Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello Kitty(s)

I'd like you to meet my little fur girls.
I've been reading blogs long enough to know that I'm not alone out there when it comes to our pets. They are more "family" than "animals".(Don't tell them I said that, they think they are my kids). You love them to pieces, then your heart can get broken when they go. Been there done that, many times.

I've had a cat, or 2, or 4, since I was about 3 or 4years old. I grew up in an old farmhouse just outside of town, so we had room for the everchanging menagerie of critters...mostly of the outdoors variety.
My Daddy was a softie, and would feed anything that wandered by...cats, dogs, wild chickens, and because of that, opposums, racoons, and the occasional skunk family would take up residence under our big front porch.

(Hi Handsome, how about a date?)

(please no negative comments about this mountain lion hide, it is very old and my husband found it at an antique mall.)

(assuming the position for dinner)

(don't look at the fur all over the curtain lining)

The old house has been torn down for a new insurance company complex, and my sweet Daddy is in Heaven, but I still love kitties. These cuties are twins, the only two of a litter: Miss Jenkins, who has short hair, and Miss Wrigley, who is Maine Coon. They are 4 years old. They answer to many names, such as Tubbers, Biggley, Poodles, Sweetie, Hair know, the list goes on and on.
I'm sure you'll be seeing more random shots of them. They're my little buds.
p.s. Because I am new to this and don't know what the hecky darn I'm doing, my last post on the "Second Helpings" of my sunroom was timed wrong on the timer so I messed it up. Please take a look because I was up till 2:00am working on it.
Have a great day, y'all, I need another cup of coffee.


  1. From one kitty mama to another...I totally understand. :D And yeah, I would not know what to do if my curtains were NOT covered in cat hair. Or as I like to say, "cat hair, don't leave home without it". :D You have some lovely babies and I'm tickled to find your blog.

    yapping cat

  2. Those cats are so sweet! Welcome to blogland!Jen

  3. Dear Debra,
    I am so excited to see you here and will definitely add you to my links! Welcome and I am so happy to have another favorite place to look at and read. I know all about feeding every animal that come to your back porch (in my case deck). I live on a corner lot and all our neighbors critters come to visit. Mark thinks it's beyond shame that I play with, talk to, and yes feed them. So I know all about furry love and cat talk.

    I am so glad you're hear now!
    Many Blessings,


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