Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Inspiration #6 Porch Party!!

Hi Everyone!
Today is the day for the
Fall Porch Party
here at
Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Welcome to my Home

Our house faces south, but with all the large trees around here,
we don't get a lot of sun on the porch.
And since my hard maple in front,
 doesn't show Fall color till later this month,
I have a lot of shade and dappled sunlight.

I love having a front porch, wish it was larger,
but I enjoy decorating what I have,
and the stairs give me a great place to display my mums and pumpkins.

Earlier, I was trying to think of what to use this year on the porch,
Then I remembered my concrete planters in the back full of impatiens.
They were repotted and I hauled these babies up front,
to hold my mums.
(And I do mean HAULED)

I have several vintage metal picnic tins,
and love to include them in my vignettes
since I can cram fill them full of vintage goodies and plants.

These little guys were needing a big drink.
I love mums and pumpkins of every color and variety.

My orange watering can is hiding back there. 

super duper cute curly stem on this one

Love my little "Half" park bench chair
although my son in law fusses every time they have to drag luggage
through the front door..."hey", Keith!!

I've had mysweet little concrete Momma and Baby squirrels for over 20 years. 

Hope you'll  join in on the party!
Just grab a pumpkin,
and your camera,
and take a pic.

Remember, even if your not doing your porch today,
please join in with whatever vintage inspiration
that you may have!

October Give Away!!!

Just be a party goer and you're automatically entered!

Have a Wonderful Inspired Week!



  1. Oh Debra, your porch looks beautiful, I just love all of your Fall decor!!! I don't think mine will get decorated, just can't seem to find the time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. What a great front porch! Everything is so welcoming and sophiscated!

  3. A porch party well I best get moving. Your entrance is beautiful, welcoming and so fall.

  4. Your front porch is certainly dressed up for Fall! Looks beautiful as does your darling home!~Patti

  5. Beautiful! I love the vingette you made with the metal picnic basket and the squirrels are just so sweet. I love that you have had them for so long. Just gorgeous!

  6. Hello Debra... your front porch looks just gorgeous all decorated for Autumn! This is my very favorite time of year, and you have shown it so beautifully... love the old picnic basket full of Nature's bounty, and also your precious little mama and baby squirrels... wishing you a most beautiful Autumn day... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. What a beautiful porch! Everywhere you look there is a sweet little surprise. I've done nothing with our porch yet--I'd better get on the ball!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a wonderful entry!! You did such a great job!! Pumpkins are wonderful!

  9. Debra, Your porch looks lovely! that little curly q stem on that pumpkin is so cute!! Gotta have the perfect stem!!

    I am hoping to participate! I have been sick all week and haven't made it to the pumpkin patch!! :-(

    Hope I can stop by there today sometime and whip my porch together!

    Great party!


  10. Debra, How beautiful and inspiring! I like how you've incorporated birds, a birdhouse, nest, etc into your porch vignettes. I must pull out my Fall decor from the boxes in the garage...
    now I'm sure I will : )

  11. Love those pumpkins - the wartier, the better! Your porch looks terrific. I plan on linking, but my front porch is still a work in progress...I thought I had til tomorrow. LOL. So, off to finish and photograph. This is one party I don't intend to miss! Thanks for hosting.

  12. Really like your Fall decor - so pretty!
    Only thing I have for Fall outside now is a pumpkin and a pot of mums that I picked up on the run at the grocery a few days ago, when expecting house family coming in.
    Still need to change wreath out on front door.

  13. Hi Debra ...Wow your porch is Gorgeous ..but you MO gals really do get great porches with your homes there. It looks just stunning you have a fabulous touch !!! And I like the Crammed no I mean very full look myself ..LOL !!!

    Wish I had a porch to enter but since I don't well ..I'll look forward to seeing everyone else's ..

    Blessings ..Sara

  14. Your porch is gorgeous! Love those special pumpkins! Thanks for hosting this Fall Party!
    Becky C

  15. Your home is gorgeous and your porch decor is stunning. I love all the pumpkins and your beautiful flowers and accessories. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  16. It looks gorgeous! Im decorating today, we had a rain storm the last few days and that put a wrench in my plans. Go figure it was over 100* last week!

  17. Debra, it looks so beautiful... I love those not so perfect pumpkins!;)

  18. Hi Debra! SO much Fall goodness over here! WOW, so lovely!!! I'm way behind on my Fall decorating...

    Happy Autumn!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  19. Debra - your porch is gorgeous!!!!! Again - some day you're gonna find me lurking there... I'm just sayin'.

    ;-D xoxoxo

    (p.s. I keep drooling over your squirrels!!! Those are just gorgeous!!!)

  20. I hope when we FINALLY get all moved in that our porch looks as lovely as yours does!

  21. I love your porch and love the ferns you gave me an ideal for next it all...enjoy your weekend

  22. Your fall porch decorations look fantastic, Debra! Have a great weekend!... and thanks for hosting!
    ~ Jo :)

  23. My porch needs your HELP!!!!!!! Yours looks lovely my sweet friend!!!! I haven't had time to do a blasted thing with mine. At least it's cooling down here. Believe me when I tell you... in Texas you don't buy LIVE pumpkins & fall flowers TOO EARLY if you want them to make it the whole season. Do you have any idea how nasty a pumpkin can get if it sits in heat/sun too long??? Let your southern friend tell you... NOT PRETTY!!!!!!! But, in another couple of weeks I should be safe & thanks for inspiring me. HUGS! Charlene

  24. Love your front porch Debra! It looks so inviting. Boy those ferns are huge. Best wishes :)

  25. You might have a small porch, but the entrance, with the steps leading up to it, makes a lovely and dramatic statement, Debra. You have such a wide variety of goodies to decorate the area. The warty pumpkins just make me smile...
    Love those big old ferns, too. I brought ours in because of the frost warning 2 nights ago. I hope they live- I have a brown thumb! Thanks for hosting. I'll show my current decor at the next party. :-)
    ~ Sue

  26. What a lovely front entrance you have to your home! Downright respectable! Beautifully dressed for fall! I never do anything with mine except for Christmas. BUT YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME TO! Thanks D.! xx JQ

  27. Debra,
    You're porch is such an inviting welcome to your home!
    Thank you for hosting such a terrific party!

  28. ...Debra, absolutely loving your front entrance!!
    You truely inspire all of us:)
    xo, Rosemary
    p.s. ADORE your fall header!!

  29. Bummer I do not have a porch. Not yet anyway. Yours is lovely.

  30. What a lovely entryway, Debra~ real curb appeal and so welcoming!!

  31. LOVE your porch Debra, and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the character in the orange pumpkin with the warts(hmmm)you can give that a fun tall hat for Halloween! I joined this thinking it was just fall, SORRY my post is not correct, although the turkeys are outside my window,hehe. If you want to delete it I understand...
    Hugs, Donna

  32. Well my porch is not worthy of such a lovely party so I've shared pics of my recent finds instead. You're porch is beautiful!

  33. What a beautiful home and I love your inviting entrance. What great vignettes you have created. Thanks for hosting this porch party.

  34. Hi Debra, thank you so much for the lovely comment, and for joining my blog! I'm honored! I wanted to tell you how lovely your porch favorite is definatly the half bench, I am sure no matter the season, you make it welcoming, thanks for letting me participate even though it's not a porch! Oh if you only knew how much I hate my front door!

  35. Thanks for all the inspiration! I'm (trying) not to compare my little OLD house ....just enjoy that I got it done! Your home looks wonderful!

    Big Hugs and Love and a "Bus"

  36. WOW! Simply gorgeous Fall decorating! P.S. I love the warty (is that a word) pumpkin and curly stemed one!

  37. Your front porch is so pretty. You have a gorgeous front walk way and those ferns are amazing. Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  38. Party on the the front porch! Love the filled picnic basket. I plan to join the bash on Saturday! loveya♥olive

  39. Bonjour Debra - J'adore your porch and luv how you've spiced it up during fall. Luv all the fairytale pumpkins you have by the steps! I'm joining your party for the first time. Merci for hosting.

  40. Debra,
    I bet the mailman loves ringing your doorbell just to get a peek inside. I know I would try to find an excuse to see if the inside is as lovely as the outside. You have made me want to "Fall" in place!
    P.S. I'll be linking up just as soon as Mr. Linky tells me I can!

  41. Debra - Your front porch is so pretty! I love everything but those big ferns are pretty awesome...I'm BIG on ferns!!
    I didn't get all my porch decoratng 'll see why in my post...will have to do it next week!
    Hope you have a blessed weekend!
    Tammy :-)

    Love your urns and punkins! ;-)

  43. Your front porch looks wonderful so warm and inviting! Perfect Fall touches!

  44. Hi Debra ~ I Love Your Beautiful Porch, Your Home is so Sweet..... Always Love when you show photos ~ I have not had the time to decorate my porch, but at least I can join all the participants, I think it's gonna be a Late Night ~ Have a Wonderful Weekend

  45. Hi Debra,
    Nothing exciting going on over at my porch, but your's girl just did me in with its beauty.

    It looks so festive, love the pumpkins with great personality!!
    Better homes and garden all the way!!

  46. Debra.
    Love your basket of Fall goodies.
    Whole porch decor is great

    thanks for hosting
    did not get any pics done, but love seeing all the others.

    barbara jean

    PS guess i could show you my one painted scarecrow with one foot missing! =)

  47. Debra,
    Decided to join in after all.
    It is not a Fall porch, just things that inspire me.
    If not appropriate please delete it for me.

    thanks and blessings

    love this meme
    barbara jean

  48. Hello Debra, I like the vintage urns filled with mums. That is a great look! Thank You for hosting this evening....Julian

  49. My goodness girl!!! Your porch is so GORGEOUS!!!! You have such a gift Debra...for putting things together and having them look just breathtakingly beautiful ~ Wishing you a wonderful fall weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  50. Thanks for this fun party. Now, is this a twice a month deal? The next one is the 29th ? and what might the theme be for that one? So sorry I didn't do a porch one this decorations out there, yet. :((

    Your porch, on the other hand, looks magnificent. You've done a great job out there. And...your home is lovely.
    xo bj

  51. Debra, we just love your fall very pretty! Love your choice of pumpkins as well. That is one of our favorite things to do in fall...go to the local market & see all of the fun new colors/shapes!
    We'll be joining up today with your party...just have to finish up some pictures :)
    Karla & Karrie

  52. I so love, love your tin picnic container. I am so inspired by it. I will now be on the lookout for one.
    Your porch is a delight.
    Thanks for sharing.

  53. What a gorgeous entryway! I love it -- and you must have the BEST collection of pumpkins on your porch --anywhere. beautiful!!!

  54. Hi Debra,
    Well, I joined the fun- even though my porch is no where near as beautiful or decorated as yours! I haven't done much with it yet, but wanted to join in. Maybe I'll be able to add some pictures or something if I get some more done this weekend! Thanks so much for hosting! :)

  55. Hi Debra! What a charming front porch you have! I just LUV the winding path through your front garden, too. So very welcoming! :)

    xoxo laurie

  56. thanks so much for the party, Debra! it's just what i needed! your porch looks so welcoming and i love the dappled light.
    have a great weekend,

  57. I'm curious about the grey/green pumpkin. What kind is it and where did you get it? Thanks! (I think I'm local to you)

  58. Hi Debra! Oh, your pumpkins are just great! Your porch is gorgeous! Love everything you have on it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  59. Hi Debra! I'm so glad you stopped by today, I wasn't thinking that my post fit the party but I do now... and I'm so glad I'm here, cuz well I love a party and I need that necklace!! LOL!!! Your home is just beautiful, the porch is perfectly decorated for fall! I hope to get to the farmers market tomorrow morning for some pumpkins and get my scarecrows out of the barn. We're supposed to have another beautiful fall day so it sounds perfect for decorating! Theresa xoxo

  60. Debra,
    Your home is just beautiful. I love how the path meanders up to the door. I don't have much of one so I tend to put a lot of crap/stuff in the yard. You know, like Sandofrd & Son. LOL I love the way you used your old metal picnic basket, can you believe I sold 3 at my garage sale last week. I knew I shouldn't sell those! That's why I'm such a hoarder. Lisa

  61. Your front porch looks darling and so inviting. I joined in the isn't outside, but I hope you like it anyways!!

  62. So beautiful porch fall decor, dear Debra!! So long since my last visit to you, now I will browse through your blog to get lots of inspiring ideas...
    muchos cariños,
    maria cecilia

  63. Who wouldn't feel welcomed coming up the walkway to that lovely display. Just love the different shades of pumpkins.
    Remember when we only had ORANDE?
    we are so


  64. Love your porch,
    love this party
    and LOVE you,
    sweet Debra!
    I'm hoping to
    link up for the
    table scape at
    the end of the
    xx Suzanne


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