moi, who has been chomping at the bit
to get started with the Christmas decorating...?

Well, let's say the Christmas decor train
got rerouted to Home Depot last Saturday
and the result is something that
I just couldn't put off...

Plus I had the help of my handsome hubby
who was repaying me for days away for deer hunting.
Sometimes payback can be...
a good thing!

I've been terribly whiny
about wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets
and lighten things up with a new wall color,
so I had to make a decision,
decorate for Christmas...
or have a whole new look for the kitchen.
I guess you can tell what won out!
I still have a ways to go.
So hopefully soon I'll have it "blog worthy"!

Just a few pics to show you I'm still alive,
and then I want to apologize for being a lousy blogger friend.
I'm too far behind to ever catch up
so please know that I love you all,
appreciate your joining in for

Vintage Inspiration Friday,

and always leaving such wonderful comments.
I'm not ignoring you all
but I know the world doesn't stop
just because I can't come and visit all you great peeps.

Now, having said that with a humble attitude,
I'm closing in on that 1000 follower mark
and I'm not going to let it go unnoticed,
so hopefully,
when I can get myself and my house together...
and take care of the personal hygiene,
I'll put together a Give Away to celebrate!!
Also, remember that this week starts the

Vintage Inspiration Christmas Party

Please grab the button and plan to join in with the vintage fun!

Today, I'm linking up with Kathleen for White Wednesday
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Now, back to the paint can!
lots of love,


  1. Oh, you've done what I wanted to do to my oak kitchen cabinets, except we want to move so I'm not going through all this. Next house will be white kitchen cabinets! You'll have to do a before and after post, Debra, so we can have your "before" kitchen in front of us. I do love what I'm seeing so far! : )

  2. OH! I want to do the same thing! Desperately want to. But I am frozen in indecision about the color of paint. Is yours white? And are you going to put a glaze on it? Our kitchen seems so dark with these walnut colored cabinets with lots of woodgrain. I am SO over them!

    How did you decide? They look great.

  3. Oh Debra I am SO excited for you about the new look in the kitchen. I definately understand the proper use of a payback. I am STILL sleeping on that rock but I KNOW that a new couch is in the future so I will bide my time. I can't wait to see the new look. If you have a chance though stop by and enter my giveaway if you want.

  4. Oh my gosh Debra - I'm so excited for you!!! I forgive you - 'cause renovating is ALWAYS toooo much fun!!! Wait 'til you go in for your morning coffee and just GRIN at your new kitchen!!!

    Augh! I can't wait to see!!!

    Have fun! And remember... no paint job is finished 'til you're wearing some on your nose.

    ;-D xoxoxo

  5. Everybody is having the same problems with getting the house straightened out! Me too. Love what you have done under that cloche, great inspiration.

  6. I still have turkeys running around too! Trying to decide whether to spray paint the pumpkins... you understand! I've got to get going. Love the fact you are getting a new do! Can't wait for you to share with us.

  7. Hi Debra, your cabinets look so beautiful, I just love the color!!! Can't wait to see it all finished.
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Hi Debra, We know the feeling of everything being all over the place. We are trying to get our home decorated before our Christmas gathering on the 11. I am sure you will get everything in order becuase from everything Ive seen in all your past post it is all beautiful. Have a good day.....Julian

  9. Your new white cupboards are beautiful. I love white, it goes with everything. I am sure you will get your holiday decor up in due time. I am still working on mine, bit by bit.

  10. Wise choice, I'd say. Speaking for myself, it's not every day that hubby is ready and willing do do a makeover.

    Maybe you can talk mine into white cabinets. He's still in the 80's and wants our light oak cabinets to stay the way they are. Sigh...

  11. Good for you ~ a kitchen makeover. I'd take that anyday over decorating. And if it's any consolation, I haven't been able to start decorating and I don't have as good an excuse as yours :) Anxious to see your kitchen.

  12. Oh how fun to have a 'new' kitchen for Christmas!! I am thrilled for you and looking forward to the end results!

  13. Oh my gosh...now I'm nervous. We'll be doing this very thing before long and the thought of it makes me sick.

    I'm glad you are surviving! I was worried about you!

    xoRebecca PS: Can't wait to see the big reveal!


  14. HI DEBRA!!!

    NOBODY beats me for being the worst bloggin' buddy!!
    Don't you feel a bit better? I seem to be in a funk .... I've been cruising around, but not participating much ; (

    I know your kitchen will be divine, because ALL you do is!! Can't wait for the reveal !!

    I'm going to catch up on my reading here ... you always inspire me for the best!

    miss you,

  15. Hi Debra... your cabinets are looking so pretty... I am excited for Vintage Christmas this Friday... I have you posted all over my blog!... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. I was wondering what good or no good you were up too. I see it is white goodness of course! My decorating is on hold as the hot water heater died and I built a fire and set the alarm off...you get the idea. hugs♥olive

  17. Debra, you are doing a great job! I was wondering if you had possibly gone to the Seed Box's Open House and will be posting more pics. I would loved to have gone. I know you only have a million things going on and then here I am asking you about this :)

  18. WE did our cupboards white last year, and I LOVE it!
    Lots of work, but so worth the effort. I'm sure the end result for you will be wonderful!
    Seems like everyone is taking their time decorating this year...that's a good thing, right?
    It's overwhelming trying to get it all done at once for me.
    Have fun with your re-do.

  19. I'd choose the same too-anything to get something done around here!

  20. You have a good reason for not decorating - love your white cabinets. Last Spring, I had a goal to have some kitchen and bathroom projects completed before the holidays this year, and it did not happen. Oh well - maybe before next year.

  21. You KNOW, I totally get that whole "behind on everyone" thing. Whew! I am so very far behind! However, I am also very excited about your new kitchen! Loving all that white! ~Mindy

  22. Hi Debra!
    I would have chosen a kitchen remodel too! I can't wait to see it.


  23. Hi Debra, I think we all would have chosen the kitchen over Christmas decorating. The cabinets look wonderful and I know you must be loving the new look.

  24. I am so happy for you! There is something about decorating for the seasons/holidays that makes us want to make big changes! I'd be in heaven if I were you! The cabinets look wonderful!


  25. Oh, I do feel your pain but here I am on the computer when I should be finishing my fireplace. It's so much more fun to decorate when you've done something radical to your house. Good luck! Jan

  26. Woohoo...I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait to see the kitchen transformed :o)

  27. For goodness sake, take care of the personal hygiene! Sheesh.

    Looks fab, Debra! And it's okay with me if you don't do much Christmas decorating, you'll be in good company with me!


  28. Not to worry. You're all banked up with sharing the love. I have wondered how the holidays go with keeping up blogging since this is my first Christmas as a blogger. Feels real. Missing you--JQ

  29. I painted my kitchen blond oak cabinets white and have never regretted it.....did it 10 years ago and still loving them. Can't wait to see your completed kitchen and I know it will be all decorated for Christmas too. Happy WW....

  30. You've been one busy girl, Debra! You have the perfect excuse for taking time away from blogging. We're anxious to see the completed project! They're looking GREAT so far!

    I'm SO with Alice on white cabinets. UGH! Hubby wants our to stay the same wood color, too, and I just can't convince him...... :(

    I have to ask where you got your canister set? I just love them! :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. Wow! You have been busy! I scraped up all the tile in my kitchen and dinningroom yesterday, but I still have several rooms to go! Maybe it will be done this time next year! LOL!

  32. Oh Debra, you HAVE been busy! Hope you get finished in time to decorate:) I don't blame you for making good use of your Hubby while you have his undivided attention! Have a blessed evening! HUGS!

  33. Well, it looks like you have decorated already. Those pictures had greenery in them...call it a wrap!

  34. I know that is one big project so completely understand your absence. It's looking good!!

  35. I'm going to do the same thing after the holidays and can hardly wait to get started...I'm looking forward to seeing your project!

  36. I want white cabinets too! But DH says no! Meany! We have hickory (big deal). Someday...
    Don't worry about decorating for christmas there's always next year. This is more important;)

  37. You must be on Santas Very Good List to get that kitchen makeover. Good for you!!! We'll all still be here when you are done. Have a blast.

  38. Now that is a fabulous excuse for being a bit behind on decking the halls! Can't wait to see!!

  39. How fun to have a fresh kitchen to decorate! Those
    Christmas boxed will be there when you get to them!

    My wall color is different this year and it has made decorating a little more exciting.
    Can't wait to see the redo.

  40. How exciting! Can't wait to see the result!

    Warm blessings,

    PS.... Having a RAMSIGN giveaway over at Bellamere Cottage! Come on over and put your name in the hat!

  41. They look great.I may do mine after Christmas.~Cheers Kim

  42. LOL! I think you definitely made the right call. You can decorate for Christmas next year!

    Happy WW,

  43. Your kitchen cabinets are looking beautiful, Debra! I think it's a good trade off for deer hunting... lol! ;-)
    Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!
    Jo :)

  44. Why there are many Christmas decorating days left, Debra. No problem. Your kitchen re-do is beautiful.

  45. Ooooh Debra, it is looking beautiful! You are so excused!!!!! You are such a hard worker. I can't even imagine tackling a project like that. I was in awe over your diningroom...but a kitchen???? You are my hero AGAIN!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to congratulate me on the book.
    big hug

  46. Hmmmm.... So deer hunting equals help around the house? Why didn't anyone tell me this before? hee hee!!
    It looks beautiful so far Debra. Can't wait to see the finished product!
    Hugs and blessings,

  47. Hi Debra... I have my post up for Vintage Inspiration Christmas Fridays but I don't know how to link with you? Is it a link you set up later? I'll keep checking... (I have your link on my post and my sidebar)... xoxo Julie Marie


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