Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next project please...

As a certain bbff said to me last night,

"Wallpaper?'ll have to convince me."

I know, I know, wallpaper seems to have fallen out of fashion of late,
but I've always loved me a little wallpaper to set a mood.

The Dining Room is the only place in this house,
that you'll find it.
And that's below the chair railing.

And I seem to be on some kind of wild,
redecorating roll here...

to lighten up my world.

I still love the green and the toile,
but anyone else out there like me...
You just need a change every once in a while?

I'm holding the sample book up next to the chair rail
to get an idea of it next to the white woodwork.

and I just thought I'd throw in my Mother's Day
 gift from my St. Louis kids,
a Paris pillow from the new collection at Restoration Hardware.

OK. I'm off to order the wallpaper and matching paint.
Keep a good thought for me.
I tend to get in over my head at times.

I'm doing a two-fer this White Wednesday
hope you don't mind me being piggy.
Thanks Kathleen

So, this may take me a while,
as I have to strip the old paper off,
and then wait for the paper to arrive.

I'll try to come up for air.


  1. Wallpaper started to fall out of fashion when the RAGE of Faux Wall Painting came into play. Now I personally think THAT is what is dated. True 90's and way over the top for me.

    I'm starting to love wallpaper again. I think one of the things that ruined even entertaining the thought of hanging it was WAVERLY and all those flowers and garrish borders, etc. Wayyyyyy tooooo matchy matchy.

    I LOVE what you have chosen and just betcha it's all going to look divine!

    Can't wait to see.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  2. HA! I say - you brave lady - GO for it!!! I think it's going to look FANTASTIC!!! This is when you start calling all of your bbf's and put them to work removing your old wallpaper!!! I can't wait to see it all!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. Wallpaper is back, Debra, and in a big way! I know many are afraid to even deal with it again {myself included}, but some of the patterns and colors are just gorgeous. I have a client that has no qualms at all about using wallpaper in her powder room, which is something I'll be ordering for her in the next couple of weeks.

  4. I use to have wallpaper in every room of my house, and I have nightmares about taking it all down. But I do agree, I really do like wallpaper. This is going to look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. It's going to be yummy. I love your new paper...and the old one too! :-)


  6. Love your choices. Wallpaper is creeping back in. Being a past faux painter I can say the trend is over for the faux look. Now the trend is solid color for paint or lots of texture and metallics, industrial and contemporary or fabric like. (kind of like textured wallpaper!)

  7. Hi Debra:
    I love the new wallpaper and paint colors! Perfect, my friend!

  8. I love wallpaper and seriously who cares what is in 'fashion' you have to live with it. If it makes you smile it is perfect. And anyway, it is gorgeous.

  9. I liked that wallpaper from the get go, it's shaded with so much dimension! I've been using textured wall paper this year and painting and glazing to get the color/style I want. Your project will look so gorgeous when it's done. Keep your chin up!!

  10. I have a very neutral wallpaper in my dining room and vogue or not, I LOVE it. Your choices are stunning (although I like the green toile too). I am a project person and love knowing what my next project will be. Have fun with yours :)


  11. Debra the wallpaper is beautiful! I don't know how you can part with the beautiful toile in there, but I certainly understand the 'always wanting to change things up'. It's always better than a vacation for me, when I can redecorate something. I love your choice and I can't believe your energy.
    I have to tell you that those slipcovers you made are beautiful! I love the girls with their new dresses on! just so fresh. But then, everything you do is beautiful!

  12. Can't wait to see how it all turns out, Debra!

  13. I think it's going to look gorgeous! I think as long as it's tasteful wallpaper it's always in style...I remember my stepdad putting some up with a gold background in the early 80's..blech!!!

  14. Love the wallpaper Debra, but taking it down is a much bigger job than putting it up to me:) Enjoy your new project and YES, I love to make changes. We built this house 8 years ago and I am ready to change some things here too! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  15. Okay, you convinced me!

    Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! ;-)


  16. Debra, it looks so very beautifull, what a :go on -you have, doing all this, I wish you a happy lots of working houers.

  17. Debra, I like your choices. Can't wait to see it up. Although I'm a toile lover, I do appreciate wanting a change. Love wallpaper! May just have to give that some thought for a future project myself!

  18. I've actually been seeing wallpaper again in show homes. That's enough to convince me that the wallpaper that we put up in 2000 is still ok. :) Not needs to be updated but I still like having some here and there.

    I know yours will be outstanding. Now be sure and show the whole room and not just a pretty little corner. You know how I like the big picture. :)

  19. I think it will be gorgeous!! I think I said it in my last couple of comments too, I like the new lighter look you're doing. You have a very classy style...the elements are formal, but somehow comfortable at the same time.

  20. I like both of your wall papers. Whatever makes you delighted in your dining room is the way to go. I intensely dislike taking the stuff down especially if it is on plaster walls like at my 150 year old house.

  21. I have always loved wallpaper and still do. (I didn't know it wasn't in any more:)I am always doing my own Anyway I have it in a few of my rooms one very similiar to yours in my guest bathroom. Even if it is just on one wall it seems to add a base for some personality. I am going to redo my husbands bathroom soon. I wallpapered it in roses before he told me it was 'his' room. lol Taking the wall paper down is my least favorite of the whole process but I will try to enjoy it:) Have fun!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. I love the new wallpaper, so soft and soothing. Oh, and I love your new pillow too. I have a similar one from Restoration Hardware. Just love their new catalog!

  23. Look slike a fun aproject - your paint chips have some terrific shades!


  24. Bonjour Debra,
    It dosen't matter what's in or out, do what makes you happy. The damsk pattern you chose is beautiful along with the soft colors. Happy decorating!

  25. Hi Debra,
    You are on a roll for sure! First those lovely white slipcovered chairs and now new wallpaper all scrolly and frenchee looking.

    I'll be your diningroom is going to be stunning.


  26. Adore your paper and paint choices! Looking forward to seeing the final result. I know what you mean when it comes to changing it up! ~ Angela

  27. Yikes! I worked at a wallpaper store for nearly eight years, so I have to say, I'm totally over it. I do have it in my bathrooms though. Did you know that you can hang right over that old paper? Yep. It's a well kept secret, but if you prime over the old, you can hang right over it. As long as it's not coming loose any place. I've done it tons of times in my home with no problem. It sure saves on stripping every time.

  28. I love it, wallpaper, punched paper, all of it. If you look at my new LIBRARY you will see what I did to the ceiling.........I used punched paper and then painted over it, it has a old world look to it. I also think that since I am a quilter I love a lot of textures to my decorationg. Whatever you may choose I know it will be lovely. XO MARY

  29. I always like to change things up. My problem is I've got so much "stuff" that it always becomes a big project. My kitchen is just crying for help right now. Love the samples of the wallpaper, anxious to see what you will do with it!
    Take care, Sue

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  31. Blogger seems to not be publishing all my comments. I've really enjoyed hearing your feedback, thanks so much for all the encouragement! Leave one please, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  32. Your wallpaper is gorgeous. As long as I do not have to put it up or take it down....paper away, my friend. I spent one LONG journey with wallpaper in my kitchen a few years ago..and thought I would lose what is left of my mind.
    Blessings, andrea

  33. Debra,
    I like your wallpaper!!!
    I try to buck the system every once in a while myself and just go fort it!!!

    I think it will divine with your paint color in your dining room. I can't wait to see the finished result.

  34. Sounds like you're going to be busy. Can't wait to see the finished product. I love the design on the paper.

    Good luck!


  35. Debra,
    I LOVE the paper and paint you chose.

    They will look wonderful!!


    barbara jean

  36. Don't worrry...people doubt me all the time and normally I prove them wrong! The colors are beautiful. Wallpaper adds texture and it will look great!

  37. I love your choices! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  38. Oh Debra, it will look beautiful and like they say a change is as good as a holiday ;D
    Have a wonderful day!

  39. Don't feel like the lone stranger..I love wallpaper too! Oh and for the record...I still love grapevine with twinkle lights...keep that one under your's so old school!
    Have fun and try to keep the paste out of your hair!

  40. Lovely wallpaper. I have to agree that it has fallen from grace, but I still love the paper. My husband says our home is covered in "Grandma" paper. I take it as a compliment:)

  41. I have really noticed that wallpaper has picked up in my decorating business. Love your choice. Old world charm yet clean and fresh, have fun...


  42. Looks nice. I guess I am one of those gals that whether it's out of style or not, if I like It I do it....Looks wonderful! Be blessed. cindy

  43. Debra,
    Love your wallpaper thoughts. I've always been a sucker for the stuff. Love the textured look of the design you picked. And I just read the previous post, with the slipcovers! Girl!!!!!!!!You & Shellagh make it look so easy. I still am totally afraid to try it. Lisa

  44. Debra, I think the wallpaper is really pretty and yes everyone needs a change once in awhile. I love the pillow and gave one to myself as a gift in fact. I love Restoration Hardware...



  45. I'm with you on this one. Yep, sometimes you just need a change. I for one, LOVE wallpaper. So far in my current house I have none, but I think this year thats going to change. Nothing gives the warm texture and sets the mood like a good wallpaper. It makes a dull wall interesting. Cant wait to see your new wallpaper in the dining room.

  46. Hey Debra. This is going to be so pretty. I have darker colors now and love the thought of lightening up (though it's not going to happen at my house). I used to wallpaper a lot and I have always liked it.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  47. I'm laughing. Good luck with this decision Debra! Cause I like the toile, I like the new . . . I love cleaning out china hutches (I know - strange!) but just think of all the treasures you are gong to "re"discover.
    Have fun! Post when it's done! I'll be thinking 'boutcha!
    :) Karen


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